File Title
1 Breastfeeding for longer leads to smarter adults
2 What is 'sharenting' and should we be worried by it?
3 Statin drug rosuvastatin 'does not deserve' best-selling slot
4 Scientists compile 'spectral library' to help search for life on other planets
5 Researchers identify key brain cells that drive circadian rhythm
6 New 'MIND' diet linked to reduced risk of Alzheimer's
7 How far away is a cure for blindness?
8 Daily diet soda consumption linked to expanding waistlines
9 Obesity may not reliably predict atherosclerosis in Mexican-Americans
10 Doctors show race and social bias in study--but clinical decisions 'unaffected'
11 'Groundbreaking' malaria discovery holds hope for new treatments
12 Study uncovers new clues about overproduction of mucus in asthma and COPD
13 Dangerous leukemia cells can be forced to mature into harmless immune cells, say scientists
14 Are people who bite their nails perfectionists?
15 Vitamin D 'ineffective as treatment for hypertension'
16 Beauty in the beasties: how some of the world's creepiest critters may benefit your health
17 How men speak with their friends could be linked to sexual violence
18 New drug 'halts disease progression' in patients with hard-to-treat Hodgkin lymphoma
19 An interlock device in every new car 'could prevent 80% of drunk-driving deaths'
20 Trust grows with age and is good for well-being, study shows
21 Cystic fibrosis research to benefit from lab-grown 'mini-lungs'
22 Researchers identify enzyme that causes heart failure
23 Breast cancer survey: black and Hispanic women have less say in care
24 An extra hour of sleep 'boosts women's likelihood of sex'
25 Study warns of increasing incidence of brain bleeds in US population over next 15 years
26 Stem cell-based therapy for type 2 diabetes shows promise
27 Chemical found in nettles and ants could improve cancer drug
28 Acne patients: 'substantial proportion' fail to collect prescribed treatment
29 A Feline Sonata: Why Cats Love Sliding Notes
30 N/A
31 Famous Stegosaurus Weighs Staggering 3500 Pounds
32 Ancient 'Lost City' Discovered in Honduras
33 First Human Ever Possibly Discovered in Ethiopia
34 How Homer Simpson Discovered Higgs Boson Before Scientists Did
35 An El Nino is upon Us! But What Does that Mean?
36 Amazing Video Shows Acrobatics Behind Praying Mantis Jump
37 Humans May Have Occupied Western US Earlier than Previously Thought
38 You Could Be a Descendant of Genghis Chan
39 Too Many Americans Think the Earth is the Center of Our Solar System
40 Ancient Teeth Help Solve Mystery of African Herd Migrations
41 Climate Change Turning Chilean Mummies into Black Ooze
42 Fossil Skull Reveals Tetrapods' Transition from Water to Land
43 Giant Sea Creature Sheds Light on Arthropod Evolution
44 Neanderthals Had Fashion Too, Unearthed Jewelry Implies
45 This Ancient Lemur Mass Grave Was Discovered in Flooded Caves
46 Humans Have Genes Not Passed Down from Our Ancestors?
47 85 Percent of US Hurricanes Come from...Africa
48 A 'Carpet' of Ancient Stone Tools Uncovered in the Sahara
49 Beaked Whale Fossil Shows When Humans Became Bipedal
50 9-Foot Crocodile Ancestor Dominated Before Dinosaurs
51 Your 'Nervous Tic' May Mean You're a Perfectionist
52 Ancient Stone Tools Reveal Prehistoric Man's Taste for Meat
53 He Likes Big Butts? Man Might Actually be Eyeing the Spine
54 Gyroscopic Wings: Why Technology Can't Top Nature Just Yet
55 Why Spring is Shorter than Ever this Year
56 Major Volcanic Eruption May Have Wiped Out Neanderthals
57 'Super Salamander' Species Discovered in Portugal
58 Supercomputer Dives into the Earth's Core
59 Omega-3 Supplements May Help Boys with ADHD
60 Amnesia is Nothing like it Seems on Film (Podcast)
61 This Winter Was Warmest on Record
62 Rare Case: Woman Dies After Yellow-Fever Vaccine
63 No More Lions and Mammoths: Real Explorers Eat Bugs
64 Why Spring Gets About 30 Seconds Shorter Every Year
65 Reference: Diplodocus: Facts About the Longest Dinosaur
66 Reference: C-Section: Procedure & Recovery
67 5 of the Most Precise Clocks Ever Made
68 Weird 'Water Tongue' Lets Fish Feed on Land
69 Arctic Sea Ice's Winter Peak Is Lowest on Record
70 Can You Really Freshen Up Women's 'Aging' Eggs?
71 'Haunting' Pony Uterus Wins Top Prize in Medical Image Contest
72 Amazon's FAA Approval May Not Give Commercial Drones a Lift
73 Kids Whose Ears Stick Out Are Cuter, Science Confirms
74 The 10 Happiest Countries Are All in Latin America
75 The Happiest Countries in the World
76 Reference: Vaginal Birth vs. C-Section: Pros & Cons
77 With Kinect, Kids May Clinch Clinical Trials (Essay)
78 Reference: What Are Gamma-Rays?
79 Richard III Reburial Celebration Starts Sunday
80 How Real-Life AI Rivals 'Star Wars': A Universal Translator?
81 Does the United States Need a Science Laureate? (Op-Ed)
82 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
83 Marijuana Science: Why Today's Pot Packs a Bigger Punch
84 King Richard III's Coffin Arrives at Leicester Cathedral
85 Will California Standards Plug Your Computer's Energy Drain? (Op-Ed)
86 Huge Underwater Canyon Is Home to Amazing Deep-Sea Creatures
87 Biggest Asteroid Impact Zone Found Under Australia
88 Amy's Kitchen Recall: Some Products May Be Contaminated with Listeria
89 Car-Size Salamander with Toilet-Seat Head Ruled Ancient Rivers
90 'Cereal Fibers' May Help You Live Longer
91 Some Mushrooms Glow in the Dark--Here's Why (Essay)
92 Reference: Giganotosaurus: Facts About the 'Giant Southern Lizard'
93 Reference: Deductive Reasoning vs. Inductive Reasoning
94 Puzzling Layer of 'Stiff' Rock May Lurk Deep Inside Earth
95 Rediscovered 'Map that Changed the World' Unveiled to Public
96 Solid Gold: Poop Could Yield Precious Metals
97 Sci-Fi Cloaking Device Could Protect Soldiers from Shock Waves
98 'MIND' Your Diet, and Protect Against Alzheimer's
99 How do chameleons change color? (+video)
100 #InMyShoes: How a girl's quest for dinosaur shoes is leaving a big footprint on Twitter
101 Climate change is destroying Chilean mummies, say scientists
102 Galapagos birds expand their eating habits
103 On a moon of Saturn, a boiling ocean?
104 Whose science is it anyway? Fla. climate change ban latest in 'war on science' (+video)
105 Why tiny Saturn moon Enceladus is new hot spot in search for life (+video)
106 After six months in space, a trio of astronauts return home
107 NASA satellites to study magnetic space explosions
108 Water, water everywhere in our solar system's moons
109 Why water balloons popped underwater seem to explode (+video)
110 Pi Day pizza: How big would this pizza be with $85,000 in shredded mozzarella?