File Title
1 As stars form, magnetic fields influence regions big and small
2 Physicists create new molecule with record-setting dipole moment
3 Quantum material, frustrated magnets: New experiment reveals clues to their discontent
4 HIV spreads like internet malware and should be treated earlier
5 Unique observation in semiconductors: New charge transport phenomenon
6 Mind the gap: Nanoscale speed bump could regulate plasmons for high-speed data flow
7 Computer model predicts how our livers will store fat
8 How long do firms live? Finding patterns of company mortality in market data
9 Where no smartphone has gone before
10 Quantum teleportation on a chip: Significant step towards ultra-high speed quantum computers
11 Non-invasive technique allows amputee to use bionic hand, powered by his thoughts
12 Asian rock pool mosquitoes on the move: Modeling identifies risk hotspots in Germany
13 Contaminants also a threat to polar bears
14 Complex bacterial challenge in fight against deadly amphibian disease
15 Climate change, plant roots may accelerate carbon loss from soils
16 Under the microscope, strong-swimming swamp bacteria spontaneously organize into crystals
17 Fishing amplifies forage fish collapses
18 Researchers track protein 'hitchhiker' in fluorescent worms
19 Producing rubber from lettuce
20 For ticks, researchers find lemur noses to be males only in Madagascar
21 Endangered tortoises thrive on invasive plants
22 New research complicates seismic hazard for British Columbia, Alaska region
23 Northern coastal marshes more vulnerable to nutrient pollution
24 Dwarf dragons discovered in the Andes of Peru and Ecuador
25 Reef fish can adjust sex ratios as oceans warm
26 97% of Northwest Alaska bird, mammal species could experience habitat change from warming climate
27 New evidence shows carbon's importance to ocean life's survival 252 million years ago
28 California quake risk: Newly discovered link between Calaveras, Hayward faults means potentially larger earthquakes
29 A complex landscape has both vulnerabilities and resilience to climate change
30 Oil dispersant used in Gulf Oil Spill causes lung and gill injuries to humans and aquatic animals, also identifies protective enzyme
31 Natural oil dispersion mechanism found for deep-ocean blowout
32 Ancient seashell coloration patterns revealed using ultraviolet light
33 Complete camel skeleton unearthed in Austria
34 New instrument dates old skeleton before 'Lucy'; 'Little Foot' 3.67 million years old
35 Hong Kong's first identified dinosaur-era vertebrate
36 New crustacean species found in Galicia
37 Oxygen-depleted toxic oceans had key role in mass extinction over 200 million years ago
38 Worm lizards dispersed by 'rafting' over oceans, not continental drift
39 Discovering missing body parts of ancient fossils: Waves and storms lifted fossils off the seafloor 550 million years ago
40 Scientists discover elusive secret of how continents formed
41 200th anniversary of Tambora eruption a reminder of volcanic perils
42 Stop complaining about the moral decline of western society, expert says
43 Deaths from cardiovascular disease increase globally while mortality rates decrease
44 Ocean-scale dataset allows broad view of human influence on Pacific coral reef ecosystems
45 What can parents do to prevent the further spread of the measles?
46 Current residential development research a poor foundation for sustainable development
47 Cancer prevention efforts in the US a mixed bag
48 Well-designed classrooms can boost learning progress in primary school pupils by up to 16% in a single year, research reveals
49 Faulty modeling studies led to overstated predictions of Ebola outbreak
50 Cultivating timeflow: Can consumers shape how they experience time?
51 Acute injured kidneys can be considered for transplant
52 Ads in free mobile apps have hidden costs for both users and developers
53 Interview blues: Anxious, slow talkers often do not get the job
54 The brain in the supermarket: Index strategy informs decision-making
55 Work site wellness centers equate to weight loss and health care savings, expert says
56 Study provides academic support for new Steve Jobs portrayal
57 High-energy TV commercials: Too much stress for consumers?
58 Apple of the mind's eye: how good is our memory of everyday visual stimuli?
59 The cost of dominance: Aggressively pursuing higher social status may exact a toll on health
60 New optical materials break digital connectivity barriers
61 New work schedule could cure your 'social jetlag'
62 Insight creates new memories in the brain
63 Exercise largely absent from US medical school curriculum, study shows
64 Early education narrows the achievement gap with younger starts and longer stays
65 Stop blaming the moon: Intelligent people can develop strong entirely incorrect beliefs
66 'Lightning bolts' in brain show learning in action
67 Classroom behaviour and dyslexia research
68 Why good solutions make us oblivious to better ones
69 Pre-K children outpace normal expectations through kindergarten
70 Education may not improve our life chances of happiness
71 After learning new words, brain sees them as pictures
72 Generous welfare benefits make people more likely to want to work, not less
73 We don't notice much of what we see: 85 college students tried to draw the Apple logo from memory; 84 failed
74 Brain's 'gender' may be quite flexible: Mechanism that plays key role in sexual differentiation of brain described
75 Widest possible photosynthesis, absorbing any color of sunlight, from oranges through near-infrared
76 One dollar blood test using gold nanoparticles outperforms PSA screen for prostate cancer, study suggests
77 Smart phone diagnosis? Biosensing platform quickly and accurately diagnoses disease and monitors treatment remotely
78 Eating green leafy vegetables keeps mental abilities sharp
79 Efforts to save the rare 'Pinocchio lizard' which was once thought extinct
80 New aluminum battery for smartphones can be charged in a minute
81 Robotic glove could help stroke survivors
82 CERN restarts Large Hadron Collider, seeks dark universe
83 U.S. to halt expanded use of some insecticides amid honey bee decline
84 Deadly snakes 'milked' to create potent new anti-venom
85 U.S. FDA staff: Swedish Match snus proposal raises questions
86 U.S. Ebola patient's condition improves to good: NIH
87 Acacia rigidula supplements still containing stimulant found on market
88 Sterilization threat darkens Europe's transgender quest for identity
89 Bird flu confirmed on turkey farm in Woodstock, Ontario
90 Long list of new development goals, indicators is valuable: WaterAid
91 Greenpeace activists board Shell oil rig bound for the Arctic
92 'Everyday disasters' driving flight from Sundarbans
93 Radiation from Fukushima disaster newly detected off Canada's coast
94 Imperiled Gulf of Mexico whales eyed for federal protection
95 Informatica to go private in $5.3 billion leveraged buyout
96 Xiaomi ties up with India retail chain to boost sales
97 Twitter and Facebook vow to challenge Turkey over ban
98 Vivendi enters exclusive talks to buy Orange's Dailymotion
99 Uber asks U.S. court to dismiss lawsuit in alleged Delhi rape
100 Stopping deforestation: Battle for the Amazon
101 Mini enzyme moves gene editing closer to the clinic
102 Exoskeleton boots improve on evolution
103 How to tackle racism in UK universities
104 UK clarifies controversial media restrictions on scientists
105 UK election: Political parties respond on science
106 Tumour mutations harnessed to build cancer vaccine
107 Race to stamp out animal plague begins
108 Large Hadron Collider restarts
109 Ayahuasca psychedelic tested for depression
110 How California can survive the drought
111 The future of the postdoc
112 Beloved Brontosaurus makes a comeback
113 Synthetic biologists seek standards for nascent field
114 Climatologists to physicists: your planet needs you
115 Change the cancer conversation
116 Tree cheers
117 Walking 2.0
118 All that glitters
119 Climate change: Embed the social sciences in climate policy