File Title
1 In hot and cold water: The private lives of 'Hoff' crabs revealed
2 Researchers identify the mitochondrial 'shield' that helps cancer cells survive
3 Preventing the spread of cancer with copper molecules
4 How is the membrane protein folded?
5 Researchers discover 'milk' protein that enables survival of the species
6 Scientists override the body's inflammatory response
7 Use of new systemic adjuvant therapy in gastrointestinal tumors increasing
8 The first ever photograph of light as a particle and a wave
9 On-board school bus filtration system reduces pollutants by 88 percent
10 New target identified in fight against Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis
11 Low sugar uptake in brain appears to exacerbate Alzheimer's disease
12 UW researchers develop new approach to diagnosing TB--oral swabs
13 Results challenge conventional wisdom about where the brain processes visual information
14 Gorilla origins of the last two AIDS virus lineages confirmed
15 Johns Hopkins researchers identify key to tuberculosis resistance
16 Brain waves
17 With kids' antipsychotic treatment on the rise, study looks at prescriber decision-making
18 Core work: Iron vapor gives clues to formation of Earth and moon
19 Psychology has important role in changing cancer landscape
20 Are doctors using unnecessary tests to diagnose chronic kidney disease?
21 Observation articles in Annals of Internal Medicine, March 3, 2015
22 Archaeologists open the mysterious lead coffin found buried just feet from the former grave of King Richard III
23 Cerebral blood flow as a possible marker for concussion outcomes
24 Study shows minors easily able to purchase electronic cigarettes online
25 Survey of teen dating violence among US high school students
26 Growth screening could help detect celiac disease in kids
27 Eating nuts and peanuts associated with reduced overall, cardiovascular death
28 Healthy-looking prostate cells mask cancer-causing mutations
29 Mind-readers: Scientists crack a piece of the neural code for learning and memory
30 New genetic syndrome found, tied to errors in 'master switch' during early development
31 Did climate change help spark the Syrian war?
32 Munching bugs thwart eager trees, reducing the carbon sink
33 Disease-carrying fleas abound on New York City's rats
34 One step closer to defeating Alzheimer's disease
35 Sall4 is required for DNA repair in stem cells
36 Treadmill performance predicts mortality
37 US women's awareness of breast density varies
38 Desmoplakin's tail gets the message
39 Breakthrough in OLED technology
40 Warming temperatures implicated in recent California droughts
41 Promising new strategy to halt pancreatic cancer metastasis
42 Guidelines suggest blood thinners for more women, seniors with AFib
43 Anticholinergic drugs linked to risk for pneumonia in elderly
44 An old-looking galaxy in a young universe
45 Kids who lack sympathy more likely to share with virtuous friends
46 Sleep-walking neurons: Brain's GPS never stops working-even during sleep
47 New insight into antibiotic resistance strengthens call for increased focus on research
48 Risks of taking paracetamol long-term may have been underestimated by clinicians
49 Moderate coffee consumption lessens risk of clogged arteries and heart attacks
50 Hormone-disrupting chemicals and climate change increase risk of extinction in wildlife
51 Alzheimer's amyloid clumps found in young adult brains
52 Alcohol screening and intervention for risky drinking: A guide for physicians
53 Despite broad awareness, only half of doctors use prescription drug monitoring programs
54 Cesarean section rates in Portugal decline by 10 percent
55 New views of enzyme structures offer insights into metabolism of cholesterol, other lipids
56 Pediatricians face increasing pressure to delay vaccinations
57 Astronomers find dust in the early universe
58 News from Annals of Internal Medicine--Low intensity vs. high intensity workouts
59 Published outcomes announced from study on adolescent bariatric surgery safety
60 ACP releases new guidelines for preventing and treating bedsores
61 Water in smog may reveal pollution sources
62 You can't take your genes with you: Strategies to share genetic information after death
63 Improved survival for patients with brain mets who are 50 and younger and receive SRS alone
64 Interventional radiology offers new treatment for enlarged prostates
65 3-D printing offers innovative method to deliver medication
66 Sad movies are fattening
67 Pennies reveal new insights on the nature of randomness
68 Twitter helps smokers kick the habit, UCI-Stanford study finds
69 UC Davis scientists describe novel drug mechanism that fights brain cancer
70 Study sheds light on how malaria parasites grow exponentially
71 The politics of inequality and the inequality of politics
72 Lightning plus volcanic ash makes glass
73 Newly discovered hormone mimics the effects of exercise
74 New compound protects 100 percent of ferrets, mice, from H5N1
75 First scientific publication from data collected at NSLS-II
76 Brain tumor patients fare better with private insurance, new study finds
77 UCLA researchers devise new method to identify disease markers
78 Climate change affects human health, ATS membership survey shows
79 UTMB study shows testosterone being prescribed when not medically needed
80 Penn study: OTC medications and supplements are most common causes of drug-induced liver failure
81 Spouses of alcoholics can benefit from online help, study finds
82 Expanding sports concussion laws may help ensure safety of all teenage athletes
83 Creative genius driven by distraction
84 Vanderbilt study shows salt fights infection
85 Genetic risk linked to clinical benefit of statin therapy
86 Women in business
87 Real estate bidding wars aren't going away
88 ADHD plus childhood trauma heightens risk for self-harm, suicide
89 Early life stress may cause excess serotonin release resulting in a serotonin deficit
90 University of Houston researchers discover new material to produce clean energy
91 OU-led team finds lasting severe weather impact in feathers of young birds
92 Marijuana: The allergen you never knew existed
93 Bans don't help smokers quit
94 Pregnant women with asthma need to curb urge to ask for antibiotics
95 A new level of earthquake understanding
96 Understanding electric car 'range anxiety' could be key to wider acceptance
97 Researchers find 3-D printed parts provide low-cost, custom alternatives for lab equipment
98 Divorce fuels sugary beverage consumption, SF State study finds
99 NREL takes first in-depth look at solar project completion timelines
100 Testing at NREL aids solar power in Hawaii
101 NREL refines method to convert lignin to nylon precursor
102 This week from AGU: Ionosphere irregularities, Colombian volcanoes, Salish Sea nutrients
103 Tools can identify nations vulnerable to Ebola and aid response, analysis finds
104 Far from home: Wayward cluster is both tiny and distant
105 New AAHA/AAFP pain management guidelines for dogs and cats now available
106 Scientists map memorable tunes in the rat brain
107 Vanderbilt study shows poor heart function could be major risk for Alzheimer's disease
108 Carnegie Mellon neuroscientists identify new way several brain areas communicate
109 Step change for screening could boost biofuels
110 Stress markers in the unemployed linked to poor health