File Title
1 Low-impact hub generates electrical current from pure plant power
2 Throwing the Hackaball around is an education
3 Apple will replace AT&T in the Dow Jones industrial average
4 Being at the big game--from the comfort of your own home
5 Aerogel catalyst shows promise for fuel cells
6 What causes the sunlight flavour in milk?
7 Dislocations in oxides seen as promising electrolytes create a 'traffic jam' for charged ions
8 Na-ion batteries get closer to replacing Li-ion batteries
9 Study could change nuclear fuel
10 Determining recipes for some of the world's oldest preserved beers
11 Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a more effective carbon capture method
12 Chemists and other researchers are working up new formulas for greener plastic
13 Solar cells get growth boost
14 Caging nuclear waste
15 Digestive brilliance of breast milk unravelled
16 Researchers invent lab-on-paper for rapid, inexpensive medical diagnostics
17 Understanding nickel catalysis
18 New flexible films for touch screen applications achieve longer lasting display
19 New imaging technique finds formation of aluminum alloys to blame for next-gen battery failures
20 Sub-micrometer carbon spheres reduce engine friction as oil additive
21 Technique encapsulates functional hydrophobic organic molecules
22 Researchers spin cotton into capacitive yarn
23 Single ion shuttles the critical electron in fuel cell CO conversion
24 Researchers create artificial methane hydrates and open an innovative pathway for the use of new fuels
25 Fluid-filled pores separate materials with precision
26 Chemists develop 'looking glass' for spotting sound molecular structures
27 Tomorrow's tomography today: Simultaneous 3D imaging of vascular and neuronal networks in mouse spinal cord tissue
28 New class of monofluoro acylboronates that is stable in air and water
29 Lichen to thrill as rare Golden-eye is discovered in South Wales
30 New flavors for lager beer--successful generation of hybrid yeasts
31 Biomolecular force generation based on the principle of a gas spring
32 Menopausal whales are influential and informative leaders
33 Twin copies of gene pair up in embryonic stem cells at critical moment in differentiation
34 Baby mantises harness mid-air 'spin' during jumps for precision landings
35 Protecting crops from radiation-contaminated soil
36 Researchers put mouse gene in cattle to make them less susceptible to TB
37 Scientists discover new roles for viral genes in the human genome
38 Ringling elephants say goodbye to the circus
39 New baby orca, other discoveries made by tracking team
40 Transport molecule forms a protective structure to guide proteins to cell membrane
41 The environmental impact of cats on native wildlife
42 Pakistan customs bag record haul of illegal turtle meat
43 Human and animal interaction identified in the viking age
44 Jerdon's babbler once thought extinct is rediscovered
45 Moves to automate identification of Saimaa ringed seals
46 Evolving to cope with climate change
47 Choosy fish females may boost biodiversity
48 Scientists question the utility of mice to explore the foundations of vocal learning
49 Protein merlin regulates collective cell movement, promoting effective and rapid wound healing
50 PHAs can help save the Chesapeake
51 Ferns may hold key to land rehabilitation
52 Sap-feeding butterflies join ranks of natural phenomenon, the Golden Ratio
53 Scientists unlock tangled mysteries of DNA
54 French tomb sheds light on Iron Age European trade
55 Advanced modeling software explores whether Augustus Caesar really transformed Rome
56 Museum workers able to digitally recreate Stegosaurus to find its mass
57 Earliest known fossil of the genus Homo dates to 2.8 to 2.75 million years ago
58 Research shows belief in supernatural punishment, rather than 'big gods' of religion gave rise to complex societies
59 Little evidence that executive function interventions boost student achievement
60 Study simulates changes to admissions criteria for NYC's specialized high schools
61 Teen boys less attentive at school than girls: OECD
62 Independent-minded baby boomers face limited housing options
63 New research indicates homosexuality prevalent in early Christian Rome
64 Thomas Edison's 'lost' idea: A device to hear the dead
65 Seven strategies to advance women in science
66 Study finds significant facial variation in pre-Columbian South America
67 Poverty, not the 'teenage brain' account for high rates of teen crime
68 New Hampshire bill requires cursive, multiplication tables
69 Eastern Oregon dig uncovers ancient stone tool
70 Professor takes madness out of the month
71 Perfect NCAA bracket? Near impossible, mathematician says
72 Research infrastructure cuts harm science, the economy and the nation
73 New study points to better classrooms for children with disabilities
74 Hunger for meat pushing food security to the edge
75 Study reveals women granted restraining orders against abusers see decreased earnings
76 Development aid can exacerbate violence in war-torn countries
77 There is really a single ideal body shape for women?
78 Calling your bluff: Supervisors easily sniff out what drives a worker
79 Men tend to be more narcissistic than women, large study says
80 From chick to bedside: Removing the Wnt barrier
81 Common antidepressant may hold the key to heart failure reversal
82 In vivo CRISPR-Cas9 screen sheds light on cancer metastasis and tumor evolution
83 Researchers discover protein's pivotal role in heart failure
84 Immune cells repurpose a stem cell transcription factor as a pathogen sensor
85 FDA study finds little evidence of antibiotics in milk
86 Freshwater algae can infect wounds, study shows
87 Irregular sleeping pattern may affect how teens eat
88 Improving your fitness could improve your spouse's fitness
89 Just a half hour of lost sleep linked [to] weight gain
90 New study links antidepressants with improved cardiovascular outcomes
91 Exercise may boost size of some brain regions
92 Researchers map 'switches' that shaped the evolution of the human brain
93 New study links BPA exposure to autism spectrum disorder
94 Neurons critical for learning divided into two subpopulations with different functions
95 Moderate alcohol consumption increases attractiveness
96 Scientists find gene that inadvertently promotes cancer growth
97 Scientist helps develop new tools to probe mysteries of the brain
98 DNA safeguard may be key in cancer treatment
99 New findings on 'key players' in brain inflammation
100 Autism detection improved by multimodal neuroimaging
101 Neuroscientists find that different parts of the brain work best at different ages
102 New understanding of stroke damage may aid recovery
103 FDA approves first lower-cost biotech drug (Update)
104 Research suggests brain's melatonin may trigger sleep
105 Popular antioxidant likely ineffective, study finds
106 Researchers develop polymer that helps wounds heal by strengthening clotting
107 Multitasking hunger neurons also control compulsive behaviors
108 A sense of purpose may help your heart