File Title
1 Time for a bold dingo experiment
2 A rapid extension of nanographene sheets from readily available hydrocarbons
3 How to avoid a bad hire
4 Organizational culture predicts use of evidence-based treatments for youth with psychiatric disorder
5 Humans altering Adriatic ecosystems more than nature, UF study shows
6 Terror attacks offer insights for first responders
7 Novel crumpling method takes flat graphene from 2-D to 3-D
8 Cancer experience presents time for lifestyle changes in both survivors and family members
9 With new data, Planck satellite brings early universe into focus
10 Unhealthy choices boosted mortality rates for blacks who migrated north
11 Bone-loss score may tip off doctors to gum disease in postmenopausal women
12 Smoke-free campus policy enjoys wide support, new OSU research shows
13 In the short run, a high-fat diet may help minimize heart attack damage
14 Building a more versatile frequency comb
15 How income fraud made the housing bubble worse
16 Criminologist 'hacks' the hacker
17 Study: Global rainfall satellites require massive overhaul
18 Focusing on the success of others can make us selfish
19 Sex has another benefit: It makes humans less prone to disease over time
20 Study finds fertile women seek variety in men and consumer products
21 Shy babies need secure parent bond to help prevent potential teen anxiety
22 Mayo Clinic: Molecule that provides cellular energy found key to aggressive thyroid cancer
23 Recent research provides new data on chemical gardens, whose formation is a mystery for science
24 Germans want companies to become more democratic
25 Tuition fee increase has had little effect on students' mental health
26 Eating disorders linked with financial difficulties in female students
27 Large scale study warns of unsustainable ecological decline in rural China
28 Half spheres for molecular circuits
29 Experimental 'short cut' reduces from millennia to minutes the measure of glass viscosity
30 How we know where we are
31 Molecular inhibitor breaks cycle that leads to Alzheimer's
32 New algorithms locate where a video was filmed from its images and sounds
33 New pathways discovered to prevent blindness
34 In rural India, children receive wrong treatments for deadly ailments
35 Researchers report new figures on 2 muscular dystrophy disorders
36 Marital 'long-timers' have a 'modest rebound' in sexual frequency after 50 years
37 Anti-inflammatory mechanism of dieting and fasting revealed
38 NIH researchers reveal link between powerful gene regulatory elements and autoimmune diseases
39 New ozone-destroying gases on the rise
40 Support for sleeping in? Half of parents favor later school start times for teens
41 Lack of RNA 'editing' leads to melanoma growth and metastasis
42 Satellite images reveal ocean acidification from space
43 How the mind processes complex spatial information
44 Changing stem cell structure may help fight obesity
45 Scientists uncover marvel molecule that could lead to treatments for inflammatory diseases
46 Coronary patients are not meeting lifestyle and risk factor targets
47 Mothers can pass traits to offspring through bacteria's DNA
48 Gene mutation drives cartilage tumor formation
49 Researchers discover molecular trigger of inflammatory bowel disease
50 Complex nerve-cell signaling traced back to common ancestor of humans and sea anemones
51 New therapeutic strategy discovered for ovarian cancer
52 Mindfulness meditation appears to help improve sleep quality
53 Hot flashes, night sweats last for 7+ years in many midlife women
54 Most clinical 'calculators' over-estimate heart attack risk
55 Study reveals possible treatment for diseases caused by Mitofusin 2 deficiency
56 Teens increasingly sleep deprived
57 Women active a few times weekly have lower risk of heart disease, stroke and blood clots
58 Molecular evidence for the loss of 3 basic tastes in penguins
59 Ancient rocks show life could have flourished on Earth 3.2 billion years ago
60 Genetic evidence shows penguins have 'bad taste'
61 Researchers synthesize material for efficient plasmonic devices in mid-infrared range
62 QUT study links daytime naps to poorer night-time sleep in young children
63 Baylor researcher finds first-ever evidence of climate change in ancient Northern China
64 UI engineers find switchgrass removes PCBs from soils
65 New solder for semiconductors creates technological possibilities
66 Teen brain scans reveal a key to weight loss
67 Cancer treatments could evolve from research showing that acetate supplements speed up cancer growth
68 Partners for Kids, Nationwide Children's demonstrate cost savings, quality as pediatric ACO
69 When estimating fish populations, seeing is believing
70 Social media can help alert students during campus emergencies, study finds
71 Scientists use MRI to visualize pancreas inflammation in type 1 diabetes
72 Science: Chromosome 'bumper repair' gene predicts cancer patient outcomes
73 Individuals with type 2 diabetes should exercise after dinner
74 New species, the 'Ruby Seadragon,' discovered by Scripps researchers
75 Study: Manufacturing growth can benefit Bangladeshi women workers
76 MAGE genes provide insight into optimizing chemotherapy, UT Southwestern cancer researchers find
77 An empty stomach can lead to an empty wallet
78 In lab research, SLU team halts NASH liver damage
79 Tau-associated MAPT gene increases risk for Alzheimer's disease
80 High-powered X-ray laser unlocks mechanics of pain relief without addiction
81 Challenges of soldier rehabilitation and reintegration need closer attention
82 Broca's area is the brain's script writer where words take shape, study finds
83 Study holds hope for reversing childhood asthma associated with maternal smoking
84 When it comes to an opening number, sometimes the best bargaining move is to offer two
85 A new weapon in the fight against cancer
86 Potential new breathalyzer for lung cancer screening
87 How social media can help and hurt companies during product recalls
88 Fast-replicating HIV strains drive inflammation and disease progression
89 Are you a gamer? Study explores personal and social indicators of gamer identity
90 Mapping seascapes in the deep ocean
91 Surrogate mothers' interests may be compromised in Indian fertility clinics
92 Tracking the effects of global change on the future of Earth's biodiversity
93 'Nature's medicine cabinet' helps bees reduce disease load
94 Urbanization may affect the initiation of thunderstorms
95 White sharks grow more slowly and mature much later than previously thought
96 State funding boosts stem cell research in California, other states
97 Men more unsatisfied with extra chores in more gender equal countries
98 From the scent of geranium to cough medicine
99 Study finds increased DNA mutations in children of teenage fathers
100 Brain's iconic seat of speech goes silent when we actually talk
101 Study recommends better EPA labels on cost of traditional vs. hybrid, electric cars
102 A novel approach for high performance field emission electron sources
103 Leader of the pack
104 New device enables 3-D tissue engineering with multicellular building blocks
105 Synthetic biology yields new approach to gene therapy
106 Nicotine metabolite amplifies action of the primary chemical messenger for learning and memory
107 Even animals compose
108 Crowdsourcing a valid option for gathering speech ratings
109 Plants survive better through mass extinctions than animals
110 Bile duct cancer study may pave way for new treatments