File Title
1 Why Gay Conversion Therapy Is Harmful
2 Amazon Wins Approval to Test Delivery Drones in US
3 Woman's 'Burning Mouth Syndrome' Had Strange Cause
4 Treating Troops' Sleep Problems May Reduce PTSD
5 Earthquake! Your Smartphone Could Give an Early Warning
6 Oldest Neanderthal DNA Found in Italian Skeleton
7 Reference: Acid Reflux (GERD): Symptoms & Treatment
8 Reference: Brown Rice: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts
9 Yes, Dead Batteries Do Bounce
10 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
11 Battered Remains of Medieval Knight Discovered in UK Cathedral
12 Giant Atom Smasher Revs up: Physicists Reveal What They're Looking For
13 MIPT researchers put safety of magic anti-cancer bullet to test
14 Mysterious desert fairy circles share pattern with skin cells
15 Sleep problems prevalent for military members
16 Team determines structure of toxin in respiratory infections
17 Study suggests ways to simplify health insurance enrollment
18 Tropical Depression Haishen moves away from Fananu
19 Climate change, plant roots may accelerate carbon loss from soils
20 Under the microscope, strong-swimming swamp bacteria spontaneously organize into crystals
21 Lead hokes the age
22 Sound separates cancer cells from blood samples
23 Characteristic pattern of protein deposits in brains of retired NFL players who suffered concussions
24 Common antidepressant increased coronary atherosclerosis in animal model
25 Breastfeeding women and sex: Higher sex drive or relationship management?
26 Computers that mimic the function of the brain
27 Researchers track protein 'hitchhiker' in fluorescent worms
28 Study reveals Internet-style 'local area networks' in cerebral cortex of rats
29 UH study links Facebook use to depressive symptoms
30 For marketers, failing to align the emotions of your ads with TV programs may turn off consumers
31 Accelerating materials discovery with world's largest database of elastic properties
32 Stress and obesity: Your family can make you fat
33 Women smokers concerned about weight are less likely to try to quit
34 CU researchers: Brain activity boosts processes that promote neural connections
35 Study identifies protein that triggers lupus-associated immune system activation
36 Better sensors for medical imaging, contraband detection
37 Winning women
38 Oregon study: Consequences of driving drunk are paying off
39 Endangered tortoises thrive on invasive plants
40 NIH-funded scientists identify receptor for asthma-associated virus
41 Childhood cancer survivors face chronic health problems
42 New report links frequency of diet soda use to waist increases
43 EARTH: Kamikaze typhoons spared Japan from Kublai Kahn
44 Water makes wires even more nano
45 Regulating poinsettia's height
46 Researchers create first metal-free catalyst for rechargeable zinc-air batteries
47 University of Houston researchers discover N-type polymer for fast organic battery
48 Producing strawberries in high-pH soil at high elevations
49 How do you feel? Video of your face may tell all
50 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US Navy develop next-gen temperature sensor to measure ocean dynamics
51 Living mulch, organic fertilizer tested on broccoli
52 Antipsychotic use may increase the risk for diabetes in some children
53 Liquid corn, fish fertilizers 'good options' for organic blackberry production
54 Can cancer vaccines prolong survival?
55 Inning limits don't prevent MLB pitching injuries
56 Cells exercise suboptimal strategy to survive
57 Northern coastal marshes more vulnerable to nutrient pollution
58 Can you make your own Game of Thrones sword using chemistry?
59 Erythropoietin combined with radiation therapy does not improve local-regional control in anemic patients with head and neck cancer
60 Women and men have different exclusion criteria for rtPA
61 Two compounds target the gut to lower blood sugar--in obese or diabetic rats
62 Extraversion may be less common than we think
63 How many organisms do live in this aquatic habitat?
64 NTU scientists discover new treatment for dementia
65 Providers have mixed feelings about prescribing HIV prevention
66 New advancements in 3-D designs for neural tissue engineering
67 Common cancers hijack powerhouses of cells
68 Saving lives by making malaria drugs more affordable
69 Cold, callous and untreatable? Not all psychopaths fit the stereotype, says new study
70 New blood signature analysis may help diagnose Parkinson's disease earlier
71 Device extracts rare tumor cells using sound
72 Teams with a critical mass of women lets them 'lean in' and aim for science careers
73 Research debunks commonly held belief about narcissism
74 New target for anticancer drugs: RNA
75 The brain game
76 For ticks, researchers find lemur noses to be males only in Madagascar
77 A third of breast cancer patients concerned about genetic risk
78 Aluminum battery from Stanford offers safe alternative to conventional batteries
79 Pulling the strings of our genetic puppetmasters
80 Young guns: Study finds high firearm violence rate in high-risk youth after assault injury
81 Study of vehicle emissons will aid urban sustainability efforts
82 Western Canada to lose 70 percent of glaciers by 2100
83 Study points the way toward producing rubber from lettuce
84 With breast cancer treatment, you do get what you pay for
85 Study: Near-death brain signaling accelerates demise of the heart
86 Emergency rooms see rising rate of patients with chronic conditions, lower rate of injuries
87 Lower extremity revascularization not effective in majority of nursing home residents
88 Fishing amplifies forage fish collapses
89 Physical therapy, surgery produce same results for stenosis in older patients
90 Middle-aged athletes at low risk for sudden cardiac arrest while exercising
91 Using pediatric cholesterol guidelines for teens, young adults would increase statin use
92 Neurologic function, temperature management in patients after cardiac arrest
93 Discovery by Virginia Tech may be breakthrough for hydrogen cars
94 Many nursing home residents die, don't walk after lower extremity revascularization
95 Dwarf dragons discovered in the Andes of Peru and Ecuador
96 Sea sponge anchors are natural models of strength
97 Neighborhood stigma affects online transactions, NYU researchers find
98 Study suggests new role for gene in suppressing cancer
99 We can fix the Great Barrier Reef
100 Working up a sweat--it could save your life
101 Cancer drug target also essential for blood cell recovery
102 New test measures deadly protein in Huntington's disease patients' spinal fluid
103 Physically active middle-aged adults have low risk of sudden cardiac arrest
104 Study finds cow milk is added to breast milk and sold to parents online
105 Enhancing mechanism of capsaicin-evoked pain sensation
106 Few commercial weight-loss programs show evidence of effectiveness, Johns Hopkins reports
107 Origin of cancer wasting identified in fruit flies
108 New research complicates seismic hazard for British Columbia, Alaska region
109 Women, regardless of their backgrounds, seek help for the 'got to go' feeling
110 Inventing a 2-D liquid