File Title
1 Autonomous atom assembly of nanostructures using a scanning tunneling microscope
2 Improving energy efficiency one atom at a time
3 Giant increase in conductivity measured when a semiconductor is submitted to high pressure
4 Voltage tester for beating cardiac cells
5 Researchers develop new technique for making graphene competitor molybdenum disulfide
6 Novel solid-state nanomaterial platform enables terahertz photonics
7 Novel crumpling method takes flat graphene from 2D to 3D
8 Nano switch could store memory using coordinated 'dance' of atoms
9 Monitoring the real-time deformation of carbon nanocoils under axial loading
10 Novel approach for high performance field emission electron sources
11 Golden vehicle for drug delivery has hidden costs
12 Better measurements of single molecule circuits
13 Keeping atherosclerosis in-check with novel targeted inflammation-resolving nanomedicines
14 Cheap solar cells made from shrimp shells
15 New paper-like material could boost electric vehicle batteries
16 Potential toxicity of cellulose nanocrystals examined
17 Shape-shifting groups of nanorods release heat differently
18 Microfluidic diamond sensor: Moving bio particles magnetically
19 Free-standing monolayers made from protein-bound gold nanoparticles
20 New nanogel for drug delivery
21 Researchers build atomically thin gas and chemical sensors
22 World-leading SuperSTEM microscope that can see single atoms is unveiled
23 Semiconductor works better when hitched to graphene
24 Pen draws flexible circuits using half-meter long carbon nanotube fibers
25 Uncovering the personality of wonder ultrathin materials
26 Scientists making progress with techniques that allow for seeing through opaque materials
27 Falling faster--researchers confirm super-terminal raindrops
28 Insight into inner magnetic layers
29 Building a more versatile frequency comb
30 Firing up the proton smasher
31 Interaction between light and sound in nanoscale waveguide
32 Researchers test radiation-resistant spintronic material
33 Computational technique reveals how tiny pillars affect the condensation of vapor onto a surface
34 Three-dimensional opto-electric integration
35 Getting a grip on exotic atomic nuclei
36 Researchers develop algorithm to make simulation of ultrafast processes possible
37 Igniting the air for atmospheric research
38 Searching for Susy: Collider to push physics frontier
39 Beyond silicon: New semiconductor moves spintronics toward reality
40 Rapidly reconfigurable waveform generator on a CMOS chip could be used for high-speed wireless communication
41 Data from RHIC, other experiments nearly rule out role of 'dark photons' as explanation for 'g-2' anomaly
42 No need for color correction: Perfect colors, captured with one ultra-thin lens
43 Researchers first to observe Higgs boson analogue in superconductors
44 Atomic-resolution holography electron microscope with the world's highest point resolution
45 Magnetic material's unusual heating effect could fry cancer cells at the perfect temperature
46 Quantum many-body systems on the way back to equilibrium
47 Japan clocks keep time for 16 billion years
48 Losing 1 electron switches magnetism on in dichromium
49 Could classical theory be just as weird as quantum theory?
50 Simulating superconducting materials with ultracold atoms (w/ Video)
51 Mars hills hide icy past
52 Disintegrating rocky exoplanet could unlock secrets to how our solar system was formed
53 NASA delays space station spacewalk because of suit issue
54 MAVEN spacecraft completes first deep dip campaign
55 Hubble gets best view of a circumstellar debris disk distorted by a planet
56 Life on Europa? Scientists ponder the possibilities
57 Why can't we design the perfect spacesuit?
58 The origin of the magnetic field covering the Sun has been discovered
59 Telescopes give shape to furious black hole winds
60 Does dark matter cause mass extinctions and geologic upheavals?
61 A new view of the solar system: Astrophysical jets driven by the sun
62 SwissCube's longevity marks its success
63 Planets can alter each other's climates over eons
64 What's important to know about planet Mercury?
65 The controversy over interstellar messaging
66 A recipe for returning Pluto to full planethood
67 Spacewalking 'cable guys' wrap up work outside station (Update)
68 Spacewalking astronauts route cable in 1st of 3 jobs
69 IXV spaceplane's successful test makes European aerospace company proud
70 Quadruplets in a stellar womb
71 Learn about Venus, the hothouse planet near Earth
72 Colours in the Small Magellanic Cloud
73 How can space travel faster than the speed of light?
74 Resolving to stay fit in space and on Earth
75 Malware infecting hard disk firmware remained hidden for 15 years--but who's responsible?
76 Samsung smart TVs subject of blog on traffic intercept findings
77 Doctors say fitness trackers, health apps can boost care
78 Stolen SIM card keys could be powerful spy tool (Update)
79 Hydropower completes greening of Norway
80 Review: Three ways to control your lights at home or away
81 WhyHigh brings social media, consumer referrals together
82 US State Dept blocks thousands of hack attacks every day
83 Lenovo stops Superfish preloads and issues advisory
84 Water in Oregon pipeline is tapped for electricity
85 Video games flow with the pints at London's e-sport pub
86 Superfish points fingers over ad software security flaws
87 Driverless shuttle will be on the move in UK
88 Tesla, Google, Apple: is Silicon Valley the future of the US car?
89 Fever alarm armband: A wearable, printable, temperature sensor
90 Korean tech start-ups offer life beyond Samsung
91 Better monitoring for energy efficiency in buildings
92 Investors biased against foreign-sounding names
93 Apple to invest 1.7 billion euros in Ireland, Denmark data centres
94 Reducing power leakage when transmitters are idle could greatly extend battery life
95 Your privacy online: Health information at serious risk of abuse
96 Engineering a robot that assists in direct nursing care
97 Removing the communication barrier between humans and computers
98 Japanese LED traffic lights just too cool when snow falls
99 Google teams up with 3 wireless carriers to combat Apple Pay
100 Controlling car pollution at the quantum level
101 Innovative technology to keep mangoes in excellent condition
102 A microbial metabolite of linoleic acid ameliorates intestinal inflammation
103 Fluorescent probe for labeling mitochondria helps scientists study fat-burning brown adipose tissue
104 A breakthrough in nanotoxicology
105 Hair dye 'CSI' could help police solve crimes
106 New insight into a fragile protein linked to cancer and autism
107 Scientists learn to monitor neural stem cells that might help repair neurological damage
108 Researchers developed a cost-effective and efficient rival for platinum
109 Simple catalyst helps to construct complex biological scaffolds
110 High-powered X-ray laser unlocks mechanics of pain relief without addiction