File Title
1 Epigenomic changes play an important role during the progression of melanoma
2 Inbreeding in mountain gorillas may contribute to save the species
3 Road salt guidelines need review to protect food chain in lakes: York U study
4 Quantum physics--hot and cold at the same time
5 The most powerful learning 'tool'
6 Nintedanib in lung cancer: Added benefit depends on disease severity
7 York scientists lead study on new treatment for prostate cancer
8 Delicate magnolia scent activates human pheromone receptor
9 Unravelling relativistic effects in the heaviest actinide element
10 UCLA researchers deliver large particles into cells at high speed
11 A mother's genes can influence the bacteria in her baby's gut
12 U-M researchers track the toxicity of Lake Erie cyanobacterial blooms
13 UTSW researchers lead collaborative charge to uncover genetic diversity of pancreatic cancer
14 A grateful heart is a healthier heart
15 New Ebola study points to potential drug target
16 Too many obstetrics beds in NYC hospitals: Cost to city is $26.4 million per year
17 Gene loss creates eating disorder-related behaviors in mice
18 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Being underweight in middle age associated with increased dementia risk
19 Greatest mass extinction driven by acidic oceans, study finds
20 Study revises theory of how PTEN, a critical tumor suppressor, shuts off growth signals
21 Ocean myth busted: 'Toddler' sea turtles are very active swimmers
22 Axillary lymph node evaluation performed frequently in ductal carcinoma in situ
23 Facial plastic surgery improves perception of femininity, personality, attractiveness
24 Researchers find new approach to treat drug-resistant HER2-positive breast cancer
25 Increased levels of radon in Pennsylvania homes correspond to onset of fracking
26 Mountain gorillas enter the genomic age
27 Spending cuts in India will hurt already inadequate health services
28 Serious life events in childhood can triple risk of developing type 1 diabetes
29 Can facial plastic surgery make you more likeable?
30 Touch-sensing neurons are multitaskers
31 A downward trend for new cases of pediatric melanoma
32 How the brain balances risk-taking and learning
33 Brain imaging explains reason for good and poor language outcomes in ASD toddlers
34 Stem cell disease model clarifies bone cancer trigger
35 New high-throughput screening method may uncover novel treatments for kidney disease
36 Mutation causes mice to behave as if they have an eating disorder
37 Exceptionally preserved fossil gives voice to ancient terror bird
38 Hormones that guide root growth rates revealed
39 Brain activity in infants predicts language outcomes in autism spectrum disorder
40 A call to action for 2 cancer research fronts to join forces
41 In the sea, a deadly form of leukemia is catching
42 USC researcher plucks hair to grow hair
43 New evidence for combat and cannibalism in tyrannosaurs
44 Accelerating universe? Not so fast
45 Can humans get norovirus from their dogs?
46 MS researchers at Kessler Foundation study processing speed impact on cognitive training
47 What happens underground when a missile or meteor hits
48 New guidance on contact precautions for hospital visitors
49 A new beginning for baby mosasaurs
50 Psychological testing in the service of disability determination
51 What life was like for newborn giant sea lizards during the age of the dinosaur
52 New clinical platform may accelerate discovery of diagnostic and therapeutic agents
53 New material could boost batteries' power, help power plants
54 Researchers create tool to predict avian flu outbreaks
55 Basis established for nitric oxide joining oxygen and carbon dioxide in respiratory cycle
56 Enzalutamide: Indication of major added benefit for over 75-year-olds
57 MIPT researchers grow cardiac tissue on 'spider silk' substrate
58 How many gold atoms make gold metal?
59 Scientists a step closer to developing renewable propane
60 Mapping energy metabolism of growing nerve cells to better understand neuronal disorders
61 Dodo bird verdict given new life by psychosis therapy study
62 Plant cell structure discovery could lead to improved renewable materials
63 Enzyme in cosmetic products can act as allergen via the skin
64 Platform adoption in network markets
65 Eating out = high blood pressure?
66 Electrical control of quantum bits in silicon paves the way to large quantum computers
67 ACA provision for young adults leaves racial disparities intact among trauma patients
68 Research could usher in next generation of batteries, fuel cells
69 Graphene looking promising for future spintronic devices
70 Cosmic debris: Study looks inside the universe's most powerful explosions
71 Kindergartners who shared iPads in class scored higher on achievement tests
72 Telomeres and cancer mortality: The long and the short of it
73 Researchers test smartphones for earthquake warning
74 Neurophotonics celebrates advances, pioneering research in voltage-sensitive dye imaging
75 The cost and quality of cancer care in Health Affairs' April issue
76 A new tool for understanding ALS: Patients' brain cells
77 Personalized computer feedback can mitigate problem gambling behaviors
78 Mechanism outlined by which inadequate vitamin E can cause brain damage
79 Violent methane storms on Titan may solve dune direction mystery
80 Dark Energy Survey creates detailed guide to spotting dark matter
81 Gold by special delivery intensifies cancer-killing radiation
82 Cellular signals for pain fine tune neurons' sensitivity to opiods
83 Chimpanzees show ability to plan route in computer mazes, research finds
84 More salt doesn't mean better performance for endurance athletes
85 Moffitt develops new method to characterize the structure of a protein that promotes tumor growth
86 On the road to spin-orbitronics
87 Study finds emergency departments may help address opioid overdose, education
88 Why we have chins
89 Improving work conditions increases parents' time with their children
90 Engineers elucidate why skin is resistant to tearing
91 Two Cell Press journals review relationship between immune system and cancer
92 Passenger-focused air conditioning
93 The placebome: Where genetics and the placebo effect meet
94 Report says schools still shortchanging gifted kids
95 Study of African birds reveals hotbed of malaria parasite diversity
96 Coexisting in a sea of competition
97 New study reveals link between arrival of grandchildren and early retirement of women
98 Network 'hubs' in the brain attract information, much like airport system
99 CNIO experts identify an oncogene regulated by nutrients
100 How a bacterial cell recognizes its own DNA
101 Mayo profile identifies patients most at risk of developing pancreatic cancer
102 Study challenges view that sight-based brain sensory network organization is impaired with blindness
103 X-ray ptychography, fluorescence microscopy combo sheds new light on trace elements
104 Regenstrief Institute puts clinicians in charge of computer-based decision support
105 Babies exposed to narcotic pain relievers more likely to experience withdrawal
106 Wasp identification made easy
107 Penn Medicine pain management study reveals patient confusion about opioid addiction
108 VTT printed a morphine test on paper
109 Mental rehearsal helps ER clinicians best prepare for trauma patients
110 New light for old master paintings