File Title
1 Baselworld: Will the watch industry get smart?
2 FOMO: How the Fear of Missing Out drives social media 'addiction'
3 How the dark web spurs a spying 'arms race'
4 Starbucks #RaceTogether campaign mocked online
5 Bloodhound: Superwheels for supersonic car go into production
6 TED 2015: Terminator-inspired 3D printer 'grows' objects
7 Terry Pratchett pub sign unveiled in Wincanton
8 Morgan rejects heads' independent curriculum body
9 School change obscures performance, says heads' leader
10 British values 'a tough call' for inspectors--Ofsted
11 Funding crisis will damage education, say head teachers
12 Hunt wants overseas innovators for England's schools
13 Summer-born pupils' late start wins MPs' backing
14 NASUWT wants end to short-term arrangements for teachers
15 Experts oppose assessments for four-year-olds
16 Mobile phone minister halts strikes
17 Silicon Valley entrepreneur course comes to London
18 How Match of the Day makes a difference for SEN pupils
19 The world's wettest classroom--follow the journey
20 Hislop says private-state school gap widening
21 Free schools: Successful experiment?
22 Budget 2015: PhD student loans up to 25,000 pounds proposed
23 Overlapping 'Trojan Horse' inquiries criticised by MPs
24 Kabul mob attack: Women help bury 'wrongly accused' Farkhunda
25 Egypt Red Sea resort shark attack kills German tourist
26 A Point of View: Do parliament's select committees wield too much power?
27 Meningitis B vaccine needed urgently, campaigners say
28 Mental health service budgets 'cut by 8%'
29 'Ebola-proof' tablet device developed
30 'Half of eight-year-olds have tooth decay'
31 Rapid blood test to 'cut antibiotic use'
32 New global fund to help countries defend tobacco control
33 NHS finances: A likely headache for the next government
34 In Sierra Leone, Ebola virus means 'school is not safe'
35 Has the war on drugs been lost?
36 Why not nanny people about healthy diet?
37 Soil Science Society of America Wants You to Know that "Soils Support Agriculture"
38 Researchers Pin Down Genetic Pathways Linked to CF Disease Severity
39 Flawed Method Puts Tiger Rise in Doubt, Study Calls for New Approach
40 Brain Makes Decisions with Same Method Used to Break WW2 Enigma Code
41 Magnetic Nanoparticles Could Stop Blood Clot-Caused Strokes
42 Carnivorous Plant Packs Big Wonders into Tiny Genome
43 Time When Southwest Was Wet and Northwest Was Dry Aids Efforts to Predict Future Rainfall Patterns
44 La Nina-Like Conditions Associated with 2,500-Year-Long Shutdown of Coral Reef Growth
45 Epigenome Orchestrates Embryonic Development
46 Building Tailor-Made DNA Nanotubes Step by Step
47 Study Nearly Triples the Locations in the Human Genome that Harbor MicroRNAs
48 Virginia Tech Researchers Discover Possible Drug Target to Combat Sleeping Sickness
49 Scientists Find a Key Protein that Allows Plavix to Conquer Platelets
50 K-State Salina Receives Statewide Access for Flight Operations of Small UAS
51 Ultra-Thin Nanowires Can Trap Electron 'Twisters' that Disrupt Superconductors
52 Why a Latte Is Less Likely to Spill than a Coffee
53 Optical Nanoantennas Set the Stage for a NEMS Lab-on-a-Chip Revolution
54 Using 'Fuzzy Logic' to Optimize Hybrid Solar/Battery Systems
55 Climate-Change Clues from the Turtles of Tropical Wyoming
56 Retracing the Roots of Fungal Symbioses
57 Marine Oil Supplement Has Positive Effects on Post-Exercise Muscle Damage
58 Dendrite Eraser: New Electrolyte Rids Batteries of Short-Circuiting Fibers
59 Congo Ivory Crack Down
