File Title
1 Sleep-Walking Neurons: Brain's GPS Never Stops Working--Even During Sleep
2 Breakthrough in OLED Technology
3 Munching Bugs Thwart Eager Trees, Reducing the Carbon Sink
4 Results Challenge Conventional Wisdom About Where the Brain Begins Processing Visual Information
5 Genetically Speaking, Mammals Are More like Their Fathers
6 Basal Cell Carcinoma Drug Encourages Both Cancer Regression and Loss of Taste in Patients
7 Clever Application of Magnetic Force Enhances Laparoscopic Surgery
8 Joslin Scientists Find Direct Link Between Insulin Resistance in the Brain and Behavioral Disorders
9 NSF CAREER Award to Wayne State University Aims to Determine Causes of Seismic Anisotropy
10 APLAIR Partners with ORNL to Commercialize Weld Inspection Technology
11 Water in Smog May Reveal Pollution Sources
12 TSRI Scientists Find Clues to Cancer Drug Failure
13 Black Phosphorus Is New 'Wonder Material' for Improving Optical Communication
14 Iowa State Engineers Developing Pavement Technologies to Clear Snow and Ice from Runways
15 Researchers Find 3-D Printed Parts Provide Low-Cost, Custom Alternatives for Lab Equipment
16 Giant Virus Revealed in 3-D Using X-ray Laser
17 New Technique Improves Forecasts for Canada's Prized Salmon Fishery
18 Study Shows the Factors Influencing Which Conservation News Get Shared or Liked in Twitter and Facebook
19 Scripps Florida Scientists Find a Defect Responsible for Memory Impairment in Aging
20 Modeling Chimp Behavior? Try Using Laws that Govern Matter
21 Flower-like Magnetic Nanoparticles Target Difficult Tumors
22 Float like a Mosquito, Sting like a...Mosquito
23 Vanderbilt Study Shows Salt Fights Infection
24 On World Wildlife Day, United Nations Declares Organized Crime Threatening Wildlife Species is on the Rise
25 First Scientific Publication from Data Collected at NSLS-II
26 Researcher's Patented Tech Could Significantly Cut CO2 Emissions
27 New CMI Process Recycles Valuable Rare Earth Metals from Old Electronics
28 How to Detect a Rare Particle Decay with a Detector Made of (Almost) Nothing
29 Research Uncovers Basis for Cadmium Toxicity
30 New Type of Biomarker Shows Promise in Improving Prostate Cancer Care
31 New Molecular Technology Implemented to Protect Nation's Crops
32 It Is Beneficial to Express Genuine Benevolent Emotions for Others
33 Expert: Turning Waste Gases into Profit with New Technology
34 Genetic Data Can Help Predict How Pine Forests Will Cope with Climate Change
35 Wild Yaks--Shaggy Barometers of Climate Change
36 Researchers Discover Hurricanes Helped Accelerate Spread of Lionfish
37 Biology Student Honored for Cancer Research at USciences' 194th Founders' Day Ceremony
38 Usual Prey Gone, a Fish Survives by Changing Predictably
39 Genome Replication May Hold Clues to Cancer Evolution
40 UT Dallas Technology Could Make Night Vision, Thermal Imaging Affordable
41 HIV Prevention Is Focus in NIH Grant Projects
42 The George Washington University Opens Science and Engineering Hall, Largest Building of Its Kind in D.C.
43 A New Level of Earthquake Understanding
44 Advancing Multiple Approaches for Characterizing Permafrost Microbes in a Changing Climate
45 Argonne Research Expanding from Injectors to Inhalers
46 The Making of a Geochemist: Q&A with Andrew Stack
47 Sun Damage Causes Genetic Changes that Predispose Children and Adolescents to Melanoma
48 Permafrost's Turn of the Microbes
49 Big Box Stores Could Ditch the Grid, Use Natural Gas Fuel Cells Instead
50 Prominent Marine Scientists Ask Obama to Block Controversial Sound Blasting for East Coast Oil & Gas Exploration
51 Nutra Products Unveils Independent Expert Clinical Reviews of Three Products
52 Extinct Bird Re-Discovered
53 Supporting Citizen Science in the Gulf of Mexico
54 RRI Condemns the Murder of Indra Pelani, Land Rights Activist Beaten to Death by Guards Contracted to Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)
55 Flood and Drought Risk to Cities on Rise Even with No Climate Change
56 Hubble Sees Supernova Split into Four Images by Cosmic Lens
