File Title
1 Early Land Creature Had 4 Legs & Crocodile-Like Skull
2 Prehistoric 'Sea Monster' Had More Legs than Thought
3 Neanderthals Wore Eagle Talons as Jewelry 130,000 Years Ago
4 More Big Earthquakes Coming to California, Forecast Says
5 'Twixed' and 'Munchy'? Candylike Marijuana Could Endanger Kids
6 Superconductors Could Help Physicists Find 'Gravity Particles'
7 Two Pet Goldfish Get Surgeries Totaling $750
8 Will the Apple Watch Catch On?
9 NASA Satellite Quartet Aims to Crack Magnetic Mystery Near Earth
10 Arctic Sea Ice Dwindling Toward Record Winter Low
11 Live Underwater Tour of WWII Shipwreck Airs Tonight
12 Watch Live@9 p.m. ET: Underwater Robot Dives to WWII Shipwreck
13 Cold Exposure Deaths Higher in Rural Western Areas of US
14 Measles Threat Looms After Ebola Outbreak
15 Amped-Up Atom Smasher Will Look for New Particles, Dark Matter
16 Rescued Leatherback Turtle Released Today in South Carolina
17 US Ebola Patient to Be Admitted to Maryland Hospital
18 Reference: What is Electromagnetic Radiation?
19 Reference: What are X-rays?
20 Chilean Volcano Coated in Ash After Eruption, New Images Show
21 When Will Virtual-Reality Headsets Stop Making People Sick?
22 Chameleon-like Material Changes Color on Demand
23 Soft drink tax could improve health of the nation
24 The failure of the Medicare principle of universality
25 Genetics reveals where emperor penguins survived the last ice age
26 Black men less willing to be investigated for prostate cancer
27 Interventional radiology treatment relieves chronic plantar fasciitis
28 Image-guided treatment shown to break the migraine cycle
29 Spurring production of a sluggish enzyme for crop yields
30 Some tropical plants pick the best hummingbirds to pollinate flowers
31 The rub with friction
32 New technique improves forecasts for Canada's prized salmon fishery
33 Penn study: Successful cognitive behavioral therapy in youth equals decreased thinking about suicide
34 US spends more on cancer care, saves fewer lives than Western Europe
35 Despite federal law, some insurance exchange plans offer unequal mental health coverage
36 Sizing up cells: Study finds possible regulator of growth
37 Severe changes in world's leaf growth patterns over past several decades revealed
38 Longer duration of prescribed anti-smoking medication before quitting appears promising
39 Teenager with stroke symptoms actually had Lyme disease
40 Standardization and simplification is key to helping NICU babies feed and grow
41 The hidden burden of dengue fever in West Africa
42 Owls and lizards lend their ears for human hearing research: York U scientist
43 Genome reveals how Hessian fly causes galls in wheat
44 MD Anderson study shows why some brain cancers resist treatment
45 TSRI scientists find clues to cancer drug failure
46 Income inequality is taking a toll on the health of American workers
47 New nanodevice defeats drug resistance
48 Sleep in America poll finds pain a significant challenge when it comes to Americans' sleep
49 Glass coating improves battery performance
50 Myelin-maker: How an FDA-approved drug boosts myelin synthesis
51 Link identified between virus recognition, destruction in bacterial immune system
52 Understanding lung disease in aboriginal Australians
53 Maternal health in India much worse than previously thought
54 New York City climate change report calls for more research and planning efforts
55 What makes some women able to resist or recover psychologically from assault-related trauma?
56 Human activity may be supporting growth of harmful algae in lakes
57 A change in thought on Earth's core formation
58 Study highlights benefits of screening for heart disease in men with erectile dysfunction
59 How the brain's involved in wanting and having sex
60 New research aims to refine increasingly popular plastic surgery procedures: Buttock augmentation and vaginal rejuvenation surgery
61 Colon + septic tank = unique, at times stinky, study
62 Genetic discovery may help determine effectiveness of Huntington's disease treatments
63 Study: New assessment tool can predict successful teachers
64 Researchers identify genes responsible for lung tumors
65 Pens filled with high-tech inks for do-it-yourself sensors
66 Fighting a worm with its own genome
67 Poll finds US public sees ill health as resulting from a broad range of causes
68 Democratizing synthetic biology
69 Black phosphorus is new 'wonder material' for improving optical communication
70 Joslin scientists find direct link between insulin resistance and behavioral disorders
71 Improving diagnosis of coronary artery disease in women--recommendations of a national expert panel
72 Lycopene may ward off kidney cancer in older women
73 When I'm 64--I'll still have hot flashes?
74 Unlocking the key to immunological memory in bacteria
75 Family log of spring's arrival helps predict climate-driven change
76 Forbidden quantum leaps possible with high-res spectroscopy
77 Clever application of magnetic force enhances laparoscopic surgery
78 Anxious people more apt to make bad decisions amid uncertainty
79 Republicans trust science--except when it comes to health insurance and gay adoption
80 Restoring ability to halt cell division may protect lung cells from cancer
81 Neuron groups, not single cells, maintain brain stability
82 New care model enhances psychological, cognitive and physical recovery of ICU survivors
83 Are e-cigarettes safer than the real thing? (video)
84 Case study: Nebraska's Ebola isolation and decontamination approach
85 Researchers propose novel new treatment of stroke and other neurological diseases
86 Google Glass shows promising uses in plastic surgery, reports Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
87 UK engineering--a success story that needs sustaining
88 The more friends you drink with...the more you drink
89 Smart crystallization
90 Conservative treatment normalizes head shape in most infants with skull flattening, reports Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
91 UT research: Conservation organizations need to keep up with nature
92 NHS savings plan led to cuts in some 'ineffective' treatments
93 Infection control experts outline guidance for animal visitations in hospitals
94 Vanderbilt-led study finds peanut consumption decreases mortality
95 Sequencing the hookworm
96 Mutation may cause early loss of sperm supply
97 Genetically speaking, mammals are more like their fathers
98 Parasite provides clues to evolution of plant diseases
99 Supersonic electrons could produce future solar fuel
100 Important step towards quantum computing: Metals at atomic scale
101 International research partnership tricks the light fantastic
102 UC research partnership explores how to best harness solar power
103 The environment may change, but the microbiome of queen bees does not
104 Licorice manufacturers encouraged to state daily limit of consumption
105 Protections, not money, can boost internal corporate whistleblowing
106 New data on the regulation of the genetic activity that protects against lung cancer
107 Why nitrate supplementation may increase athletic performance
108 Researchers turn unzipped nanotubes into possible alternative for platinum
109 Preventing metabolic disease may start in the womb...of your grandmother
110 NYU study identifies teens at-risk for synthetic marijuana use