File Title
1 Friction means Antarctic glaciers more sensitive to climate change than we thought
2 Tiny new fossil helps rewrite crab evolution, sheds lights on late Jurassic marine world
3 Scientists show proteins critical in day-night cycles also protect cells from mutations
4 High performance, lightweight supercapacitor electrodes of the future
5 Mysterious phenomena in a gigantic galaxy-cluster collision
6 Cellular scissors chop up HIV virus
7 JAMA publishes one-year data for transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedure
8 CU Denver study shows product placement, branding growing in popular music
9 Keck School of Medicine of USC scientists open door for asthma cure
10 Hunting, birdwatching boosts conservation action
11 MRSA can linger in homes, spreading among its inhabitants
12 The chameleon reorganizes its nanocrystals to change colors
13 New research into materials for tooth fillings
14 Hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women: Does it help or harm your heart?
15 Welcome to the neighborhood: New dwarf galaxies discovered in orbit around the Milky Way
16 Molecular Lego of knots
17 Fractal patterns may uncover new line of attack on cancer
18 WSU researchers see way cocaine hijacks memory
19 'Sugar papers' reveal industry role in 1970s dental program
20 Getting to the origins of photosynthesis
21 Younger immigrants at higher risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease
22 Depression puts low-income population at even greater risk for obesity and poor nutrition
23 Researchers synthesize new thin-film material for use in fuel cells
24 Predicting the extent of flash flooding
25 Blue blood on ice--how an Antarctic octopus survives the cold
26 Study compares outcomes for surgical vs. non-surgical treatment of broken shoulder
27 Study examines outcomes for patients 1 year after transcatheter aortic valve replacement
28 Lower prevalence of diabetes found among patients with inherited high cholesterol disorder
29 Hospital readmissions following severe sepsis often preventable
30 Document analysis shows influence of sugar industry on 1971 US National Caries Program
31 'Perfect storm' of stress, depression may raise risk of death, heart attack for heart patients
32 Gene networks for innate immunity linked to PTSD risk
33 Bioelectricity plays key role in brain development and repair
34 Post-fire logging can reduce fuels for up to 40 years in regenerating forests, new study finds
35 Discovery demystifies origin of life phenomenon
36 New material captures carbon at half the energy cost
37 Understanding plants' immune systems could lead to better tomatoes, roses, rice
38 Steroids rapidly restore blood-brain barrier function after blast
39 A new species of tapaculo in South America
40 Georgia State study: Ebola-infected sewage may require longer holding period
41 Rat brains point to lead's role in schizophrenia
42 Treatment outlook for adults with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy moves from grim to good
43 Prescription for living longer: Spend less time alone
44 New research reveals low-oxygen impacts on West Coast groundfish
45 Study reveals how genetic changes lead to familial Alzheimer's disease
46 Is US immigration policy 'STEMming' innovation?
47 Could yoga lessen prenatal depression?
48 The physics of clouds
49 Scientists find a new beta cell maturation step triggered by weaning from milk to chow
50 Meta-study shows that the experience of time is altered in depression
51 Babies' body mass index may predict childhood obesity
52 Underlying subfertility may affect ART birth outcomes, BU study finds
53 When should blood transfusions be given after cardiac surgery?
54 Concurrent chemoradiation treatment at high-volume facilities improves survival for NSCLC
55 UCLA study shows feasibility of blood-based test for diagnosing Alzheimer's disease
56 Dark neural patches
57 Repairing the cerebral cortex: It can be done
58 How 3-D bioprinting could address the shortage of organ donations
59 British Psychological Society report challenges received wisdom about mental illness
60 Silk could be new 'green' material for next-generation batteries
61 Brain waves predict our risk for insomnia
62 Uncovering the effects of cooking, digestion on gluten and wheat allergens in pasta
63 Researchers develop tool to understand how the gut microbiome works
64 Gender and race influences when teens start drinking, smoking and doing drugs
65 Graphene: A new tool for fighting cavities and gum disease?
66 Researchers develop 'visual Turing test'
67 The corrugated galaxy--Milky Way may be much larger than previously estimated
68 Therapeutic exercise lessens lung injury and muscle wasting in critically ill patients
69 Finding strengths--and weaknesses--in hepatitis C's armor
70 Are social networks helpful or harmful in long-distance romantic relationships?
71 Particle jets reveal the secrets of the most exotic state of matter
72 Drug restores brain function and memory in early Alzheimer's disease
73 Urging HPV vaccine for boys could protect more people at same price
74 Focus on geriatric medicine
75 Promising Alzheimer's treatment moves toward clinical trials
76 Polymers designed for protection
77 Religion and support for birth control health coverage can mix
78 Scientists transfer pathogen-sensing 'antenna' gene to wheat
79 Cochrane Review of effectiveness of point of care diagnostics for schistosomiasis
80 Palm tree Coco de mer performs 'parental care' and modifies its habitat
81 It's sound--Bristol Pound encourages community unity
82 CT scanning shows why tilting trees produce better biofuel
83 How changes in body weight affect the human metabolism
84 DNA-directed RNA transcription may have profound adaptability
85 Deadly to cancer cells only
86 Fossil skull sheds new light on transition from water to land
87 Study reveals sexual appeal of war heroes
88 Brain processes ongoing pain more emotionally
89 Stem cells in the brain: Limited self-renewal
90 New genetic evidence resolves origins of modern Japanese
91 New mothers more satisfied after giving birth in a public hospital
92 Length matters
93 Honey, I shrunk the ants: How environment controls size
94 Study yields insights into how plant cells grow
95 Swine flu outbreak in India raises concern
96 The Lancet: Healthy eating, exercise, and brain-training
97 Harder-to-abuse OxyContin doesn't stop illicit use
98 Scripps Research Institute study shows 2 new flu strains do not yet easily infect humans
99 Naproxen plus acid-blocking drug shows promise in preventing bladder cancer
100 CU-Boulder-led study shows Saturn moon's ocean may have hydrothermal activity
101 NYU scientists develop computer model explaining how brain learns to categorize
102 Epoch-defining study pinpoints when humans came to dominate planet Earth
103 When should blood transfusions be given after cardiac surgery?
104 Saharan 'carpet of tools' is earliest known man-made landscape
105 Asian monsoon rains drove mammal evolution
106 Air quality in nursing homes affecting lung health of residents
107 Scientists reconstruct evolutionary history of whale hearing
108 Neandertals modified white-tailed eagle claws 130,000 years ago
109 Rapid coastal population growth may leave many exposed to sea-level rise
110 Skull reconstruction sheds new light on tetrapod transition from water to land