File Title
1 Overconfidence in new technologies can influence decision-making
2 Swimming algae offer Penn researchers insights into living fluid dynamics
3 Two ancient human fossils from Laos reveal early human diversity
4 Rates of ADHD appear to decrease at higher altitudes
5 Kessler Foundation scientists link emotional processing deficits with white matter damage
6 A better biomarker to predict cetuximab response in CRC patients
7 Are current dietary guidelines for sodium and potassium reasonable?
8 Discovering another interoperability challenge in health information exchange
9 The rest of the brain gets in the way
10 Newly discovered ancient arthropod lived hundreds of millions of years ago
11 Easing the pain
12 Common drug is re-engineered to improve surgery outcomes
13 New report identifies possible next steps in US energy development
14 Common birds bring economic vitality to cities, new study finds
15 Mortality and blood pressure directly linked to relationship quality
16 New model could help identify root cause of swallowing disorder
17 TSRI scientists find molecular trigger of schizophrenia-like behaviors and brain changes
18 Tunneling across a tiny gap
19 Defect found in pancreatic cells could lead to new diabetes treatment
20 Subtle discrimination is easier to acknowledge when self-esteem is high
21 UM study finds fast food just as effective for recovery as sports supplements
22 Obesity in children: Breastfeeding is best, but...
23 Stroke classification system called TOAST is easy to use and effective
24 Why daring to compare online prices pays off offline
25 Moffitt researchers discover novel mechanism controlling lung cancer stem cell growth
26 Declining great apes of Central Africa get new action plan for the next decade
27 Which type of sustainable rooftop technology is best in cold climates?
28 Eating disorders during adolescence may have lasting socioeconomic consequences for women
29 Cost of cancer drugs varies widely based on who's paying
30 Posttraumatic stress can have profound effects on sexual health
31 Asbestos use in Asia poses serious health dangers
32 Efforts needed to standardize criteria for age-related muscle loss
33 Physicians pioneer the use of stereotactic body radiation for deadly kidney cancer complication
34 Asthma rates among black youth are similarly high in urban, rural communities
35 How do single women seeking donor semen differ from cohabiting women?
36 New mechanisms of 'social networking' in bacteria
37 New, natural DNA-based drugs are safe, potent activators of immune system
38 Anesthetic gases raise Earth's temperature (a little) while you sleep
39 Open-angle glaucoma: Poor data for the fixed combination tafluprost/timolol
40 Your better half (by half?): Improving your fitness may improve your spouse's
41 Gene variant and environment can boost severity of respiratory syncytial virus
42 Bumblebees differentiate flower types when arranged horizontally but not vertically
43 Just hit 'print': Office inkjet printer could produce simple tool to identify infectious diseases
44 ACL surgery may significantly improve physical health and function for at least six years in younger patients
45 Shifts in electricity generation spur net job growth, but coal jobs decline
46 X-raying the past: New insights into the life of extinct marine creatures
47 Gut immune system identified as a new and effective target in treating diabetes
48 Novel therapeutic procedure helps stroke patient recover three-dimensional vision
49 Mummified bodies reveal how tuberculosis ravaged the heart of 18th century Europe
50 Lizards are larger and retain heat longer in high-altitude habitats
51 The control of Idiazabal cheese is not limited to the absence of defects
52 No evidence that low-frequency magnetic fields accelerate development of Alzheimer's, ALS
53 Contaminants also a threat to polar bears
54 Complex bacterial challenge in fight against deadly amphibian disease
55 Central signaling pathway in lymphoma can be blocked successfully
56 New study reveals mixed picture on the effectiveness of Viagra and related drugs
57 LA County gets C+ from UCLA on environmental issues
58 New study hints at spontaneous appearance of primordial DNA
59 WSU study finds cigarette warning labels may be more effective with imagery
60 Risk of breast and ovarian cancer may differ by type of BRCA1, BRCA2 mutation
61 Gotcha! Ultra-realistic robot proves there's more than 1 way to scare a fish
62 Discovery of communication link between brain areas implicated in schizophrenia
63 Epidemiology of HIV-1 transmitted drug resistance
64 Functional brain organization of newborns altered by prenatal cocaine exposure
65 Into thin air and back
66 New study questions role of breast milk in obesity prevention
67 Food for thought: Master protein enhances learning and memory
68 Sun experiences seasonal changes, new research finds
69 Carbon nanotube computing?
70 Catheter-related bloodstream infections examined in home parenteral nutrition patients
71 Future electronics based on carbon nanotubes
72 Default surrogate consent statutes may differ with wishes of patients
73 Risk of breast and ovarian cancer may differ by type of BRCA1, BRCA2 mutation
74 Leading cardiovascular societies release new guidance on use of heart pumps
75 Purging a virus from organ transplants
76 The hoo's hoo of gibbon communication
77 Food allergies can be transmitted from blood products to children in rare cases
78 Education and awareness key to helping physicians address elder abuse
79 More anti-inflammatory genes mean longer lifespans for mammals
80 Stanford-led study finds limited mutations involved in transmission of drug-resistant HIV
81 Brontosaurus is back!
82 Recovery potential for the world's coral reef fish
83 A revealing new look at the secretive black tinamou
84 Lights tuned to birds' eyes may help reduce bird-aircraft collisions
85 Seasonal, year-long cycles seen on the sun
86 Standard nursing assessments improve ability to predict survival in cirrhosis patients
87 Multi-organization call to action identifies and addresses safety concerns in labor and delivery
88 Doing the impossible: Enzyme-catalyzed Diels-Alder reaction
89 Anti-HIV antibody shows promise in first human study
90 Autism's early neuronal 'neighborhood'
91 California's solar incentive program has had only modest impact on adoption rates
92 Poor nutrition for honey bee larvae compromises pollination capabilities as adults
93 Muscles matter in baseball injuries
94 When you land, can you stand? One-Year Mission video miniseries: Functional performance
95 Mysteries of the deep
96 Increase in inflammation linked to high traffic pollution for people on insulin
97 Biologists identify brain tumor weakness
98 Recipe for saving coral reefs: Add more fish
99 Breast cancer research uncovers the fountain of youth
100 Study shows rats fed a dietary fiber supplement had better weight control
101 Improved understanding of protein complex offers insight into DNA replication initiation mechanism basics
102 What can brain-controlled prosthetics tell us about the brain?
103 Unraveling the origin of the pseudogap in a charge density wave compound
104 Inkjet-printed liquid metal could bring wearable tech, soft robotics
105 Don't blame kids if they do not enjoy school, study suggests
106 UAB researchers develop a harmless artificial virus for gene therapy
107 Maternal and Child Health Handbook promotes antenatal care visits
108 UTMB researchers develop Ebola vaccine effective in a single dose
109 Tension between politics and science soothed--for now
110 Turning to freshwater sources to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis, other infections