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1 American kids are consuming less fast food, study finds
2 Peanut consumption 'benefits vascular function'
3 Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away?
4 Classical music helped cats relax during surgery
5 What can lemurs tell us about about longevity?
6 Breast cancer 'is not a single disease,' say experts
7 New study investigates the link between family income and brain development
8 Exploding head syndrome could affect 1 in 5 young people
9 More research needed on use of 'smart drugs' by healthy people
10 Study links methionine-rich diet to increased risk of memory loss
11 Acetaminophen 'does not work for lower back pain or osteoarthritis'
12 Ultrafine particles in urban air affect heart within minutes
13 Road deaths fell significantly following alcohol tax increases, say researchers
14 Eating fruits and vegetables with high pesticide residue may affect sperm quality
15 1,000-year-old potion shows promise against MRSA
16 Raising awareness of the myths of autism spectrum disorder
17 Very few commercial weight-loss programs are effective, study finds
18 Metabolic problems 'more likely in evening types than morning people'
19 Ex-military personnel who serve less than 4 years 'are at increased risk of suicide'
20 Adverse childhood experiences may increase the risk of asthma, study finds
21 How to succeed in negotiations? Choose your words carefully, say psychologists
22 Amphetamine-like stimulant remains in dietary supplements 2 years after FDA discovery
23 HIV progression 'like Internet malware'
24 New way to block dengue transmission using bacteria modeled on computer
25 Could this ankle exoskeleton help stroke survivors with mobility problems?
26 DNA blood test 'more accurate for detecting Down syndrome than standard methods'
27 Alcohol-dependent hospital patients die earlier from multiple morbidities
28 Head-mounted sensor helps blind rats navigate
29 Could passive exposure to bleach increase infection rates in kids?
30 Certain fish oils 'may induce chemoresistance in cancer patients'
31 Personalized vaccine shows promise against melanoma recurrence
32 Hayley Okines dies from rare premature aging disease aged 17
33 Simple eye test for 6-year-olds predicts need for glasses in teen years
34 Unrelated memories artificially linked for the first time
35 Antibiotics could be used to safely treat infections in babies outside of hospitals
36 Temptation to text proves too much for students, even when inappropriate
37 Scientists reveal genetic root of prostate cancer
38 Many cancers harness cells' powerhouses to fuel tumor growth
39 CDC: drug-resistant intestinal bug spreading in US
40 Warning images on cigarette packets 'raise young adults' knowledge about harms of smoking'
41 Retired football players exhibit similar signs of degenerative brain condition, scans reveal
42 Cow's milk found in human breast milk purchased online
43 DNA alterations may predict treatment response in chronic myelomonocytic leukemia patients
44 Intelligent neuroprostheses mimic natural motor control
45 Antimicrobial resistance in the 21st century--Future Microbiology special focus issue
46 Exercise can outweigh harmful effects of air pollution
47 Building block for memory and learning identified
48 Short bouts of high-intensity exercise before a fatty meal best for vascular health
49 Scientists link unexplained childhood paralysis to enterovirus D68
50 The killer protein, properly explained
51 New findings support the benefits of eating walnuts on overall health
52 Experts explore impacts of childhood feeding practices, policies on vegetable consumption
53 Researchers find new link between neurodegenerative diseases and abnormal immune responses
54 Panel predicts whether rare leukemia will respond to treatment
55 The CNIO identifies a new gene involved in hereditary neuroendocrine tumors
56 Fat grafting technique improves results of breast augmentation
57 Two different fat graft techniques have similar effects on facial skin
58 Could antibodies from camels protect humans from MERS?
59 High-tech method allows rapid imaging of functions in living brain
60 Endoscopes linked to outbreak of drug-resistant E. coli
61 Only 1 of 32 hockey helmets tested earn 3-star rating
62 New scientific review suggests some women may benefit from considering use of S-equol to ease menopause symptoms
63 Oral drug normalizes blood potassium in 98 percent of kidney patients
64 How DNA alarm-system works
65 Oxygen therapy in COPD patients is associated with burn injury
66 Mount Sinai scientists establish link between ALS and the body's response to viral infection
67 Study debunks common misconception that urine is sterile
68 Crowdsourced tool for depression
69 Promoting maternal interaction improves growth, weight gain in preemies
70 To stop cancer: Block its messages
71 BMC study: New Hepatitis C treatments cost-effective, but only for selected patients
72 Surgery improves survival in diabetic patients with heart disease
73 Number of childhood cancer survivors increasing, most have morbidities
74 New recommendations for treating patients with high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease--American Heart Association Scientific Statement
75 Biotie announces start of patient enrolment into Phase 2a clinical study with BTT1023 in primary sclerosing cholangitis
76 Boost for children's understanding of healthcare rights, UK
77 GW Pharmaceuticals initiates first Phase 3 pivotal trial for epidiolex in Dravet syndrome
78 People in MTV docusoaps are more ideal than real
79 Local authorities: Signpost veterans missing out on support, UK
80 What makes a child feel unsafe in their neighbourhood?
81 Domestic violence deters contraception
82 $3 million research grant awarded to Canada-US researchers investigating the impact of naturopathic medicine on late stage cancer survival
83 New study shows gender, age and mood disorders affect how patients perceive their atrial fibrillation symptoms
84 New Western University study reveals exercise further combats cigarette cravings
85 New measures identified for newborn care in Uganda
86 International team of researchers led by UC Davis receives $4 million NIH grant to study skull disorder in infants
87 Do consumers think products are better when companies donate to charity?
88 Poses of power are less powerful than we thought
89 European Parliament's Public Health committee calls for better drinks labeling as part of a new Alcohol Strategy to reduce harm
90 Treating a common gum condition could reduce risk of heart attacks in kidney disease patients
91 Medtronic CoreValve system receives FDA approval for transcatheter valve-in-valve procedures
92 First 3D bioprinted kidney tissue to help address "silent diseases"
93 Getting the message across: Can active symbols on road signs save lives?
94 New post-hoc analyses extend understanding of the efficacy and safety of lurasidone in the treatment of schizophrenia
95 Combining magnetism and light to fight cancer
96 Experimental Ebola vaccine safe, prompts immune response
97 Through the grapevine: The molecular mechanisms behind berry color variation within the Pinot family
98 Earliest humans had diverse range of body types, just as we do today
99 Sci-Fly study explores how lifeforms know to be the right size
100 N/A
101 Sea slug provides new way of analyzing brain data
102 To survive, a parasite mixes and matches its disguises, study suggests
103 Intergenerational transmission of abuse and neglect more complicated than previously believed
104 Novel plastic could spur new green energy applications, 'artificial muscles'
105 Clues to aging from long-lived lemurs
106 Carnegie Mellon researchers create 'Wikipedia' for neurons
107 Hormone fosters bond between parents
108 Teens with breast lumps may be able to avoid invasive biopsy
109 Stop blaming the moon, says UCLA scientist
110 Rate of opioid misuse is around 25 percent, addiction rate 10 percent, reports study in Pain