60 How Sensor-Packed Smartphones Can Read Your Mood, Guard Your Data--and Wreak Havoc in the Wrong Hands
61 Perimeter Institute and Take Physics Education to the Next Level
62 Queen's Researchers in Bid to Develop World's Fastest Super Computers
63 Rising Star: Astronomer Wins Prestigious Early-Career Sloan Research Fellowship
64 NSF Grant to Impact Understanding of the Vesicle Transport System of Cells
65 New Flow Battery to Keep Big Cities Lit, Green & Safe
66 SLAC-led Research Team Bends Highly Energetic Electron Beam with Crystal
67 First Direct Observation of Carbon Dioxide's Increasing Greenhouse Effect at the Earth's Surface
68 New Study Shows Safer Methods for Stem Cell Culturing
69 New Study Shows Decreased Aggressive Behavior Toward Strangers in Autism Spectrum Disorder Model
70 ORNL Signs Agreement with Whirlpool Corp. To Develop New Energy-Efficient Refrigerator
71 Heart's Inner Mechanisms to Be Studied with NIH Grant
72 Changing Climate Impacts Food Production
73 Lake Tahoe Research Provides New Insights on Global Change
74 Early Career Award Will Support Research on Heart Valve Disease
75 Pockets of Calm Protect Molecules Around a Supermassive Black Hole
76 A Historic Cooperative Agreement
77 'Blue-Green Algae' Proliferating in Lakes
78 A New X-Ray Microscope for Nanoscale Imaging
79 Could Squirmy Livestock Dent Africa's Protein Deficit?
80 New Research Predicts When, How Materials Will Act
81 TSRI Team Shows How Rare Antibody Targets Ebola and Marburg Virus
82 Human Antibodies Target Marburg, Ebola Viruses; One Step Closer to Vaccine
83 Researchers Develop Method for Mapping Neuron Clusters
84 Distemper Virus Affects Wild Carnivores of All Stripes
85 SLAC Assumes a Leading Role for SuperCDMS SNOLAB
86 New Study Affirms the Role of Specialized Protein in Assuring Normal Cell Development
87 Research Shows Asian Herb Holds Promise as Treatment for Ebola Virus Disease
88 Malaria Transmission Linked to Mosquitoes' Sexual Biology
89 ALS Patient, Husband, and Father Voices 'I Love You' for the First Time in 15 Years
90 Embrace Unknowns, Opt for Flexibility in Environmental Policies
91 Baldwin Wallace University Neuroscience Research Pays Tribute to Professor Who Died Too Young
92 First Detailed Microscopy Evidence of Bacteria at the Lower Size Limit of Life
93 USU Researchers to Support NIAID in US-Liberia Ebola Clinical Trial Partnership
94 New Filter Could Advance Terahertz Data Transmission
95 Research Captures Transient Details of HIV Genome Packaging
96 Growth Signal Can Influence Cancer Cells' Vulnerability to Drugs, Study Suggests
97 Neurons Controlling Appetite Made from Skin Cells
98 Your #Brain Playing Tricks: What #Colors Are the #Dress? @VTnews @VTresearch
99 Left or Right? The Brain Knows Before You Move
100 Protecting Food Crops from Soil Contaminants
101 Disease, Evolution, Neurology, and Drugs: Fruit Fly Research Continues to Teach Us About Human Biology
102 WCS Statement on One-Year Ivory Ban in China
103 Innovative, Lower Cost Sensors and Controls Yield Better Energy Efficiency
104 UTHealth's Belinda Reininger Recognized for Excellence in Public Health Practice
105 Borrowing from Whales to Engineer a New Fluid Sensor
106 New Views of Enzyme Structures Offer Insights into Metabolism of Cholesterol, Other Lipids
107 On-Board School Bus Filtration System Reduces Pollutants by 88 Percent
108 Desmoplakin's Tail Gets the Message
109 Sall4 Is Required for DNA Repair in Stem Cells
110 Conservation Organizations Need to Keep Up with Nature