File Title
1 Progeny of old parents have fewer offspring
2 The climate is starting to change faster
3 Measuring the marketing effectiveness of asking versus telling
4 One step closer to artificial photosynthesis and 'solar fuels'
5 Centuries-old DNA helps identify origins of slave skeletons found in Caribbean
6 Assumptions of equality lead to poorer group decisions
7 Novel drug candidate regenerates pancreatic cells lost in diabetes
8 Widening rural-urban disparities in youth suicides
9 Vegetarian diet linked to lower risk of colorectal cancers
10 How parents may help create their own little narcissists
11 How blood group O protects against malaria
12 Early herders' grassy route through Africa
13 Canadians' preferences for receiving incidental findings from genetic testing
14 Methane in Arctic lake traced to groundwater from seasonal thawing
15 Dartmouth-led team identifies circadian clock gene that strengthens crop plant
16 Mother's own immune system may cause pregnancy complications
17 Students say face-to-face bullying worse than cyber-attacks: QUT study
18 Telemedicine allows UTHealth to enroll patients remotely into acute stroke trial
19 Physicists propose new classification of charge density waves
20 Physicians and patients overestimate risk of death from acute coronary syndrome
21 Study explains control of cell metabolism in patient response to breast cancer drugs
22 Brain development controlled by epigenetic factor
23 New clues about the risk of cancer from low-dose radiation
24 One in six college students misuse ADHD stimulant drugs
25 Salt affects organs
26 March Madness brackets: Flipping a coin is your best bet
27 Move over Mozart: Study shows cats prefer their own beat
28 Researchers from Stanford University and 23andMe discover genetic links to rosacea
29 Ensuring respect and dignity in the ICU
30 More weight-loss strategies needed for people with neurological disabilities
31 More older adults from US doing volunteer work in other countries
32 Look, something shiny! How color images can influence consumers
33 Researchers snap-shot fastest observations of superconductivity yet
34 Researchers identify process for improving durability of glass
35 UCLA researchers for the first time measure the cost of care for a common prostate condition
36 SDO captures images of mid-level solar flares
37 An injectable UW polymer could keep soldiers, trauma patients from bleeding to death
38 NASA looks inside and outside of Tropical Cyclone Pam
39 New model of cybercrime factors in perishability of stolen data: INFORMS journal study
40 Mid-IR frequency combs enable high resolution spectroscopy for sensitive gas sensing
41 Alarming old and young drivers
42 Disease poses risk to chimpanzee conservation, Gombe study finds
43 'Digitizing' crosstalk among heart cells may help locate epicenters of heart rhythms
44 Fading orange-red in Van Gogh's paintings
45 Are current water treatment methods sufficient to remove harmful engineered nanoparticle?
46 Researchers develop new approach that combines biomass conversion, solar energy conversion
47 This week from AGU: Less summer fog in California, increasing diversity in the geosciences
48 Stopping the revolving door: Sepsis survivors return to hospital for preventable reasons
49 Rare split images of supernova put Johns Hopkins astronomer in the spotlight
50 Study reveals strong link between wildlife recreation and conservation
51 Conclusive link between genetics and clinical response to warfarin uncovered
52 Clinical trial suggests combination therapy is best for low-grade brain tumors
53 Same forces as today caused climate changes 1.4 billion years ago
54 Bat species is first mammal found hibernating at constant warm temperatures
55 Can intensive mindfulness training improve depression?
56 Risk of motor vehicle accidents is higher in people with sleep apnea
57 Invertebrate palaeontology: The oldest crab larva yet found
58 Design and build of synthetic DNA goes back to 'BASIC'
59 ACL injuries in female athletes traced to genes
60 Nutrient pollution from nitrogen and phosphorus reduces streams' ability to support aquatic life
61 Regenstrief study finds natural language processing accurately tracks colonoscopy quality
62 Microbial soil cleanup at Fukushima
63 New carbon accounting method proposed
64 Being 'laid off' leads to a decade of distrust
65 Voices in people's heads more complex than previously thought
66 MDC researchers discover new signaling pathway in embryonic development
67 Scientists find rare dwarf satellite galaxy candidates in Dark Energy Survey data
68 Hidden greenhouse emissions revealed in new Board of Agriculture report
69 Link between autism genes and higher intelligence, study suggests
70 Work-family conflict linked to verbal abuse
71 Optical fibers light the way for brain-like computing
72 More UK regulation of total hip replacement devices needed to prevent unnecessary surgery
73 Queen's astronomers discover fastest ever unbound star in our galaxy
74 Cosmic dust discs withstand hellfire
75 New approach to HIV management in Tanzania and Zambia reduces deaths by almost one-third
76 Engineered cells could help tackle the third most common cancer in Chinese males
77 High levels of vitamin D is suspected of increasing mortality rates
78 Solving the riddle of neutron stars
79 International team of scientists discovers tiny glassy snails in caves of Northern Spain
80 Friction means Antarctic glaciers more sensitive to climate change than we thought
81 Tiny new fossil helps rewrite crab evolution, sheds lights on late Jurassic marine world
82 Scientists show proteins critical in day-night cycles also protect cells from mutations
83 High performance, lightweight supercapacitor electrodes of the future
84 Mysterious phenomena in a gigantic galaxy-cluster collision
85 Cellular scissors chop up HIV virus
86 JAMA publishes one-year data for transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedure
87 CU Denver study shows product placement, branding growing in popular music
88 Keck School of Medicine of USC scientists open door for asthma cure
89 Hunting, birdwatching boosts conservation action
90 MRSA can linger in homes, spreading among its inhabitants
91 The chameleon reorganizes its nanocrystals to change colors
92 New research into materials for tooth fillings
93 Hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women: Does it help or harm your heart?
94 Welcome to the neighborhood: New dwarf galaxies discovered in orbit around the Milky Way
95 Molecular Lego of knots
96 Fractal patterns may uncover new line of attack on cancer
97 WSU researchers see way cocaine hijacks memory
98 'Sugar papers' reveal industry role in 1970s dental program
99 Getting to the origins of photosynthesis
100 Younger immigrants at higher risk of developing inflammatory bowel disease
101 Depression puts low-income population at even greater risk for obesity and poor nutrition
102 Researchers synthesize new thin-film material for use in fuel cells
103 Predicting the extent of flash flooding
104 Blue blood on ice--how an Antarctic octopus survives the cold
105 Study compares outcomes for surgical vs. non-surgical treatment of broken shoulder
106 Study examines outcomes for patients 1 year after transcatheter aortic valve replacement
107 Lower prevalence of diabetes found among patients with inherited high cholesterol disorder
108 Hospital readmissions following severe sepsis often preventable
109 Document analysis shows influence of sugar industry on 1971 US National Caries Program
110 'Perfect storm' of stress, depression may raise risk of death, heart attack for heart patients