57 Holding Energy by the Threads
58 Ancient Skull Could Provide Clues to Human-Neanderthal Mating, Weizmann Institute Scientists Find
59 Trivia Race to the Moon
60 Heartbeat Is Complex, Synchronized Event, Find Weizmann Institute and Penn Scientists
61 Subconscious Sniffing of Hands Occurs After Handshakes
62 Popular Antioxidant Likely Ineffective, Study Finds
63 Hydrogels that Mimic Cartilage, Repurposing Crippled Spacecraft, Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and the Reflections of a Physicist Congressman
64 ORNL Microscopy Directly Images Problematic Lithium Dendrites in Batteries
65 Rapid Changes in Lovejoy Comet's Tail Observed
66 Chromosomal Rearrangement Is the Key to Progress Against Aggressive Infant Leukemia
67 Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research Turns Yogurt Waste into New Products
68 Tiger Dad: Rare Family Portrait of Amur Tigers the First-Ever to Include an Adult Male
69 Data Driven Discoveries
70 Ebola, Other Infectious Diseases to Highlight Scientific Symposium on March 11
71 Patented Process Builds Better Semiconductors, Improves Electronic Devices
72 Researchers Map "Genomic Landscape" of Childhood Adrenocortical Tumors for the First Time
73 New Technique Can Locate Genes' On-Off Switches
74 The Climate Is Starting to Change Faster
75 Exclusive $4 Million Partnership with Max Planck Society Targets Energy Research
76 New Research Finds Queen Bee Microbiomes Are Starkly Distinct from Worker Bees
77 More Research Needed to Clarify Impact of Cellulose Nanocrystals on Health
78 Scripps Research, Mayo Clinic Scientists Find New Class of Drugs that Dramatically Increases Healthy Lifespan
79 Early Herders' Grassy Route Through Africa
80 TSRI Scientists Reveal Structural Secrets of Nature's Little Locomotive
81 Ancient Africans Used 'No Fly Zones' to Bring Herds South
82 Silence Speaks Volumes in Florida Climate Change Debate
83 Iowa State Engineers Study the Benefits of Adding a Second, Smaller Rotor to Wind Turbines
84 Scientists Gather at SLAC to Prepare for Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
85 Glaucoma Research Foundation Announces $1.6 Million in Research Grants
86 Hunting, Birdwatching Boosts Conservation Action, Study Finds
87 Cellular Scissors Chop Up HIV Virus
88 TSRI Scientists Show that Proteins Critical in Day-Night Cycles also Protect Cells from Mutations
89 Scientists Find Rare Dwarf Satellite Galaxy Candidates in Dark Energy Survey Data
90 Image Release: Mysterious Phenomena in a Gigantic Galaxy-Cluster Collision
91 URI Grad Student Investigates Unexplored Underwater Volcano Off Solomon Islands
92 Rare Split Images of Supernova Put Johns Hopkins Astronomer in the Spotlight
93 Predicting the Extent of Flash Flooding
94 Researchers Synthesize New Thin-Film Material for Use in Fuel Cells
95 High Performance, Lightweight Supercapacitor Electrodes of the Future
96 Researchers Develop New Approach that Combines Biomass Conversion, Solar Energy Conversion
97 March Madness Brackets: Flipping a Coin Is Your Best Bet
98 Professor and Students Exploring Previously Undiscovered Archaeological Sites
99 UCLA Researchers for the first Time Measure the Cost of Care for a Common Prostate Condition
100 Possible Rare Dwarf Galaxies Found Orbiting Milky Way
101 Look, Something Shiny! How Color Images Can Influence Consumers
102 New Clues About the Risk of Cancer from Low-Dose Radiation
103 Bioelectricity Plays Key Role in Brain Development & Repair
104 Brain Development Controlled by Epigenetic Factor
105 Queen's Astronomers Discover Fastest Ever Unbound Star in Our Galaxy
106 NYU Scientists Develop Computer Model Explaining How Brain Learns to Categorize
107 Honey I Shrunk the Ants: How Environment Controls Size
108 The Corrugated Galaxy--Milky Way May Be Much Larger than Previously Estimated
109 New 2-Color X-ray Laser Technique Could Reveal Atomic Detail of Medically Important Proteins
110 Study Shows Two New Flu Strains Do Not Yet Easily Infect Humans