File Title
1 Glow-in-the-dark algae turns Hong Kong harbor blue
2 Australian sharks to be tracked at any time
3 Study projects major loss of corals in Great Barrier Reef
4 Aqua-Spark investments aim to stop plunder of sea life
5 Biggest fish in the ocean receives international protection
6 Heart arrhythmias detected in deep-diving marine mammals
7 Tunneling across a tiny gap
8 Particle smasher starts up again, says CERN
9 Super sensitive measurement of magnetic fields
10 Science: Theory of the strong interaction verified
11 Physicists solve low-temperature magnetic mystery
12 Frozen highly charged ions for highest precision spectroscopy
13 Electrons in slow motion
14 Forbidden quantum leaps possible with high-res spectroscopy
15 Stretch and relax by losing 1 electron magnetism switch
16 Researchers discover N-type polymer for fast organic battery
17 A common battery test often bounces off target
18 New technology converts packing peanuts to battery components
19 Materials research could unlock potential of lithium-sulfur batteries
20 Researchers synthesize new thin-film material for use in fuel cells
21 Energy-generating cloth could replace batteries in wearable devices
22 Lithium from the coal in China
23 New flow battery to keep big cities lit, green and safe
24 In quest for better lithium-air batteries, chemists boost carbon's stability
25 Dendrite eraser: New electrolyte rids batteries of short-circuiting fibers
26 Corvus Energy orders two new battery hybrid LNG ferry systems
27 Suit says Apple 'poached' electric battery maker staff
28 Better batteries inspired by lowly snail shells
29 Membrane will make batteries safer, thinner
30 Glass for battery electrodes
31 Chemist one step closer to a new generation of electric car battery
32 Compact batteries enhanced by spontaneous silver matrix formations
33 Light-powered gyroscope is world's smallest
34 Optics, nanotechnology combined to create low-cost sensor for gases
35 Chemists make new silicon-based nanomaterials
36 UW scientists build a nanolaser using a single atomic sheet
37 Sharper nanoscopy
38 NC State researchers create 'nanofiber gusher'
39 Click! That's how modern chemistry bonds nanoparticles to a substrate
40 An improved method for coating gold nanorods
41 Are water treatment methods able to remove nanoparticles
42 Magnetic vortices in nanodisks reveal information
43 Black phosphorus a new wonder material for optical communication
44 Optical nanoantennas set the stage for a NEMS lab-on-a-chip revolution
45 Nanotechnology: Better measurements of single molecule circuits
46 X-ray pulses uncover free nanoparticles for the first time in 3-D
47 Engineers uses disorder to control light on a nanoscale
48 Holes in valence bands of nanodiamonds discovered
49 Nanoshuttle wear and tear: It's the mileage, not the age
50 Nano-beaker offers insight into the condensation of atoms
51 Carbon nanotube finding could boost battery life
52 Revealing the inner workings of a molecular motor
53 New technology focuses diffuse light inside living tissue
54 Researchers observe new charge transport phenomenon
55 Nanoscale speed bump could regulate plasmons for high-speed data flow
56 Physicists report technology with potential for sub-micron optical switches
57 Superfast computers a step closer as a silicon chip's quantum capabilities are improved
58 'Goldilocks material' could change spintronics
59 Twisted light increases efficiency of quantum cryptography systems
60 Quantum computing: 1 step closer with defect-free logic gate
61 A new way to control light, critical for next-gen of super fast computing
62 Optical fibers light the way for brain-like computing
63 KAIST develops ultrathin polymer insulators key to low-power soft electronics
64 Quantum sensor's advantages survive entanglement breakdown
65 International research partnership tricks the light fantastic
66 Radio chip for the 'Internet of things'
67 Exotic states materialize with supercomputers
68 One-atom-thin silicon transistors hold promise for super-fast computing
69 Graphene displays clear prospects for flexible electronics
70 Largest database of elastic properties accelerates material science
71 Building sound foundations: A matter of granular dynamics
72 Rare-earth innovation to improve nylon manufacturing
73 Desalination using a nanoporous graphene membrane
74 Landmark study proves that magnets can control heat and sound
75 Many plastics labeled 'biodegradable' don't break down as expected
76 Maps predict strength of structures
77 Fluid-filled pores separate materials with fine precision
78 German govt okays bill to boost electronic appliance recyling
79 NREL refines method to convert lignin to nylon precursor
80 Smart crystallization
81 A simple way to make and reconfigure complex emulsions
82 Getting in shape
83 3-D printing with custom molecules creates low-cost mechanical sensor
84 Research shows benefits of silicon carbide for sensors in harsh environments
85 Measurement of key molecule increases accuracy of combustion models
86 India overtakes China to become top global gold consumer
87 New method allows for greater variation in band gap tunability
88 Eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses--at your command
89 Graphene edges can be tailor-made
90 Scientists 'bend' elastic waves with new metamaterials
91 Breakthrough lights up metamaterials
92 Crush those clinkers while they're hot
93 Integrating with multiferroic materials and devices silicon chips
94 Researchers from MIPT predict properties of surface
95 Developing New Materials for Energy Transduction
96 Moving origami techniques forward for self-folding 3-D structures
97 Transforming planar materials into 3-D microarchitectures
98 Why some geckos lose their ability to stick to surfaces
99 Responsive material could be the 'golden ticket' of sensing
100 Freshmen-level chemistry solves the solubility mystery of graphene oxide films
101 A repulsive material
102 Hands on: Crafting ultrathin color coatings
103 Water makes wires even more nano
104 New study hints at spontaneous appearance of primordial DNA
105 Scientists discover new 'transformer frog' in Ecuador
106 How did the chicken cross the sea
107 Manganese speeds up honey bees
108 Scientists discover gecko secret
109 Plants Use Sixth Sense for Growth Aboard the Space Station
110 Black holes don't erase information, scientists say
111 Black hole winds pull the plug on star formation
112 Team Returning Orbiter to Duty After Computer Swap
113 NASA Spacecraft Completes 40,000 Mars Orbits
114 NASA advances composite materials for aircraft of the future
115 Pakistan seeks Viper attack helos, Hellfire missiles
116 Battery energy storage project shows promise for electricity network
117 Bacteria can use magnetic particles to create a 'natural battery'
118 Physicists create new molecule with record-setting dipole moment
119 Pick a color, any color
120 Frustrated magnets--new experiment reveals clues to their discontent
121 Life Needs an Atmosphere, but How Much Is Too Much
122 Europa's Elusive Water Plume Paints Grim Picture for Life
123 Skin tough