File Title
1 New growth factor indicates possible regenerative effects in Parkinson's disease
2 Neanderthal groups based part of the their lifestyle on the sexual division of labor
3 Researchers unravel health/disease map
4 Monitoring the real-time deformation of carbon nanocoils under axial loading
5 Painkillers for non-cancer chronic pain: New insights on risk
6 For the first time, spacecraft catch a solar shockwave in the act
7 Major changes in coastal marine ecosystems forecasted in new climate models
8 Where ants go when nature calls
9 Neighboring birds sing 'out of tune'
10 Study finds physicians less likely than other health professionals to be divorced
11 Epigenomics of Alzheimer's disease progression
12 Scripps Florida scientists announce anti-HIV agent so powerful it can work in a vaccine
13 Roadmap Epigenomics project releases latest 'annotations' to the human genome
14 Unlikely that topical pimecrolimus associated with increased risk of cancer
15 Best drug to improve poor vision in diabetes
16 The Lancet Global Health: Unhealthy eating habits outpacing healthy eating patterns in most world regions
17 The Lancet: Obesity Series exposes 'unacceptably slow' progress in tackling soaring global obesity rates over last decade: Global failure to tackle obesity epidemic demands new ways of thinking, say leading experts
18 NIH-supported researchers map epigenome of more than 100 tissue and cell types
19 Deconstructing the dynamic genome
20 Keeping atherosclerosis in-check with novel targeted inflammation-resolving nanomedicines
21 Epigenetic study highlights drug targets for allergies and asthma
22 Global warming to increase ocean upwelling, but fisheries impact uncertain
23 Development of personalized cellular therapy for brain cancer
24 How stress can lead to inequality
25 The strange case of the missing dwarf
26 Secret of extinct British marine reptile uncovered
27 Precision nano 'drones' deliver healing drug to subdue atherosclerosis
28 Mulling the marijuana munchies: How the brain flips the hunger switch
29 'Most comprehensive map' of human epigenomes is unveiled
30 New insights into 3-D genome organization and genetic variability
31 Older adults with limited mobility may lessen heart problems with activity
32 Eylea outperforms other drugs for diabetic macular edema with moderate vision loss
33 Help for people with muscle cramps?
34 Chicken pox virus may be linked to serious condition in the elderly
35 Protein that repels immune cells protects transplanted pancreatic islets from rejection
36 Improved health care systems needed to combat obesity crisis
37 Caribbean coral findings may influence Barrier Reef studies
38 Teens from single-parent families leave school earlier
39 Out of Africa: Did humans migrate quickly and all-at-once or in phases based on weather?
40 NASA's MAVEN spacecraft completes first deep dip campaign
41 Giving shape to black holes' intense winds
42 Pigs can regulate sulfur retention when distillers dried grains are included in diet
43 New target for prostate cancer treatment discovered by Keck Medicine of USC researchers
44 Johns Hopkins Helps to lead discovery on efficacy and safety of 3 drugs for treating DME
45 Probiotic toxin fights coldwater disease in rainbow trout
46 Perfect colors, captured with one ultra-thin lens
47 Penn researchers develop new technique for making molybdenum disulfide
48 Dinner Creek Tuff Eruptive Center, eastern Oregon, and other new Geosphere articles
49 Politics and economics affect 'Health in All Policies'
50 Gene may help reduce GM contamination
51 New nanogel for drug delivery
52 Evolution may hold the key to more designer cancer drugs like Gleevec
53 Study outlines impact of tsunami on the Columbia River
54 Research shows that innovative transfusion approach has the potential to save lives
55 Precision medicine to prevent diabetes? Personalized model could steer prevention efforts
56 UW research shows sensor technology may help improve accuracy of clinical breast exams
57 Growth hormone improves social impairments in those with autism-linked disorder
58 Editorial issues a call to action for end-of-life care of older adults in nursing homes
59 Hasbro Children's Hospital finds need for better concussion prevention in youth sports
60 Possible regulation of cigarettes not likely to significantly change US illicit tobacco market
61 Cyberbullying linked to 6-fold increase in depression among female college students
62 UAlberta researchers wind up a 40-year-old debate on betaretrovirus infection in humans
63 Researchers study role of hydrogen sulfide in regulating blood pressure
64 Potential toxicity of cellulose nanocrystals examined in Industrial Biotechnology journal
65 Statins may not lower Parkinson's risk
66 UW ophthalmologists help demonstrate effectiveness of diabetic macular edema treatments
67 Breast cancer spread may be tied to cells that regulate blood flow
68 Study finds climate change may dramatically reduce wheat production
69 Invasive weed's resistance to well-known herbicide stems from increase in gene copies
70 Cattle damage to riverbanks can be undone
71 Mobile app with evidence-based decision support diagnoses more obesity, smoking, and depression, Columbia Nursing study finds
72 New NIST tools to help boost wireless channel frequencies and capacity
73 CU neurologist finds link between virus causing chicken pox and giant cell arteritis
74 Smarter multicore chips
75 Diet quality declines worldwide, but with major differences across countries
76 Bar-Ilan U. researcher first to observe 'god particle' analogue in superconductors
77 Lab tests and ultrasounds identify children who need surgical treatment for appendicitis
78 Joslin researchers find drugs are effective for diabetic macular edema in new trial
79 UNH research: Flame retardants found to cause metabolic, liver problems
80 Neck pain can be changed through altered visual feedback
81 Risk of unexpected sarcoma being discovered after hysterectomy appears fairly low
82 Clearing up Europe's air pollution hotspots
83 New study reveals the global impact of debris on marine life
84 New test to predict the effectiveness of cancer vaccines
85 Excluding individuals who only have a mobile phone from pre-election polls affects the results
86 Delaying children's school entry linked to poor academic performance
87 Severe asthma: Gallopamil confirmed as a therapeutic approach
88 Combination of imaging methods improves diagnostics
89 Study exposes shocking lack of rabies reporting in countries where risk is greatest
90 Sickness and health between men and women
91 A new view of the solar system: Astrophysical jets driven by the sun
92 Fighting decline of pollinators in Europe
93 N/A
94 Fruit flies remember a good meal, Blood growth factor activates neural stem cells
95 Proteins pull together as cells divide
96 Study in Myanmar confirms artemisinin-resistant malaria close to border with India
97 The promiscuity of chemical probes discovered
98 New clues to causes of birth defects
99 Insect and mammal ovulation more alike than not?
100 Does dark matter cause mass extinctions and geologic upheavals?
101 Airport screening misses half of disease cases but could be improved
102 Cancer risk linked to DNA 'wormholes'
103 Scientists identify mineral that destroys organic compounds, with implications for Mars Curiosity mission
104 More women now using compounded hormones without understanding the risks
105 BWH study provides evidence for new approaches to prostate cancer
106 Anti-inflammatory drug counters obesity in mice
107 Up in smoke: Belief that shisha pipe 'filters out' heavy metals
108 New brain mapping reveals unknown cell types
109 New study helps explain links between sleep loss and diabetes
110 Sunlight continues to damage skin in the dark