File Title
1 Archaeologists defy Isis militants by finding new antiquities in Iraq
2 Archaeologists Uncover Ancient 'Spooning' Couple in Greece
3 Tales from the crypt: Mummies reveal TB's Roman lineage
4 Lao skull earliest example of modern human fossil in Southeast Asia
5 Northern Europeans were slow to adopt farming, say researchers
6 Tombs Filled with Dozens of Mummies Discovered in Peru
7 Primitive rock shelter vandalized in Nine Mile Canyon
8 Remains in Silla tomb suggest an undying love
9 A remarkable small find from Brightlingsea
10 Excavating the Cromlech Tumulus on Slievemore: The story so far
11 Controversy over the Meidum Geese
12 Unique Egyptian and Roman archaeological finds unearthed near Royston
13 Are Neanderthal bone flutes the work of Ice Age hyenas?
14 The Black Pharaoh in Denmark
15 Ancient Tomb Reveals Man Sacrificed for Noblewoman's Burial
16 New mass grave found at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
17 Springbank Island archaeology dig underway
18 Archaeologists report on early human tools in Spanish cave
19 Earliest humans in Western Europe followed the climate
20 Digs reveal Parliament Hill's history
21 600-year-old geoglyph destroyed in Trujillo
22 Complex cognition shaped the Stone Age hand axe, study shows
23 Archaeologists return to Cova Gran rock shelter
24 Newly-discovered remains redraw path of Great Wall
25 Julius Caesar may have suffered mini-strokes, study finds
26 Ancient Egyptian shrine, bust unearthed under modern Cairo
27 Neanderthals manipulated the bodies of adults and children shortly after death
28 Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Ancient Thracian Child Sacrifice during Excavations of Early Neolithic City at Mursalevo
29 Archaeologists find Britain's oldest human cremation at Mesolithic pit in Essex
30 Archaeologists find pre-contact period settlement in Garapan
31 At 50, Ring-Tab Beer Cans Are Now Officially Historic Artifacts
32 Study report revisits cave of prehistoric cannibals
33 Understanding popular Latin of Roman Hispania through graffiti on pottery
34 Sunken WWII-era aircraft carrier found off Northern California
35 South Iceland Cave Made before Settlement
36 Sultan's cannonballs unearthed in Konya
37 Stolen Ancient Roman-Thracian Silver Mask Helmet Returned to Archaeology Museum in Bulgaria's Plovdiv 20 Years Later
38 Evidence of Pre-Columbus Trade Found in Alaska House
39 What are the health benefits of tea?
40 Brain scans reveal how people 'justify' killing
41 What can brain-controlled prosthetics tell us about the brain?
42 Turning to freshwater sources to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis, other infections
43 A new piece in the 'French paradox' puzzle--cheese metabolism
44 A digital field guide to cancer cells
45 Tumor cells that mimic blood vessels could help breast cancer spread to other sites
46 Enriched broccoli reduces cholesterol
47 Standard nursing assessments improve ability to predict survival in cirrhosis patients
48 Stem cell disease model clarifies bone cancer trigger
49 New high-throughput screening method may uncover novel treatments for kidney disease
50 A call to action for 2 cancer research fronts to join forces
51 Autism's early neuronal 'neighborhood'
52 Increase in inflammation linked to high traffic pollution for people on insulin
53 Biologists identify brain tumor weakness
54 Breast cancer research uncovers the fountain of youth
55 Increased levels of radon in Pennsylvania homes correspond to onset of fracking
56 Serious life events in childhood can triple risk of developing type 1 diabetes
57 Delicate magnolia scent activates human pheromone receptor
58 Researchers identify brain signaling linked to 'cooties' and 'crush' phenomenons in children
59 Making food more 'porous' could reduce its salt content
60 Touch-sensing neurons are multitaskers
61 How the brain balances risk-taking and learning
62 A mother's genes can influence the bacteria in her baby's gut
63 UTSW researchers lead collaborative charge to uncover genetic diversity of pancreatic cancer
64 Too many obstetrics beds in NYC hospitals: Cost to city is $26.4 million per year
65 Study revises theory of how PTEN, a critical tumor suppressor, shuts off growth signals
66 Epigenomic changes play an important role during the progression of melanoma
67 Nintedanib in lung cancer: Added benefit depends on disease severity
68 Detecting lysosomal pH with better fluorescent probes
69 Breakthrough finds molecules that block previously 'undruggable' protein tied to cancer
70 Review highlights potential of cancer immunotherapy plus targeted therapy
71 Study tallies huge cost of hepatitis C drugs for RI prisons
72 UGA researchers find hormone receptor that allows mosquitoes to reproduce
73 Improving the quality of medical care using computer understanding of human language
74 Mental practice and physical therapy effective treatment for stroke, research shows
75 Flu vaccine rates fail to reflect increased complication risk in children with neurological disorders
76 Genetic screening could improve breast cancer prevention
77 Study published confirming intraaortic balloon pumps as the clinically and economically cost-effective first line choice for high-risk PCI patients
78 AMSSM launches new sports medicine website geared toward parents and the public
79 UT Southwestern researchers lead collaborative charge to uncover genetic diversity of pancreatic cancer
80 Inovio Pharmaceuticals HPV immunotherapy activates robust in vivo T cell responses in head and neck cancer patients
81 Calm acceptance may relieve stress of tinnitus, study finds
82 Enzyme in cosmetic products can act as allergen via the skin
83 Dodo bird verdict given new life by psychosis therapy study
84 Environmental stress triggers costly pig disease without secondary infections
85 Honour veterans with diligent PTSD research
86 Australian doctors urged to support nuclear ban
87 GPs need support to lift their obesity game
88 Study shows blood cells need nitric oxide to deliver oxygen
89 Could your dog give you norovirus?
90 Low birth weight may be linked to disability pension risk among men
91 30-year-old Russian man volunteers for world's first human head transplant
92 Eating out 'raises risk for high blood pressure'
93 New strategy can help emergency physicians determine heart attack in patients within 1 hour
94 Family doctors important in advising young women on egg freezing for future fertility
95 American Heart Association releases new recommendations for designing, measuring and recognizing Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Programs
96 Task Force weighs evidence on diabetes screening
97 Survey: Proposed regulations may contradict patient attitudes towards medical research
98 Cancer experts: Too many patients being screened, diagnosed, and treated
99 Golgi trafficking controlled by G-proteins
100 TGen finds likely genetic source of muscle weakness in 6 previously undiagnosed children
101 Selenide protects heart muscle in the wake of cardiac arrest
102 Dealing with death in deployment
103 Early physical therapy for low back pain reduces costs, resources
104 Choice of protein & carbohydrate-rich foods may have big effects on long-term weight gain
105 Signal variability and cognitive performance in the aging human brain
106 ACA provision for young adults leaves racial disparities intact among trauma patients
107 Telomeres and cancer mortality: The long and the short of it
108 Combined sewer systems lead to risk of illness after heavy rains
109 Engineers now understand how complex carbon nanostructures form
110 MS researchers at Kessler Foundation study processing speed impact on cognitive training