File Title
1 Hidden quota for women in top management: UMD study
2 Connecting the dots with a golden-winged warbler
3 A new piece in the 'French paradox' puzzle--cheese metabolism
4 A digital field guide to cancer cells
5 Tumor cells that mimic blood vessels could help breast cancer spread to other sites
6 At American University, chemistry majors take charge
7 Researchers urge stronger warning for indoor tanning risks
8 Enriched broccoli reduces cholesterol
9 Are plants passive smokers?
10 Gene study helps explain Legionnaires' probe complications
11 Sex crimes more common in certain families
12 Fracking fluid chemicals uncovered, helping test for contamination
13 Osteoporosis-related fractures in China expected to double by 2035
14 Ordinary clay can save the day
15 A glass fiber that brings light to a standstill
16 Shorter height is directly associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease
17 Gay and lesbian job seekers face discrimination
18 Mars has belts of glaciers consisting of frozen water
19 Total annual hospital costs could be reduced by rapid candidemia identification
20 Nitrogen deposition reduces Swiss plant diversity
21 Ironing out oxidative stress
22 Mental disorders and physical diseases co-occur in teenagers
23 New emotion recognition model
24 Strokes can double the likelihood of attempted suicide
25 Plotting the elimination of dengue
26 Brain scans reveal how people 'justify' killing
27 Hidden burden: Most people carry recessive disease mutations
28 No association between lung cancer risk in women and reproductive history or hormone use
29 Older people can learn to spend less time sitting down
30 Case study Cabo Verde: Simulation offers policy Rx for curbing HIV
31 Scientists predict gradual, prolonged permafrost greenhouse gas emissions
32 CSIC researchers determine the origin of Annama meteorite
33 New understanding of electromagnetism could enable 'antennas on a chip'
34 Complex organic molecules discovered in infant star system
35 Complex organic molecules discovered in infant star system
36 Multi-organization call to action identifies and addresses safety concerns in labor
37 A new view of the moon's formation
38 Research shows alternating antibiotics could make resistant bacteria beatable
39 Alternating antibiotics render resistant bacteria beatable
40 Rise of UK food banks linked to local spending and central welfare cuts
41 Distance running may be an evolutionary 'signal' for desirable male genes
42 Genetic screening could improve breast cancer prevention
43 Male offspring get the most benefit from pregnant mother's exercise
44 First look at 'wasabi receptor' brings insights for pain drug development
45 Melanoma surgery delays are common for Medicare patients
46 Bacteria inhibit bat-killing fungus, could combat white-nose syndrome
47 Ecological 'flash mobs': It's all about timing...and magnets?
48 In first human study, new antibody therapy shows promise in suppressing HIV infection
49 MRI screening program for individuals at high risk of pancreatic cancer
50 Rural African-American women had lower rates of depression, mood disorder
51 Delay of surgery for melanoma common among Medicare patients
52 8 reasons the US Surgeon General should announce that UV tanning causes skin cancer
53 Allergy drug inhibits hepatitis C in mice
54 Nearly 1 in 10 adults have impulsive anger issues and access to guns
55 Obesity-related receptors have a unique structure
56 We may be looking at wrong mutation for breast cancer treatment
57 Worms and germs lead to better immune function
58 Pesticide exposure contributes to heightened risk of heart disease
59 Could a dose of nature be just what the doctor ordered?
60 Can arts, crafts and computer use preserve your memory?
61 Ornaments shed light on human transition from hunter gatherer to farmer
62 Butterflies deceive ants using chemical strategies
63 3-D model of giant salamanders' bite
64 Don't farm on me: Northern Europeans to Neolithic interlopers
65 New study indicates that exercise improves non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
66 Game played in sync increases children's perceived similarity, closeness
67 Study finds one of the most accurate ways of determining chances of IVF success
68 Combined sewer systems lead to risk of illness after heavy rains
69 Make your home a home for the birds
70 Erupting electrodes: How recharging leaves behind microscopic debris inside batteries
71 NASA study finds small solar eruptions can have profound effects on unprotected planets
72 Smithsonian's Panama debate fueled by zircon dating
73 Our sun came late to the Milky Way's star-birth party
74 The TRMM rainfall mission comes to an end after 17 years
75 First report of a new crop virus in North America
76 Engineers now understand how complex carbon nanostructures form
77 Carnegie Mellon scientists question representation of women in international journal
78 Dynamic dead zones alter fish catches in Lake Erie
79 Scientists tackle our addiction to salt and fat by altering foods' pore size, number
80 Mental practice and physical therapy effective treatment for stroke, research shows
81 Golgi trafficking controlled by G-proteins
82 TGen finds likely genetic source of muscle weakness in 6 previously undiagnosed children
83 Selenide protects heart muscle in the wake of cardiac arrest
84 Who's a CEO? Google image results can shift gender biases
85 Carnegie Mellon chemists create tiny gold nanoparticles that reflect nature's patterns
86 Microbes help produce serotonin in gut
87 Flip-flopping black holes spin to the end of the dance
88 Dealing with death in deployment
89 Early physical therapy for low back pain reduces costs, resources
90 'Warm blob' in Pacific Ocean linked to weird weather across the US
91 Choice of protein and carbohydrate-rich foods may have big effects on long-term weight gain
92 Signal variability and cognitive performance in the aging human brain
93 New Waldenstrom's drug shows sustained benefit at two years
94 Detecting lysosomal pH with better fluorescent probes
95 Breakthrough finds molecules that block previously 'undruggable' protein tied to cancer
96 Ferromanganese crusts record past climates
97 Review highlights potential of cancer immunotherapy plus targeted therapy
98 You scratch his back, he scratches mine and I'll scratch yours
99 New evidence supports success of fecal transplants in treatment of Clostridium difficile infection
100 More food, low pollution effort gains traction
101 The benefits of storytelling in video games
102 Study tallies huge cost of hepatitis C drugs for RI prisons
103 UGA researchers find hormone receptor that allows mosquitoes to reproduce
104 Improving the quality of medical care using computer understanding of human language
105 Study: Amygdala encodes 'cooties' and 'crushes' in the developing brain
106 Dispersant used to clean Deepwater Horizon spill more toxic to corals than the oil
107 Children with neurological disorders need flu vaccine but don't always get it
108 Shakespeare's plays reveal his psychological signature
109 Drug regulations tied to fewer prescriptions of effective gout drug
110 Amniotic stem cells demonstrate healing potential