File Title
1 Menopausal killer whales hold key to family's survival
2 Speeding star accelerated by exploding companion
3 Space research: Exploding star provides hint on how dark matter warps light in the universe
4 Acrobatic praying mantises caught on video
5 Newly discovered moth a 'living dinosaur'...and more
6 Electrifying dust devil on the surface of Mars
7 Sheep use their brains to save water
8 Too much praise helps create narcissistic kids
9 DNA traces origins of 17th century African slaves
10 Astronauts finally see New Zealand without cloud
11 Chameleon's color magic revealed
12 Milky Way may be 50 percent bigger than thought
13 Silent spread of bird flu raises pandemic fears
14 Icy Saturnian moon may have hot springs
15 Neanderthal eagle-claw jewellery discovered
16 Bizarre, ancient sea-monster was a gentle giant
17 Chinese space mission uncovers Moon's layered past
18 'Underground' ocean confirmed on Jupiter's largest moon
19 Teeth reveal humans were early rainforest-dwellers
20 Win the tackle, win the game
21 Hear blue whales sing from an ocean away...and more
22 Image Captures Light's Spooky Dual Nature for 1st Time
23 Kids Get Flu Every 2 Years, Adults Twice a Decade
24 Step It Up! The States Where People Walk Most
25 Penguins Rapidly Conquered New Zealand After Humans Ate Rivals
26 Reference: Triceratops: Facts About the Three-Horned Dinosaur
27 Cyborg Roaches Could Be Used to Find Disaster Survivors
28 Reference: Tessellation: The Geometry of Tiles, Honeycombs and M.C. Escher
29 Heroin Overdose Deaths Nearly Quadruple in 13 Years
30 Arctic Sea Ice 'Thinning Dramatically,' Study Finds
31 Wow! Watch a Drone Fly Through the World's Largest Atom Smasher
32 Desert Blooms: Spectacular Photos of Organ Pipe Cactuses
33 Fireworks at Chile's Villarrica Volcano Light Up Night Sky
34 Sunken Japanese WWII Battleship Located in the Philippines
35 Earliest Human Species Possibly Found in Ethiopia
36 Jaws, Not Brains, Define Early Human Species
37 WWII Shipwreck: Haunting Photos of the Battleship Musashi's Remains
38 Cleaner Air Really Does Improve Kids' Lung Health
39 Bioterrorism Prep: Docs Must Look Out for Rare Diseases
40 Reference: Endometriosis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments
41 Reference: Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects
42 Reference: CRE Infection: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
43 Snowflakes Aren't Even like Themselves, New 3D Images Reveal
44 Will We Combat Global Warming, Despite Our Nature? (Op-Ed)
45 Hiding Out of Sight, Are Sharks Self Aware? (Op-Ed)
46 What Are the Long-Term Effects of Ebola?
47 Double the Trouble Found Under Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano
48 'Chappie': How Realistic Is the Film's Artificial Intelligence?
49 Amid Record-Breaking Poaching, Wildlife Experts Seek to Smash a Black Market
50 High-Fiber Diet May Help Prevent Allergies
51 Doctor Who Was Possibly Exposed to Ebola Receives Experimental Vaccine
52 How Lab Rats Are Changing Our View of Obesity
53 After Much Ado, El Nino Officially Declared
54 Flu Hospitalizations Soar Among Older Adults, Report Finds
55 6 Ways Albert Einstein Fought for Civil Rights
56 170-Year-Old Shipwreck Beer Smells Gross
57 Beyond Relativity: Albert Einstein's Lesser-Known Work
58 General Relativity at 100: Einstein's Famous Theory Has Aged Well
59 These 3 Student Inventions May Make Life Easier
60 Being Gay Not a Choice: Science Contradicts Ben Carson
61 Alcohol Intake Peaks at Age 25, but Continues into Old Age
62 Reference: Rip Currents: The Ocean's Deadliest Trick
63 Reference: Gallstones: Causes, Treatment and Prevention
64 Reference: What is Acupuncture?
65 As Forests Burn, Conservationists Launch Global Wildlife Rescue (Op-Ed)
66 Fitness Trackers May Boost Weight Loss
67 Marijuana May Trigger Allergies in Some People
68 Mars Once Supported Behemoth Ocean, New Maps Suggest
69 Laser Weapon Stops Truck in Its Tracks--from a Mile Away
70 Amazing Images from Scientists' Dive into Toxic Volcano
71 Geologists Climb into Iceland Volcano, Come Out with Stunning Images
72 Fewer Americans Say Vaccines Are Crucial
73 Ancient Celtic Prince's Grave and Chariot Unearthed
74 25 Robots Set to Compete in Ambitious Contest this Summer
75 Reference: Cholesterol Levels: High, Low, Good & Bad
76 Cold Comfort: Winter Was No Record-Breaker, NOAA Says
77 ISIS' Attack on Ancient History Called a 'War Crime'
78 Why Head Transplants Won't Happen Anytime Soon
79 Will Einstein's General Relativity Break Under Extreme Conditions?
80 Watch Out: Daylight Saving Time May Cause Heart Attack Spike
81 Keeping Up with Kim Kardashian: Butt Augmentation Gets Bigger
82 Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week
83 Why Some People May Be Harder Hit by Daylight Saving Time
84 Solar-Powered Plane Takes Off on Epic Round-the-World Flight
85 Mysterious Jade Artifact May Have Been Offering to Ancient Gods
86 $1.1 Million Brain Prize Awarded for Technique to Visualize Live Brain Cells
87 Toxic Lead Pollution Left Its Mark in Andes Mountains
88 Cavers Find Ancient Hoard of Coins and Jewelry in Israel
89 Brain's 'Pain Meter' Identified
90 Florida Isn't the Only State to 'Ban' Climate Change
91 More Measles Outbreaks 'Will Undoubtedly Occur,' Experts Warn
92 Ancient Chilean Mummies Now Turning into Black Ooze: Here's Why
93 Apple Tool Could Transform How Doctors Gather Your Data
94 Reference: What is Qigong?
95 Reference: Chronic Kidney Disease: Symptoms and Treatment
96 Blockbuster or Bust? Brain Waves May Predict Movie Success
97 Chameleons' Color-Changing Secret Revealed
98 Will the Apple Watch Make People Healthier?
99 Severe Stress and Depression Increase Risk of Early Death
100 US Weather Blew Hot and Cold in February
101 'Bedlam' Graveyard Excavation May Reveal Thousands of Skeletons
102 Reference: Pollution Facts & Types of Pollution
103 Reference: San Andreas Fault Facts
104 Reference: Heroin Facts: Effects, Addiction & Treatment
105 Arctic Glacier Has Its Own Aquifer
106 5 Weird Ways Cold Weather Affects Your Psyche
107 Snowy Owls' NYC Visit Reveals Migration Habits
108 Cosmic Smashups May Have Rained Metal on Early Earth
109 10,000-Year-Old Remains of Extinct Woolly Rhino Baby Discovered
110 San Diego Zoo Turns Off Panda Cam for Mating Time