File Title
1 OU physicists first to create new molecule with record-setting dipole moment
2 Frustrated magnets--new experiment reveals clues to their discontent
3 Study reveals molecular genetic mechanisms driving breast cancer progression
4 Camera chip provides superfine 3-D resolution
5 Fertility patients' history is best predictor of risk for major depression
6 Targeting dangerous inflammation inside artery plaque
7 Studies find $1 test using gold nanoparticles outperforms PSA screen for prostate cancer
8 New genetic clues emerge on origin of Hirschsprung's disease
9 CRISPR-Cas editing of C. albicans holds promise for overcoming deadly fungal infections
10 Doctor at Rhode Island Hospital develops Ebola virus diagnostic tool
11 Better actionless than action-taking
12 Rice can borrow stronger immunity from other plant species, study shows
13 Possible progress against Parkinson's and good news for stem cell therapies
14 A complex landscape has both vulnerabilities and resilience to climate change
15 Science and medicine have a 'publication pollution' problem
16 Gender difference in moral judgments rooted in emotion, not reasoning, study finds
17 Celestial penguin the result of galactic destruction
18 Gecko skin is surprisingly un-sticky
19 Family income may influence kids' brain development
20 Climate change could disturb marine life for millennia
21 Hot Chile volcano sends plume into the sky
22 Paracetamol useless for low back pain
23 Little bird's migration reaches 'brink of impossibility'
24 How Jupiter survived to become king of planets
25 The goldfish that ate Australia...and more
26 'Little Foot' fossil sheds light on human forerunners
27 The tortured heart of a twisted galaxy
28 Large Hadron Collider successfully restarts with potential particle smashing power doubled
29 Large Hadron Collider restarts after two-year rebuild
30 Star's birth glimpsed 'in real time'
31 Citizen science: Rabbit and hare population mapped
32 Mars beckons for European satellite
33 Iran nuclear talks: 'Framework' deal agreed
34 Turkey Twitter block lifted after image removed
35 'Revenge porn' site owner faces lengthy jail term
36 Google Gmail users hit by software glitch
37 OnLive gaming service to switch off after Sony deal
38 YouTube hack 'threatened' Justin Bieber videos
39 Monkeys 'hinder India internet drive'
40 Click grows food with gadgets on its smart allotment
41 Scotched eggs: Is this the death of the Easter egg?
42 Teachers to ballot over school funding walk-out
43 Teachers 'fear extremism debates in class'
44 Fake university degrees website under investigation
45 Shared parental leave law comes into effect
46 Teachers warn of 'Victorian' poverty among pupils
47 Kenya mourns victims of Garissa al-Shabab attack
48 Education in England 'mismanaged,' says Welsh minister
49 Teachers delay decision on school funding strike vote
50 Hunt promises to give 'respect' to teachers
51 Teachers back ballot to boycott tests for four year olds
52 Teachers warn of unqualified staff
53 Teachers vote to boycott individual violent pupils
54 Teachers' 'hyperactive pupils' energy drink warning
55 How much? The crazy cost of children's parties
56 The fight to save Polish as an A-level subject
57 How the UK's new rules on parental leave work
58 Should we be worrying about unqualified teachers?
59 Why is teaching the most unionised job?
60 Kenya's stoic survivors defy al-Shabab
61 Skin cancer 'linked to package holiday boom'
62 Antibiotic resistance: 80,000 'might die' in future outbreak
63 NHS funding: Public 'back tax rises for healthcare'
64 Child heart surgery deaths in UK 'halved'
65 Personal cancer vaccine research 'exciting' say experts
66 Why Luke Skywalker's binary sunset may be real after all (+video)
67 How much longer can NASA's Mercury probe survive?
68 NASA's Opportunity rover endures another bout of amnesia
69 Kickstarter for Mars? What if NASA cuts Mars rover funding? (+video)
70 Oceans could take thousands of years to recover from climate change, study says
71 NASA wants you to check out its flying saucer (+video)
72 How a tiny songbird can fly 1,700 miles over open ocean (+video)
73 Ancient hominid 'Little Foot' gets new birthdate (+video)
74 Zombie cyborg wood aids night vision
75 Are orcas making a comeback in the Pacific Northwest? (+video)
76 Displaced polar bears will struggle for food, scientists say
77 Early human relative Little Foot may have co-existed with Lucy, say scientists (+video)
78 Twin-sunned 'Tatooine' planets may be widespread, say scientists
79 Why underground moon cities are slightly less implausible now
80 What was this camel doing in 17th-century Austria?
81 What happened to the atmosphere of Mars? Curiosity rover seeking answers.
82 Einstein or Marilyn? How this optical illusion hides two faces in one portrait (+video)
83 Can a refurbished atom smasher finally reveal dark matter? (+video)
84 Eyes in the sky: How NASA helps gauge drought impact
85 New Hubble images reveal eerie green clouds
86 Dormant for two years, the world's largest atom smasher reawakens
87 Humans orbiting Mars by 2033? It's possible, say experts.
88 Tiny, adorable 'dragons' discovered in Andes
89 Stephen Hawking Wants to Trademark His Name
90 Mio Fuse: Fitness Tracker Review
91 Pesticides in Fruit Could Damage Sperm
92 Superhealing Drug Travels in Nanoparticles to Wounds
93 Reference: Science & the Scientific Method: A Definition
94 Tampons Can Screen for Leaking Sewage
95 How Many Americans Could Get Ebola? Study Provides Estimates
96 Shocking Discovery: Egypt's 'Mona Lisa' May Be a Fake
97 Letting Kids Taste Alcohol May Promote Early Drinking
98 Guess Your Age? 3D Facial Scan Beats Doctor's Exam
99 Animal Sex: How Polar Bears Do It
100 How Long Would It Take to Fall Through the Earth?
101 Zombie Cyborg Wood May Lead to Better Night-Vision Cameras
102 Reference: Having a Baby / Stages of Pregnancy
103 Fitbit Surge: Fitness Tracker Review
104 Tiny Songbird Is a Champion Long-Distance Flier
105 Bizarre Condition Makes Tongue Resemble a Geographic Map
106 Reference: What Is Ultraviolet Light?
107 Junk Food Is Making NYC Ants More like Humans
108 Individuals Commit Murder-Suicide, Not 'The Mentally Ill' (Op-Ed)
109 How Fasting Diets May Make Cells Resist Stress (Essay)
110 As China Saves its 'Smiling' Porpoise, It Saves Its People (Op-Ed)