File Title
1 Brain tumor patients fare better with private insurance, new study finds
2 Listeria screening in public lavatories in Vienna
3 Time to 'just say no' to behavior-calming drugs for Alzheimer patients? Experts say yes
4 Plants detect bacterial endotoxin in similar process to mammals
5 Family-based interpersonal psychotherapy for depressed preadolescents
6 UGR scientists provide new data on the nature of dark matter
7 Mystery solved: Why seashells' mineral forms differently in seawater
8 In a heartbeat
9 Neuropsychological, neuropsychiatric and functional tests help follow the course of Alzheimer's
10 Breakthrough in particle control creates special half-vortex rotation
11 Gold standard management of the diabetic cat
12 When age matters
13 'No take zones' in English Channel would benefit marine wildlife and the fishing industry
14 The taming of magnetic vortices
15 NUS study shows factors influencing which conservation news get shared or liked in social media
16 UK scientists move closer to creating cartilage from stem cells
17 Nice to sniff you: Handshakes may engage our sense of smell
18 Early benefit assessment increases transparency for study data
19 Scripps Florida scientists find a defect responsible for memory impairment in aging
20 Combined Arctic ice observations show decades of loss
21 Vaccine skeptics aren't swayed by emotional scare tactics
22 Next-generation sequencing and Droplet Digital PCR accurately determine copy number states for multiallelic copy number variations
23 Study shows who benefits most from statins
24 Educating college students on drinking risks can temporarily help lessen drinking behaviors
25 Air pollution linked to slower cognitive development in children
26 Highly sensitive detection of malaria parasites
27 Study offers clues to early detection of bipolar disorders in high-risk children
28 Magnetic vortices in nanodisks reveal information
29 'Stem cell' test could identify most aggressive breast cancers
30 Adults only really catch flu about twice a decade, suggests study
31 People use handshakes to sniff each other out
32 Study identifies first-ever human population adaptation to toxic chemical, arsenic
33 Agreement on best estimates of breast cancer overdiagnosis urgently needed to inform women
34 How much overdetection is acceptable in cancer screening?
35 Aneurysm screening should be revisited, say experts
36 Am I normal? Review analyzes data on flaccid and erect penis lengths in men
37 Housing First program has success in study of homeless people with mental illness
38 Grand tree of life study shows a clock-like trend in new species emergence and diversity
39 Outcomes of lung transplantations since implementation of need-based allocation system
40 Examination of prior authorization policies for antipsychotic prescribing to children
41 Long-term follow-up of benign thyroid nodules shows favorable prognosis
42 Administering sedatives for patients receiving general anesthesia questioned
43 Intervention results in more stable housing for homeless adults
44 Friends may make the difference in keeping children active
45 Study shows strong link between adolescent obesity and high blood pressure
46 One million patients could lose primary care if residency training in underserved regions is eliminated
47 Float like a mosquito, sting like a...mosquito
48 Identifying the war-afflicted teenagers most in need of mental health care
49 Flower-like magnetic nanoparticles target difficult tumors
50 SRL publishes special issue on 2014 South Napa earthquake
51 Researchers investigate possible colon cancer risk for new generation of weight-loss drugs
52 A high-salt diet could protect against invading microbes
53 MR spectroscopy shows precancerous breast changes in women with BRCA gene
54 Losing a spouse often too hastily linked to depression
55 Family interventions reduce smoking rates in children and adolescents
56 Smoking when pregnant increases cancer risk for daughters
57 Breakthrough in nonlinear optics research
58 Northeastern researchers make breakthrough discovery in cancer treatment
59 GeneSight multi-gene test more predictive of antidepressant response
60 Full-annual-cycle models track migratory bird populations throughout the year
61 New protein booster may lead to better DNA vaccines and gene therapy
62 Big box stores could ditch the grid, use natural gas fuel cells instead
63 Activating genes on demand
64 Permafrost's turn of the microbes
65 Miscanthus-based ethanol boasts bigger environmental benefits, higher profits
66 Excavation reveals ancient town and burial complex in Diros Bay, Greece
67 Professor analyzes role of trade sanctions against Iran
68 New materials discovered to detect neutrons emitted by radioactive materials
69 U of M researchers call for US government to expand role in helping rebuild Somalia
70 New research could lead to more efficient electrical energy storage
71 Often-ignored glucose value in routine blood tests correlates with risk of type 2 diabetes
72 UT Dallas technology could make night vision, thermal imaging affordable
73 Strong genetic risk factor for MS discovered in family of five affected siblings
74 Metabolic path to improved biofuel production
75 Strength in numbers
76 Galactic 'rain' could be key to star formation
77 What does space smell like? (video)
78 Budget first, thank yourself later: Are realistic consumers more successful?
79 Launching a new brand: Is partnering with a popular brand a good idea?
80 Deciding on a purchase: Does it matter if you look up or down while shopping?
81 America's Next Top Model: How do fans contribute to the decline of their favorite TV shows?
82 Trying to lose weight? How to avoid setting yourself up for failure
83 Think twice about investing in own company
84 Chance as a motivator? Uncertainty can make people work harder
85 Time management: Why we feel busier when close to reaching a goal
86 Defined by your possessions? How loving parents unintentionally foster materialism in their children
87 Cell powerhouse sequencing technology provides deeper look at inherited disease risk
88 Infant gut bacteria and food sensitization: Associations in the first year of life
89 History holds valuable lessons in the war on drugs
90 X-ray imaging of a single virus in 3-D
91 Dog DNA tests alone not enough for healthy pedigree, experts say
92 Scientists question rush to build Nicaragua canal
93 Older, white males with advanced bladder cancer at high risk for suicide
94 ILROG issues treatment guidelines for pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma
95 Twitter chatter predicts health insurance marketplace enrollment, Penn study shows
96 NSU researchers discover hurricanes helped accelerate spread of lionfish
97 New models yield clearer picture of emissions' true costs
98 Can exercise training prevent premature death in elderly?
99 How to make palm oil without destroying forests
100 Study: Men tend to be more narcissistic than women
101 Experiment and theory unite at last in debate over microbial nanowires
102 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a more effective carbon capture method
103 Energy-generating cloth could replace batteries in wearable devices
104 Omega-3 fatty acids appear to protect damaged heart after heart attack
105 Determining recipes for some of the world's oldest preserved beers
106 Obesity is associated with brain's neurotransmitters
107 Wild yaks--shaggy barometers of climate change
108 Catching the drinking game bug
109 Amazon deforestation 'threshold' causes species loss to accelerate
110 Usual prey gone, a fish survives by changing predictably