File Title
1 Workplace bullying a vicious circle
2 Insight into inner magnetic layers
3 Major study of trafficked men, women & children reveals abuse & complex health issues
4 Schizophrenia: Impaired activity of the selective dopamine neurons
5 Voltage tester for beating cardiac cells
6 Technology changing teacher's role
7 Better informed women less likely to want a breast mammogram--world first Lancet study
8 Study details impact of Deepwater Horizon oil on beach microbial communities
9 Many pregnant teens use alcohol and drugs, study finds
10 A close call of 0.8 light years
11 Laser 'ruler' holds promise for hunting exoplanets
12 New insight into how brain performs 'mental time travel'
13 Violations in pharmaceutical industry self-regulation of medicines promotion
14 Learning from extinction: New insights on controlling cancer
15 Who cares? Why evolution suggests parenting responsibility is seldom equally shared
16 Napping beyond age of 2 linked to poorer sleep quality in young children
17 A new spin on spintronics
18 One in three Dutch doctors would consider assisted suicide for dementia or being 'tired of living'
19 Novel solid-state nanomaterial platform enables terahertz photonics
20 Improved fire detection with new ultra-sensitive, ultraviolet light sensor
21 Primary care nurse-delivered interventions can increase physical activity in older adults
22 Medication therapy can increase long-term success for smokers who want to cut back first, study find
23 Drug improves measures of genetic disease that affects liver, spleen
24 Study shows beneficial effect of electric fans in extreme heat and humidity
25 Treatment for severe community-acquired pneumonia and high inflammatory response
26 Anticoagulant linked with lower risk of death following heart attack compared to heparin
27 Medication effective in helping smokers quit gradually
28 Amyloid formation may link Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes
29 Think again about gender gap in science
30 Seasonal flu vaccine induces antibodies that protect against H7N9 avian flu
31 Tadpole model links drug exposure to autism-like effects
32 Bee disease reduced by nature's 'medicine cabinet,' Dartmouth-led study finds
33 New drug target for multiple sclerosis discovered
34 Tool can help assess cognitive impairment in multicultural populations
35 The science of teaching: Study finds brain processes that are key to understanding pupils
36 New study reveals how to improve chemotherapy use in prostate cancer
37 Alirocumab shows promise as treatment to reduce LDL-cholesterol in Phase III study
38 Supercomputer simulations explore how an air-reed instrument generates air flow and sound
39 Direct observation of bond formations
40 Words used in Chinese books illuminate how a nation's values changed during reforms
41 Researchers build atomically thin gas and chemical sensors
42 Methane leaks from three large US natural gas fields in line with federal estimates
43 Digital games and learning: Study finds helpful features, gaps
44 Moths shed light on how to fool enemy sonar
45 Bacterial defense mechanism targets duchenne muscular dystrophy
46 Farmers can better prevent nutrient runoff based on land characteristics
47 Stalking a wily foe: Scientists figure out how C. difficile bacteria wreak havoc in guts
48 New insights into underlying cellular mechanisms of information processing in the brain
49 Ranibizumab reverses vision loss caused by diabetes
50 NASA satellites reveal Tropical Cyclone Lam strengthening
51 Medtech meets cleantech: Malaria vaccine candidate produced from algae
52 Popular soda ingredient poses cancer risk to consumers
53 Hydrogel baits offer novel way to manage invasive ants
54 Licorice extract protects the skin from UV-induced stress
55 Needle-free vaccination: How scientists ask skin cells for help
56 Models predict where lemurs will go as climate warms
57 NIH-funded scientists create potential long-acting HIV therapeutic
58 Proactive labor induction can improve perinatal outcomes, suggests new Danish study
59 Study confirms the feasibility of tracking parrots with GPS telemetry
60 Stroke researchers report uniqueness of KF-NAP for assessing spatial neglect after stroke
61 Possible strategy identified to combat major parasitic tropical disease
62 New paper-like material could boost electric vehicle batteries
63 Scientists unveil map of human epigenomes in effort to fight disease
64 Nanotechnology: Better measurements of single molecule circuits
65 Study confirms LSU Health finding of higher diabetes indicator in black children
66 Brain imaging links language delay to chromosome deletion in children with neuro disorders
67 Autism genes activate during fetal brain development
68 Hair dye 'CSI' could help police solve crimes
69 New insight into a fragile protein linked to cancer and autism
70 Turning smartphones into personal, real-time pollution monitors
71 Ebola and the International Health Regulations Treaty
72 MS drug Tysabri shows promise in efforts to combat HIV's 'viral reservoirs'
73 New insights into origins of the world's languages
74 Dark matter guides growth of supermassive black holes
75 Videos help seriously ill patients outline their end-of-life wishes
76 Mutant bacteria that keep on growing
77 Brace yourself: Study finds people can use different strategies to prepare for stress
78 Can you judge a man by his fingers?
79 3-D engineered bone marrow makes functioning platelets
80 Basic personality changes linked to unemployment, study finds
81 A bodyguard for your ears
82 Researchers discover promising targets for treating allergies and asthma
83 Discovery: Tropical fire ants traveled the world on 16th century ships
84 CU School of Medicine researchers offer new target for treating asthma
85 Mucus retained in cystic fibrosis patients' cells leads to potentially deadly infections
86 A good night's sleep keeps your stem cells young
87 Altered microbiome linked to liver disease in adolescents with cystic fibrosis
88 Many teens with clinical excessive daytime sleepiness test positive for marijuana
89 In a warmer world, ticks that spread disease are arriving earlier, expanding their ranges
90 Predicting cancers' cell of origin
91 Getting a grip on exotic atomic nuclei
92 The science of movie explosions (video)
93 Size matters in the battle to adapt to diverse environments and avoid extinction
94 Cheap solar cells made from shrimp shells
95 Can a bacterial virus from Jerusalem sewage prevent root canal infections?
96 Research shows value of additional PET/CT scans in follow-up of lung cancer patients
97 The growing evidence on standardized packaging of tobacco products
98 A breakthrough in nanotoxicology by INRS researchers
99 New HPV vaccine offers greater protection against cervical cancer than current vaccine
100 People who believe they were 'born that way' more inclined to blame God for bad behavior
101 In the city, rabbits build more densely
102 Researchers devise new system to enhance sustainability in smaller ports
103 How do vertebrates take on their form?
104 Sardines move north due to ocean warming
105 Researchers developed a cost-effective and efficient rival for platinum
106 Dresden researchers manage transplantation of adrenal cells encapsulated in a bioreactor
107 The highest plume ever observed on Mars
108 Igniting the air for atmospheric research
109 Osteoarthritis patients will benefit from jumping exercise
110 A microbial metabolite of linoleic acid ameliorates intestinal inflammation