File Title
1 'Picture perfect' Atlas V launch sends four NASA satellites into orbit (+video)
2 Jupiter's largest moon has an ocean, say scientists
3 Atlas V rocket blasts magnetospheric science satellites into space
4 How Anna Atkins blazed a garden path for women to sneak into science
5 Can we save California's sea lions? (+video)
6 Scientists reveal origin of 'yeti' hairs
7 On St. Patrick's Day, here's the real reason Ireland has no snakes (+video)
8 Is California about to run out of water? (+video)
9 Weird worm uses elastic body to sling slime
10 How an ancient whale skull could point to humanity's birthplace
11 What is the planet Mercury made of? Space probe data reveals clues.
12 On St. Patrick's Day, a dancing green aurora?
13 Researchers find remains of 'Don Quixote' author Miguel de Cervantes (+video)
14 Why Friday's solar eclipse will be the stuff of legends (+video)
15 Will treadmill dancing be the next Zumba? (+video)
16 Where did the British come from? Fine-scale genetic study reveals clues.
17 Animals that baffled Darwin finally placed on family tree
18 Spectacular aurora photos from St. Patrick's Day solar storm
19 NASA orbiter detects ultraviolet auroras on Mars
20 New catfish species named after Greedo from 'Star Wars'
21 Ancient, 9-foot-long 'butcher' croc walked on two legs
22 Before dinosaurs ruled, the 'Carolina Butcher' was top croc
23 Vernal equinox: How dare they call it spring? (+video)
24 Reactions to the solar eclipse: Was it as epic as hoped? (+video)
25 Great Lakes buoy to new heights after 15 years of low water levels (+video)
26 French towns brace for giant tidal surge
27 Where did all that cosmic dust come from?
28 We just had the warmest winter on record, say scientists
29 At last, a proper burial for Richard III
30 Why spring is getting 30 seconds shorter each year (+video)
31 Geek in chief: Obama to pledge $240 million for STEM at science fair (+video)
32 Google doodle honors mathematician Emmy Noether (+video)
33 To stop climate change, flat CO2 emissions aren't enough, say scientists
34 How Jupiter may have destroyed the inner solar system
35 Why is our solar system so strange? Blame Jupiter, say astronomers.
36 Curiosity finds more ingredients for life on Mars
37 50 years ago, a Gemini astronaut smuggled a sandwich into space
38 Can we revive endangered languages? Should we?
39 Colossal, car-sized salamander ruled prehistoric rivers
40 DNA Analysis Reveals Origin of 300-Year-Old Slave Skeletons Found on Caribbean Island
41 Leatherback Turtle, World's Largest, Rescued from South Carolina Beach
42 Chameleons' Color-Changing Secrets Revealed by Scientists
43 Dwarf Galaxies Spotted Orbiting the Milky Way Could Help Solve Dark Matter Mystery
44 NASA MMS Launch Update: Weather Favorable and Launch is On, Says NASA (VIDEO)
45 NASA SLS Rocket Booster Testing Update: Booster Preheated and Ready for Wednesday's Test Fire
46 Star Clusters, Emission Nebulae and Areas of Star Birth Chilling Out at the Altar (PHOTOS)
47 Tomb of Iron Age Celtic Prince Found in France
48 Biodegradable Coffee Cups Help with Deforestation
49 Bedlam Burial Ground Excavation Uncovers 3,000 Skeletons in London
50 The Milky Way Is Larger and Ripplier than We Thought It Was
51 Behemoth Lobster Ancestor Reveals Details of Arthropod Evolution (VIDEO)
52 Human Epoch Started in 1610? Study Blames Smallpox for the Change
53 Saturn's Moon Enceladus' Oceans Might Contain Earth-Like Hydrothermal Activity
54 Neanderthals Made World's First Jewelry Out of Eagle Talons? (VIDEO)
55 International Space Station (ISS) Expedition 42 is Back Home on Earth, Soyuz Landed Safely (PHOTOS)
56 Mars, Here We Come! NASA SLS Rocket Booster Passed First Ground Test (VIDEO)
57 Poaching Victim, Pangolin: Most Trafficked Mammal in the World
58 Liquid Metal Shape-shifter? Self-Propelled Drop Calls to Mind Cyborg Killer from 'Terminator 2,' but this Isn't a Movie! (SEE IT IN ACTION)
59 Solar Impulse 2 Lands in India, Completes Second Leg in Round-the-World Journey
60 'Artificial Leaf' Could Transform Sunlight into Hydrogen Fuel
61 Marine Species Are Identified at a Staggering Rate of About 4 Per Day, but It Will Take 360 Years to Describe Them All
