File Title
1 New research identifies diverse sources of methane in shallow Arctic lakes
2 Eating fruits and vegetables with high pesticide residues linked with poor semen quality
3 Researchers find new link between neurodegenerative diseases and abnormal immune responses
4 WSU researchers find 'exploding head syndrome' more common in young people than thought
5 Panel predicts whether rare leukemia will respond to treatment
6 Identification of drug combinations that reverse HIV-1 latency
7 Study: Increased dietary magnesium intake associated with improved diabetes-related health outcomes
8 DNA alterations may predict treatment response in chronic myelomonocytic leukemia patients
9 Intelligent neuroprostheses mimic natural motor control
10 Antimicrobial resistance in the 21st century--Future Microbiology special focus issue
11 Pesticides in fruit and vegetables linked to semen quality
12 Exercise can outweigh harmful effects of air pollution
13 Direct evidence for a positive feedback in climate change
14 Prototype 'nanoneedles' generate new blood vessels in mice
15 Citizen scientists map global forests
16 Scientists link unexplained childhood paralysis to enterovirus D68
17 Seabed samples rewrite earthquake history near Istanbul
18 Comet dust: Planet Mercury's 'invisible paint'
19 Glyburide associated with more risk of adverse events than insulin in newborns
20 Percentage of children eating fast food on a given day drops
21 An apple a day won't keep the doctor away but maybe the pharmacist
22 Rutgers, NIST physicists report technology with potential for sub-micron optical switches
23 Date syrup shows promise for fighting bacterial infections
24 Researchers discover bacterial genetic pathway involved in body odor production
25 Sea change: What took decades to destroy in oceans took millennia to recover
26 'Lightning bolts' in the brain show learning in action
27 Researchers develop new potential drug for rare leukemia
28 How immune cells facilitate the spread of breast cancer
29 Blood-based biomarkers could enable simple, accurate TB tests for diagnosis and monitoring
30 To statin or not to statin?
31 Family income, parental education related to brain structure in children and adolescents
32 E-cigarettes are being accessed by teenagers who are both smokers and non-smokers
33 Early stage NSCLC patients with low tumor metabolic activity have longer survival
34 New drug stalls estrogen receptor-positive cancer cell growth and shrinks tumors
35 Glow in the dark tampons identify sewage pollution in rivers
36 New molecular clues about mysterious brain blood vessel disorder
37 Mist-collecting plants may bioinspire technology to help alleviate global water shortages
38 New Canadian guidelines to prevent and manage obesity in children must focus on family
39 New data show that women of childbearing age need more vegetables, white potatoes
40 A surprising source of serotonin could affect antidepressant activity
41 Cancer's relentless evolution
42 Ocean-scale dataset allows broad view of human influence on Pacific coral reef ecosystems
43 LSU professor's neurological research featured in the Journal of Neuroscience
44 Adults who struggle to follow heart medication regimens should focus on behavior change
45 Outside CEOs could rejuvenate struggling businesses
46 Locking up an oncogenic transcription
47 Dangers of adolescent energy drink consumption for the heart
48 PETA and PCRM researchers publish on in vitro methods for assessing tobacco toxicity
49 Current residential development research is a poor foundation for sustainable development
50 Researchers improve efficiency of human walking
51 Study affirms lethal prostate cancer can spread from other metastatic sites
52 NOAA study provides detailed projections of coral bleaching
53 NJIT mathematician's 2015 Major League Baseball projections
54 New class of insecticides offers safer, more targeted mosquito control
55 Penn Medicine: New receptors could underlie the many actions of the anesthetic ketamine
56 Study: Older workers bring valuable knowledge to the job
57 Forecasting future flooding
58 Common cholesterol drug stimulates the same receptors as marijuana
59 Deforestation is messing with our weather--and our food
60 Mind the gap: Nanoscale speed bump could regulate plasmons for high-speed data flow
61 Adolescent mental healthcare improved through pediatric primary care training
62 Low T not just in males: Testosterone, atherosclerosis and obesity may be linked in females
63 Computer model predicts how our livers will store fat
64 Failed synchronization of the womb's clock with mother's body clock critical in miscarriages
65 Study finds eyeliner application may cause eye problems
66 A novel way to apply drugs to dental plaque
67 Drop the bounce test: A common battery test often bounces off target
68 How we hear distance: Echoes are essential for humans to perceive how far away a sound is
69 Ebola planning created need for unprecedented preparedness in hospitals
70 How long do firms live? Research finds patterns of company mortality in market data
71 Older people at higher risk of emergency cancer diagnosis
72 Presence of heart pouch may explain strokes of unknown origin, UCI study finds
73 Study finds EITC bolsters recipients' self-respect while helping them financially
74 Predicting chronic pain in whiplash injuries
75 Migrating immune cells promote nerve cell demise in the brain
76 Experimental Ebola vaccine safe, prompts immune response
77 Texting too tempting for college students even when inappropriate
78 Old cancer drug could have new use in fighting cancer
79 VSV-EBOV Ebola vaccine appears safe and generates immune response
80 Anticancer drug can spur immune system to fight infection
81 Where no smartphone has gone before
82 Student helps to discover new pain relief delivery method
83 Wayne State study of brain networks shows differences in children with OCD
84 Interview blues--anxious, slow talkers often do not get the job
85 Periodic puns, round 2: Chemistry jokes for April Fools' Day
86 Lifting families out of poverty--with dignity
87 Oral pain specialists treat complex health issues, according to new survey
88 Depression often co-occurs with joint diseases
89 Massachusetts health reform did not lower preventable hospitalizations or reduce racial disparities
90 Accountancy ambitions
91 Barriers found that prevent Ugandans with RHD from receiving needed penicillin
92 Quantum teleportation on a chip
93 Diversity prevents resistance
94 Soldiers cite 'Medic!' as a top hearing priority
95 A CNIO team succeeds in doubling the life span of mice suffering from premature aging
96 Oxygen-depleted toxic oceans had key role in mass extinction over 200 million years ago
97 Eggs and chicken instead of beef reap major climate gains
98 Life for specialists: In the poisonous breath of sleeping volcanos
99 A multi-faceted poison
100 Negotiating: Careful choice of words increases chances of success
101 Queen's scientists develop first perfume which smells better the more you sweat
102 Widespread agricultural contaminant impacts fish reproductive behavior
103 New instrument dates old skeleton; 'Little Foot' 3.67 million years old
104 Poses of power are less powerful than we thought
105 Atmospheric energy escaped from the Tibetan Plateau
106 Cooling massive objects to the quantum ground state
107 Agricultural contaminant impacts fish reproductive behavior
108 Study: Ads in free mobile apps have hidden costs for both users and developers
109 Light-powered gyroscope is world's smallest: Promises a powerful spin on navigation
110 Exercise for older mouse mothers lowers risk of heart defects in babies