File Title
1 New measures taken at UNIGE call theories about endocytosis into question
2 Mitochondria adopt a crosswise pathway for decoding their genome
3 Minimizing 'false positives' key to vaccinating against bovine TB
4 New ALS gene and signaling pathways identified
5 Evolving a bigger brain with human DNA
6 Why are kidney patients starting dialysis sooner?
7 Most patients with chronic kidney disease may experience long-term pain
8 Animals tend to evolve toward larger size over time, Stanford study finds
9 People with multiple sclerosis may have lower levels of key nutrients
10 Bovine TB vaccinations and minimizing 'false positives'
11 Study: 25 percent of children who are homeless need mental health services
12 Jumping genes have essential biological functions
13 Caribbean coral findings may influence Barrier Reef studies
14 Teens from single-parent families leave school earlier
15 Out of Africa: Did humans migrate quickly and all-at-once or in phases based on weather?
16 NASA's MAVEN spacecraft completes first deep dip campaign
17 Giving shape to black holes' intense winds
18 Pigs can regulate sulfur retention when distillers dried grains are included in diet
19 New target for prostate cancer treatment discovered by Keck Medicine of USC researchers
20 Johns Hopkins Helps to lead discovery on efficacy and safety of 3 drugs for treating DME
21 Probiotic toxin fights coldwater disease in rainbow trout
22 Perfect colors, captured with one ultra-thin lens
23 Penn researchers develop new technique for making molybdenum disulfide
24 Dinner Creek Tuff Eruptive Center, eastern Oregon, and other new Geosphere articles
25 Politics and economics affect 'Health in All Policies'
26 Gene may help reduce GM contamination
27 New nanogel for drug delivery
28 Evolution may hold the key to more designer cancer drugs like Gleevec
29 Study outlines impact of tsunami on the Columbia River
30 Research shows that innovative transfusion approach has the potential to save lives
31 Precision medicine to prevent diabetes? Personalized model could steer prevention efforts
32 UW research shows sensor technology may help improve accuracy of clinical breast exams
33 Growth hormone improves social impairments in those with autism-linked disorder
34 Editorial issues a call to action for end-of-life care of older adults in nursing homes
35 Hasbro Children's Hospital finds need for better concussion prevention in youth sports
36 Possible regulation of cigarettes not likely to significantly change US illicit tobacco market
37 Cyberbullying linked to 6-fold increase in depression among female college students
38 UAlberta researchers wind up a 40-year-old debate on betaretrovirus infection in humans
39 Researchers study role of hydrogen sulfide in regulating blood pressure
40 Potential toxicity of cellulose nanocrystals examined in Industrial Biotechnology journal
41 Statins may not lower Parkinson's risk
42 UW ophthalmologists help demonstrate effectiveness of diabetic macular edema treatments
43 Breast cancer spread may be tied to cells that regulate blood flow
44 Study finds climate change may dramatically reduce wheat production
45 Invasive weed's resistance to well-known herbicide stems from increase in gene copies
46 Cattle damage to riverbanks can be undone
47 Mobile app with evidence-based decision support diagnoses more obesity, smoking, and depression, Columbia Nursing study finds
48 New NIST tools to help boost wireless channel frequencies and capacity
49 CU neurologist finds link between virus causing chicken pox and giant cell arteritis
50 Smarter multicore chips
51 Hubble gets best view of circumstellar debris disk distorted by planet
52 The sound of intellect: Job seeker's voice reveals intelligence
53 New research pinpoints crucial protein that keeps the heart beating on time
54 Future of biobanking and translational research in China
55 Keeping the heart's engine in sync: Contractions' efficiency depends on critical protein
56 Palbociclib shows promise in patients with hormone-resistant breast cancer
57 EARTH Magazine: On the trail of treasure in the Rocky Mountains
58 Paleoclimate, proxies, paleosols, and precipitation: A look to the future
59 Genome's tale of 'conquer and enslave'
60 CWRU dental researcher demonstrates how T cells cause inflammation during infections
61 Virus-cutting enzyme helps bacteria remember a threat
62 Education 'experts' may lack expertise, study finds
63 Protein linked to development of asthma
64 Diabetes and depression predict dementia risk in people with slowing minds
65 AU professor develops web tool to speed data collection
66 Diabetes drug could protect against low blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin production in the body
67 Safety and life-saving efficacy of statins have been exaggerated, says USF scientist
68 Reducing energy efficiency boosts calorie burning in muscle
69 Greenland is melting--the past might tell what the future holds
70 Differing GP approach to sick notes between mental and physical illness
71 Mammography screening: Patient information leaflets do not affect willingness to participate
72 Powerful dengue neutralizing antibody found
73 Bacterial memories
74 Simoctocog alfa for hemophilia A: No suitable data
75 Immune cells--learning from experience
76 Powder vs. crack: NYU study identifies arrest risk disparity for cocaine use
77 Ancient and modern cities aren't so different
78 Women back idea of more breast screens for those at high risk of cancer
79 Mayo researchers identify gene that pushes normal pancreas cells to change shape
80 Survey shows postmenopausal women with VVA report improved satisfaction with VagiCap
81 New HPV approved after international phase 2/3 trial involving Moffitt Cancer Center
82 A lower IQ has been linked to greater and riskier drinking among young adult men
83 Binge drinking is strongly associated with eating problems among Russian girls
84 Alcohol places Hispanics at a much greater risk of developing alcoholic liver disease
85 In the YouTube universe, alcohol is funny, drinkers are attractive, consequences minimal
86 Intoxicated on YouTube
87 A standard operation procedure to effectively detect dietetically absorbed plant miRNAs
88 Breastfeeding, other factors help shape immune system early in life
89 Newborn neurons in the adult brain may help us adapt to the environment
90 Deconstructing mental illness through ultradian rhythms
91 New approach to tackle alphavirus infections
92 World must achieve international water goals to preempt looming conflicts born of desperation: UN
93 Experimenting preteens may have different brain processes
94 Should paramedics be allowed to give antibiotics to trauma victims?
95 Great Barrier Reef corals eat plastic
96 Investigational drug can reduce asthma flareups
97 Androgen receptor abnormality may not be associated
98 Early evidence of increase in higher-risk prostate cancers from 2011-2013
99 Men who have had testicular cancer are more likely to develop prostate cancer
100 Active surveillance of intermediate-risk prostate cancer associated with decreased survival
101 Adjuvant sorafenib and sunitinib do not improve outcomes in locally advanced kidney cancer
102 Parasitism runs deep in malaria's family tree
103 Tests reveal under-reported exposure to tobacco smoke among preemies with lung disease
104 Virginia Tech researchers discover possible drug target to combat sleeping sickness
105 Climate science literacy unrelated to public acceptance of human-caused global warming
106 Disparities in breast cancer care linked to net worth
107 MD Anderson studies skin cancer patients resistant to leading therapy
108 Great gaps persist in state safety nets, interactive policy tool shows
109 Sunitinib, sorafenib of no benefit in ECOG-ACRIN renal cell trial
110 USF biologists: Reductions in biodiversity can elevate disease risk