File Title
1 Study shows even injured kidneys can be used for transplants
2 Iron-oxidizing bacteria found along Mid-Atlantic Ridge
3 A sea change for ocean resource management
4 Scientists use X-ray vision to probe early stages of DNA 'photocopying'
5 Media portray unrealistic timelines for stem cell therapies
6 Stanford researchers solve the mystery of the dancing droplets
7 Scientists reconstruct evolutionary history of whale hearing with rare museum collection
8 Alternative way to pay for expensive drugs may be needed, analysis says
9 Molecules in prostate tumors might predict whether RT can help prevent recurrence
10 'Quantum jitters' could form basis of evolution, cancer
11 Farming a threat to endangered Chinese giant salamander
12 Tetanus shot improves patient survival with brain tumor immunotherapy
13 A grand extravaganza of new stars
14 Assessing feedback interactions in a creative setting
15 Clinical trial sponsors fail to report results to participants, public
16 Tracking sea turtles across hundreds of miles of open ocean
17 Exercise may help keep seniors moving longer despite old age brain decline
18 Analysis suggests a more virulent swine flu virus in the Indian subcontinent
19 High power and high safety oxide-based negative electrode materials for Li-ion battery
20 Solving the obstetrical dilemma
21 Scientists develop atomic force microscopy for imaging nanoscale dynamics of neurons
22 NNI publishes report on carbon nanotube (CNT) commercialization
23 Toddlers in trouble
24 NASA's Hubble observations suggest underground ocean on Jupiter's largest moon
25 Regeneration in a hostile environment
26 E-cigarette advertising makes one crave...tobacco?
27 Building a genomic GPS
28 New evidence that increasing economic inequality rises out of political partisanship
29 Case Western Reserve scientists find hidden meaning and 'speed limits' within genetic code
30 Naturally acidic waters of Puget Sound surround UW's Friday, Harbor Labs
31 New protocol can help emergency departments evaluate patients with acute chest pain
32 Boosting a natural protection against Alzheimer's disease
33 In vitro effects of topical neuromodulatory medication on orofacial tissue
34 Unique proteins found in heat-loving organisms attach to plant matter
35 Study shows why exercise magnifies exhaustion for chronic fatigue syndrome patients
36 Distinct brain mechanisms related to dental pain relief
37 SwRI-led researchers study methane-rich plumes from Saturn's icy moon Enceladus
38 Hospital ratings on social media appear to reflect quality of care
39 High cholesterol, triglycerides can keep vitamin E from reaching body tissues
40 Age-related discrimination can add to healthcare woes
41 Ebola outbreak of 2014 may have laid tracks for deadly measles epidemic
42 Ponds are disappearing in the Arctic
43 Largest review of clinical trials to assess risk of patients using Champix
44 As Oso disaster anniversary nears, kentucky geologists urge preparation for landslides
45 Gene leads to malformation of the urinary tract
46 Inflammation in the mouth and joints in rheumatoid arthritis
47 Antibiotic nanoparticles attack respiratory infection and reduce drug side effects
48 Raising minimum age to buy cigarettes to at least 21 would reduce smoking and save lives
49 Statin guidelines miss middle-age patients and over-target seniors
50 Tracking marine plankton provides new information to reconstruct past climate
51 NIH researchers develop database on healthy immune system
52 Predicting which African storms will intensify into hurricanes
53 Can breastfeeding women have menopause-like symptoms?
54 The ACA may reduce ER visits (slightly) but doesn't affect hospitalizations
55 Study details microRNA's role as a double agent during Hep C infection
56 Study bolsters 'turbocharged' protein as a promising tool in hemophilia gene therapy
57 Social status has impact on overall health of mammals
58 Mind reading thanks to metaphors
59 Liver-sparing operation associated with higher survival rates in cancer patients
60 Special issue of Educational Researcher examines value-added measures
61 Actresses must be picky about with whom they work to survive in movie industry
62 Sweet nanoparticles target stroke
63 Super-resolution microscopes reveal the link between genome packaging and cell pluripotency
64 Low breast density in mammography worsens breast cancer prognosis
65 3-D printer for small molecules opens access to customized chemistry
66 Flight and nuclear safety boosted by sound research
67 Government corruption in South Africa contributes to overfishing
68 In pursuit of the perfectly animated cloud of smoke
69 Understanding loneliness through science
70 New genome-editing technology to help treat blood cancers
71 Secret of how plants regulate their vitamin C production revealed
72 Health law hasn't cut insurers' rate of overhead spending: Study
73 A 'warhead' molecule to hunt down deadly bacteria
74 Stem cells lurking in tumors can resist treatment
75 You are when you eat
76 Payments for ecosystem services? Here's the guidebook
77 Magnetic brain stimulation
78 Summer storm weakening leads to more persistent heat extremes
79 Frozen highly charged ions for highest precision spectroscopy
80 The origin of the lymphatic vasculature uncovered
81 Immune system-in-a-dish offers hope for 'bubble boy' disease
82 Political liberals display greater happiness, UCI study finds
83 Cochlear implantation improved speech perception, cognitive function in older adults
84 Germline TP53 mutations in patients with early-onset colorectal cancer
85 Study examines association of inappropriate prostate, breast cancer imaging
86 The Lancet: Experts call for a tobacco-free world by 2040
87 Geography matters: Imaging overuse seen in certain US regions
88 Measles cases predicted to almost double in Ebola epidemic countries
89 Nature's inbuilt immune defense could protect industrial bacteria from viruses
90 Some genes 'foreign' in origin and not from our ancestors
91 Engineers create chameleon-like artificial 'skin' that shifts color on demand
92 Teen cannabis users have poor long-term memory in adulthood
93 Preventing heart cells from turning to bone
94 Predicting your risk of infection
95 Optogenetics without the genetics
96 Reaching '80 percent by 2018' would prevent more than 20,000 colorectal cancer deaths per year
97 Mind reading: Spatial patterns of brain activity decode what people taste
98 Humans adapted to living in rainforests much sooner than thought
99 Cells target giant protein crystals for degradation
100 Inflammatory factor IL-3 may play essential role in development of sepsis
101 Molecule-making machine simplifies complex chemistry
102 Intestinal gas could be used to diagnose diseases
103 Increased susceptibility to measles a side effect of Ebola epidemic
104 Chronic kidney disease may increase certain risks during pregnancy
105 New work schedule could cure your 'social jetlag'
106 NCCN publishes new guidelines for smoking cessation
107 New antibody therapy dramatically improves psoriasis symptoms in clinical trial
108 NASA spacecraft in Earth's orbit, preparing to study magnetic reconnection
109 Organisms can keep gene expression in check: York U biologist
110 New technology may double radio frequency data capacity