File Title
1 Beliefs about nicotine 'may override its effects on the brain'
2 Women 'nearly twice as likely to see regular cannabis use as risky'
3 New treadmill performance test 'predicts long-term risk of death from all causes'
4 Kids who lack sympathy 'more likely to share if they respect peers' morals'
5 More than half of middle-aged adults 'at lifetime risk of chronic kidney disease'
6 Alzheimer's protein 'can accumulate in young people's brains'
7 Scientists discover new mechanism that drives cancer spread
8 Minimally invasive migraine treatment 'reduced painkiller use in 88% of patients'
9 Doctors are under pressure from parents to postpone childhood vaccinations
10 'More than a billion young adults at risk of hearing loss'
11 1 in 5 high school girls 'experience teen dating violence'
12 Eating nuts linked to 20% cut in death rates
13 Drinking up to five cups of coffee a day may benefit the arteries
14 Teen obesity 'strongly linked' with high blood pressure
15 Copper molecule shows promise in halting cancer spread
16 Risks of acetaminophen have been 'underestimated'
17 Average penis length is revealed in new study
18 Minors 'can easily buy e-cigarettes via the Internet'
19 When screening tests turn healthy people into patients
20 Patients may not benefit from sedatives prior to surgery, study suggests
21 How to control panic attack symptoms
22 Adults catch flu 'only twice every 10 years'
23 Ability to repair cartilage with stem cells steps closer
24 Reduced heart function tied to raised risk of dementia, Alzheimer's
25 NYC rats 'could transmit plague'
26 Newly identified compounds in spider venom could help treat chronic pain
27 Multiple sclerosis: becoming aware of its invisible difficulties
28 Stroke centers 'over an hour away' for one third of Americans
29 Low stress resilience in young adulthood 'raises risk of coronary heart disease'
30 10 most common birth control pill side effects
31 Could gout reduce the risk of Alzheimer's?
32 Reshaping tumor cells may be new way to treat breast cancer
33 Infants' gut bacteria linked to food sensitization
34 New WHO guideline clamps down on intake of free sugars
35 Childhood sleep disorders: how do they affect health and well-being?
36 Heroin deaths in US 'quadrupled from 2000 through 2013'
37 Almost half of energy drink TV ads shown on channels for teens
38 Middle-aged, older adults more likely to engage in frequent drinking, study finds
39 Needle stick-injured Ebola doctor free of virus after vaccination
40 'Pee-powered' toilet could be game-changer for refugee camps
41 Nanoparticles carry drugs selectively to lung tumor sites
42 Flame retardants used in cell phones, tablets 'may cause obesity'
43 Suffocation increasingly used as suicide mechanism among young people
44 Men are 'more narcissistic and entitled than women'
45 Studies show young people 'wish they were better informed about sex'
46 Spouse 'more likely to increase exercise levels if other spouse does'
47 Psychedelic drug use 'does not increase risk for mental health problems'
48 Depressed people receiving treatment are 'less likely to have heart problems'
49 12 early signs that you might be pregnant
50 5 best exercises during pregnancy
51 Study refutes benefits of popular anti-aging supplement
52 Psychosis may be triggered by antibody reaction to brain protein
53 A family history of prostate cancer may increase women's risk for breast cancer
54 Divorce is a more likely end to marriage when wife is seriously ill
55 New insights into brain inflammation may explain residual disability after stroke
56 Losing just half an hour of sleep 'can impact body weight and metabolism'
57 'Love hormone' nasal spray could reduce calorie intake in men
58 Dogs could be 'noninvasive, inexpensive' diagnosis aids for thyroid cancer
59 Assumptions of equality could hinder group decision-making ability
60 Youth suicide is 'rising in rural areas more than urban'
61 Is narcolepsy an autoimmune disease?
62 Drug testing using 'heart-on-a-chip' steps closer
63 Brain protein 'can suppress binge drinking'
64 Vegetarian diet linked to reduced risk of colorectal cancer
65 Chantix could affect patients' alcohol tolerance, warn FDA
66 New class of drugs take 'big first step' toward slowing the aging process
67 Genetic markers of PTSD linked to immune system reponse
68 Stress and depression together 'increase risk of death in heart disease patients'
69 Tooth decay: sugar industry 'behaved like tobacco manufacturers
70 Sleep apnea tied to higher risk of road traffic accidents
71 Engineered nanoparticles may get past current water treatment methods, says study
72 Avoid 'overvaluing' your child to prevent narcissism
73 Study finds 17% of college students misuse ADHD drugs
74 The gut microbiome: how does it affect our health?
75 Swine flu virus in India 'has become more virulent' since 2009 outbreak
76 Clinical trial secrecy: 'there are worse offenders than pharma'
77 Physical activity may protect older people from brain damage
78 Rett Syndrome treatment may lie in targeting 'long genes'
79 Brain's 'compass' keeps working during sleep
80 Mental and physical exercises may protect against cognitive decline in the elderly
81 Satisfying thirst and the kidneys: the importance of drinking water
82 Alzheimer's: new ultrasound technique 'restores memory' in mice
83 Cochlear implants 'may improve cognitive decline' in older adults
84 Could measles knock-on effect be as devastating as Ebola?
85 Experts call for UN to lead efforts toward tobacco-free world
86 'Cell-tweaking' technique offers treatment hope for 'bubble boy disease' SCID
87 Not all our genes are from our ancestors--some are 'foreign' says new study
88 Brain abnormalities and poor long-term memory among young cannabis users
89 Vaping in e-cigarette ads 'may encourage tobacco smoking'
90 Raising legal smoking age to 21 will save 'millions of lost life years' for today's children
91 'Preventable acute kidney injury deaths could end by 2025'
92 East/west divide on US cold-related death statistics
93 'A step closer' to gene therapy for hemophilia
94 Inappropriate breast, prostate cancer imaging 'may be driven by regional factors'
95 Folic acid may reduce risk of first stroke in people with hypertension
96 Injured kidneys may be more viable for transplant than previously thought
97 Computational tool identifies 800 risk factors for PTSD
98 Insufficient sleep may raise nighttime blood pressure
99 Common herpes drug reduces HIV levels
100 Skyrocketing cancer drug costs 'are damaging patient care'
101 New cholesterol-lowering drug 'could halve risk of heart attack, stroke'
102 Loneliness and social isolation linked to early mortality
103 'Men have worse memories than women as they age'
104 What is the global economic burden of type 2 diabetes?
105 Police officers among 'most at risk' for workplace suicide
106 Diabetes drugs may promote heart failure, study finds
107 TB's ability to evade immune system becomes clearer in large study
108 Obese women '40% more likely to develop cancer in their lifetime'
109 'Substandard vaccination' blamed for measles outbreak
110 Genetic variations may influence effect of aspirin, NSAIDs on colorectal cancer risk