62 'Blue Blood' Could Make Chilly Antarctic Octopus Resilient to Climate Change
63 Chameleon-Inspired Material Could Lead to Color-Changing Vehicles.
64 Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. Gives Bionic Arm to One-Armed Child
65 Molecule-Making Machine Could Be the '3-D Printer of Chemistry'
66 Ganymede, Jupiter's Largest Moon, Has Vast Subterranean Ocean, According to Evidence from Hubble Space Telescope
67 CERN Large Hadron Collider: Second Run Starts March 23, LHC Boasts Upgrades
68 Early Humans Conquered the Rainforest Long Before Scientists Thought They Did
69 Study: An Aspirin a Day May Do More Harm than Good
70 John Kerry: Climate Science is a Fact, Just like Law of Gravity; It's 'Just Plain Immoral' to not Face 'Reality'
71 Hummingbirds Have Less Turbulence than Planes in Windy Conditions [REPORT]
72 New Study Gives Green Tea More Momentum in Healthcare Circles
73 Melanoma: Working in an Office Can Give You Skin Cancer?
74 Alien Genocide? Nuclear War Wiped Out Ancient Civilizations on Mars, Says Scientist Brandenburg
75 Pi Day: A Delicious Recipe in Honor of 3.14
76 American Scientists Attempt to Genetically Modify Human Eggs with Questionable Technique
77 NASA's MESSENGER: Mercury Yields More Information for Scientists, First Global Maps Created
78 International Space Station Expanding with Inflatable Habitat Module, Testing Starts this Year
79 Whales Need Space Too! Feds Warn the Public to Give Endangered Whales Some Room
80 Dinosaur Discovery Spurs Business and Commerce in North Carolina
81 ATRIAS the Bipedal Robot Gets Hit with Dodge Balls to Prepare for DARPA Challenge (VIDEO)
82 Alien Colors Give Scientists a Heads Up on Exoplanet Life Forms, Biosignature Catalogue Created (PHOTO)
83 Cut the White-Flour Carbs to Cut Health Risks
84 Perovskite Solar Cells Could Make Energy Conversion Cheaper, More Accessible
85 Yeti Might Not Be a Brown Bear After All
86 Minor Planet Thought to Be Relatively Dormant May Actually Have Saturn-Like Rings
87 Vitamin D Won't Prevent Hypertension, Study Shows
88 Summer Storm Weakening Linked to Arctic Melting: Phenomenon Could Lead to Scorching Summers
89 Climate Change Could Lead to Flavorless Carrots and Bad Steaks
90 Cyborg Beetles Reveal Secrets of Free-Flight Insects (VIDEO)
91 Al Gore at SXSW: Climate Change Deniers Need to Be Punished, Former VP Says
92 Mystery Solved: Vampire Crabs Already a Popular Pet, Although Science Was Unaware They Existed (PHOTOS)
93 NASA at SXSW: Unveils Asteroid Hunter Computer App, Program Available to the Public Free of Charge
94 Healthy Fast Food Fare Growing More Popular
95 Dyson Invests in Battery that Stores Twice as Much Power as Typical Smartphone Battery, Puts $15 million into Startup Sakti3
96 17-Million-Year-Old Whale Fossil Reveals Secrets of East Africa's Peculiar Elevation
97 Giant Moon Crater Discovered Through Groundbreaking Technique to Be Named After Amelia Earhart
98 Graphene Imperfections Could Lead to Improved Fuel Cells
99 Sluggish Velvet Worm Performs Slime Attack at Alarming Speed
100 St. Patrick's Day Aurora Could Grace Sky Thanks to Massive Solar Storm (WATCH LIVE)
101 Habitable Exoplanets Found All Over the Galaxy?
102 Anxiety or Perfectionism? Biting Your Nails Means You're Bored, Not Nervous, Study Suggests
103 Solar Eclipse Marks End of the World? Some Say the Phenomenon Means the End is Nigh
104 Buzz Aldrin to NASA: 'Get Your A** to Mars!' (PHOTO)
105 Mars One Finalist Reveals Problems in Application Process, Business Model
106 Medical Marijuana: Nevada Lawmaker Wants Substance Available for Sick Pets
107 3-D Printing Method Inspired by 'Terminator 2' Could Create Objects 100 Times Faster (VIDEO)
108 Sea Lion Pups Have Been Starving to Death, and Warming Ocean Waters Could Be the Reason
109 Genetic Map of United Kingdom Reveals Historical Secrets
110 Darwin's 'Strangest Animals' Are Related to Horses, Not Elephants