File Title
1 Potential new breathalyzer for lung cancer screening
2 New solder for semiconductors allows good electronic performance
3 Red light goes green: Metal-free organic sensitizers portend significant advance in artificial photosynthesis
4 Scientists find strongest natural material
5 New detection technologies for bacterial pathogens
6 Combination of imaging methods improves diagnostics
7 Near-perfect antibacterial materials
8 The promiscuity of chemical probes discovered
9 Direct observation of bond formations
10 Novel electrode boosts green hydrogen research
11 New approach could enable low-cost silicon devices in fibers that could be made into fabrics
12 Silver electrocatalysts may help enable long-term space travel
13 Research could make blue jeans green
14 New catalyst to create chemical building blocks from biomass
15 Evolving a bigger brain with human DNA
16 Future of biobanking and translational research in China
17 Genetic mechanism discovery key to controlling cell growth in the vinegar fly
18 Host influences bacterial metabolism
19 Community-led marine reserve produces benefits for fisheries and conservation
20 Ant gin, cricket soup: Bugs crawl onto menu at Cordon Bleu
21 Tracking invasives? There's an app for that
22 Virus-cutting enzyme helps bacteria remember a threat
23 Research trio finds bluebird mothers give sons extra dose of androgen when antagonized
24 Chasing a changing climate
25 Genome's tale of 'conquer and enslave'
26 Conserving for nature's sake or our own?
27 British 'chocolate greenhouse' saving the world's cocoa
28 Adhesives and insulating foams from softwood bark tannins
29 Mechanical hoof tests effect of livestock on native snail populations
30 Yellow sugarcane aphid detected in continental Europe
31 Bacteria connect to each other and exchange nutrients
32 Flawed method puts tiger rise in doubt, calls for new approach
33 We're all mammals--so why do we look so different?
34 Carnivorous plant packs big wonders into tiny genome
35 Sea creatures will get bigger and bigger (if we don't eat them first)
36 Motor proteins prefer slow, steady movement
37 Retracing the roots of fungal symbioses
38 Hidden in plain sight: Amazonian bird chick mimics toxic caterpillar to avoid being eaten
39 Research shows that sea urchins, sand dollars thrived with time
40 Secret of extinct British marine reptile uncovered
41 Neanderthal groups based part of the their lifestyle on the sexual division of labor
42 Popular friends on social media can help save you from disasters
43 Words used in Chinese books illuminate how a nation's values changed during reforms
44 Throwing science at anti-vaxxers just makes them more hardline
45 Researchers say feeling sleepy at work--or even when applying for a job--can heighten your negativity
46 Acting 'out of character' in the workplace
47 Cyber crime and identity theft weighing on property crime rates, says study
48 Teens from single-parent families leave school earlier
49 Study looks at millennials in the workplace
50 We need to rethink the relationship between forensic science and the law
51 NASCAR announces effort to promote math, science
52 Testy over testing: More students snub standardized exams
53 Tracing languages back to their earliest common ancestor through sound shifts
54 Ancient and modern cities aren't so different
55 The sound of intellect: Job seeker's voice reveals intelligence
56 Education 'experts' may lack expertise, study finds
57 Utah Senate OKs bill allowing drive-thrus to ban cyclists
58 Transport trends depend on walkability to neighbourhood destinations
59 School surveillance on the rise
60 What factors motivate people to text while driving?
61 Proposed 1920s orphanage study just one example in history of scientific racism
62 Vikings were pioneers of craft and international trade, not just pillaging
63 Nature journal to begin offering double-blind peer review
64 Best of Last Week--Observing Higgs analogue in superconductors, mysterious Mars cloud and cancer risk found in soda
65 Newborn neurons in the adult brain may help us adapt to the environment
66 Breastfeeding, other factors help shape immune system early in life
67 Popular soda ingredient poses cancer risk to consumers, new study suggests
68 Chromosome 'bumper repair' gene predicts cancer patient outcomes
69 Small DNA changes separate chimp and human brains
70 Scientists announce anti-HIV agent so powerful it can work in a vaccine
71 Deconstructing mental illness through ultradian rhythms
72 Sunlight continues to damage skin in the dark (cf. 101)
73 Experimenting preteens may have different brain processes
74 Why some pain helps us feel pleasure
75 Garden hose a breeding ground for Legionnaires' disease
76 Too many food choices exacerbate the battle against obesity, researchers find
77 Baby formula poses higher arsenic risk to newborns than breast milk, study shows
78 Study shows how the brain can trigger a deep sleep
79 3D-printed guides can help restore function in damaged nerves
80 Epigenome orchestrates embryonic development
81 The next generation of antibiotics might be right under our feet
82 Want to get drivers' attention? Use road signs showing more action
83 'DNA spellchecker' means that our genes aren't all equally likely to mutate
84 Magnetic nanoparticles could stop blood clot-caused strokes
85 Customized DNA rings aid early cancer detection in mice, study finds
86 Stopping plaque formation in arteries using amphiphilic nanoparticles
87 Discovery of the genetic fingerprint of aggressive colon tumors
88 Brain makes decisions with same method used to break WW2 Enigma code (w/ Video)
89 Study finds mammalian and avian brains share corticosensory microcircuit
90 How brain waves guide memory formation
91 Neuroscientists literally change the way we think
92 Sobering effect of the love hormone (w/ Video)
93 Study nearly triples the locations in the human genome that harbor microRNAs
94 Small molecule might help reduce cancer in at-risk population, study finds
95 Lithium comes from stellar explosions
96 Why dope gives you the 'munchies'
97 Tropical Cyclones Marcia and Lam seen from space
98 Scientists unveil map of 'epigenome'
99 Black hole UFOs stunt galaxy growth
100 Sea animals are 'growing larger'
101 Sun damage continues hours after exposure (cf. 72)
102 Satellite sea science, drones vs. heart attacks, and plasmons
103 Gut feeling key to fingerprint matching
104 Mercury shines in blue and gold
105 Embracing Stone Age Couple Found in Greek Cave
106 Watch: Bright Fireball Meteor Explodes Over U.S.
107 Scientists Plan to Hunt for Alien Life on Europa
108 As the Purse Strings Tighten, Old Wounds Open in Athens and Berlin
109 How Did Long-Necked Dinosaurs Drink Without Getting Dizzy?
110 The Sex Lives of Slugs--and Other Mysteries of the Animal Kingdom
111 Two Reasons Why Obama's Keystone Veto Won't Decide Pipeline
112 'This Is Really Extreme Science': Adrift in the Arctic Ice with a Shipload of Norwegians
113 Oscar-Winning Art Director on Creating the Grand Budapest Hotel
114 Survival Is the Ultimate Goal in World's Toughest Sled Dog Race