File Title
1 Dawn spacecraft entering orbit around Ceres
2 Study of ancient emperor penguin populations creates concern for future of species
3 Fibril flowers on the Sun's surface
4 Herders spread Indo-European languages
5 Gorillas source of two HIV-1 lineages
6 Ancient galaxy sheds light on dust in early Universe
7 Has America entered the age of 'megadroughts'?
8 Penguins can't actually taste fish, say scientists
9 Mysterious Martian 'plumes' baffle scientists
10 Spotted by hobbyists, bizarre plumes on Mars baffle scientists
11 Scientists discover the two quietest places in America
12 Sunken treasure? Divers stumble upon priceless ancient gold.
13 How a black hole's cosmic burp could change the galaxy
14 When it comes to evolution, bigger really is better (+video)
15 Snail teeth may be secret to faster cars. Really. (+video)
16 Ancient cities grew pretty much like modern ones, say scientists
17 Astronauts spruce up space station for commercial spacecraft (+video)
18 Whale rescuers untangle 45-ton humpback from fishing line (+video)
19 Inside a Buddha statue, a surprise mummy (+video)
20 World's rarest big cat could be making a comeback
21 Giant craters continue to appear mysteriously in Siberia (+video)
22 Scientists measure eyelashes, uncover mysterious ratio
23 Artificial intelligence can learn Atari games from scratch, say scientists (+video)
24 Mars rover Curiosity snaps cosmic selfie
25 Brilliant quasar from early cosmos houses supermassive black hole
26 Astronomers spot quasar fueled by the mass of 12 billion suns
27 Mysterious bright spot on Ceres actually two bright spots (+video)
28 Google's AI could probably beat you at Atari
29 Monster quasar shines 429 trillion times brighter than the sun
30 Astronaut safe after helmet leak on NASA spacewalk
31 Bees can experience false memories, scientists say
32 #TheDress: What's the science behind its true color? (+video)
33 Leonard Nimoy: NASA honors the iconic logical Vulcan 'Spock' with tweet (+video)
34 Mysterious booms shake Washington state community (+video)
35 A sign from space: Live long and prosper, Leonard Nimoy (+video)
36 Electricians dangle in outer space to retrofit the ISS
37 What would life look like on Saturn's largest moon? (+video)
38 How scientists are finding lost cities: Is this the 'City of the Monkey God'? (+video)
39 Two new spider species: 'Skeletorus' and 'Sparklemuffin'
40 Old Medicines Give New Hope for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (Essay)
41 Against the Science, Meat Pushes Back into U.S. Diet (Op-Ed)
42 Can Civilization Continue? An Earth System Scientist Explains
43 Jesus' House? 1st-Century Structure May Be Where He Grew Up
44 Mystery Woman Buried Near Richard III
45 Most Docs Have Concerns About Delaying Vaccines but Do It Anyway
46 'Nightmare Bacteria' Require Old and New Weapons
47 Secret Service Will Test-Fly Drones Over US Capital
48 Why Do Geysers Erupt? It Boils Down to Plumbing
49 Peanut Eaters May Live Longer, Study Finds
50 Celiac Disease in Kids Detected by Growth Screenings
51 Marijuana's Risky Reputation Is Wafting Away
52 Iceland's Largest Eruption Ends...Maybe
53 Hit the Sack! People Who Get a Good Night's Sleep Are Happier
54 Siamese Crown Stolen from French Castle
55 Hundreds of Medieval Bodies Found Under Paris Supermarket
56 3 to 5 Cups of Coffee a Day May Lower Risk of Heart Attacks
57 Global Warming Brought on California's Severe Drought
58 You Look Hotter After Drink 1, but Not 2
59 New Pet Therapy Guidelines: No Cats in Hospitals
60 Secret Hideout Helped Penguins Survive the Ice Age
61 Animal Sex: How Barnacles Do It
62 Here's the Best Place to Hide During a Zombie Outbreak
63 Psychology journal bans P values
64 Therapeutic cancer vaccine survives biotech bust
65 Tropical forest losses outpace UN estimates
66 Ancient DNA reveals how wheat came to prehistoric Britain
67 Fukushima data show rise and fall in food radioactivity
68 NIH invests US$41.5 million in placenta research
69 Slick idea proposed to stretch water supplies
70 UN climate panel charts next steps
71 Experts question China's panda survey
72 Guts of giant virus imaged in 3D
73 India's budget disappoints scientists
74 Climate change implicated in current Syrian conflict
75 Europe sounds alarm over freshwater pollution
76 Ebola's mental-health wounds linger in Africa
77 World's deadliest volcanoes identified
78 Robo-rescuers battle it out in disaster challenge
79 Spacecraft nears dwarf planet Ceres
80 Behind the scenes of the world's first commercial stem-cell therapy
81 A sore thing
82 No strings
83 Hues and cry
84 Corruption: Good governance powers innovation
85 Data sharing: Make outbreak research open access
86 Scientists Finally Solve Age-Old Lollipop Question
87 Comets and Deep Fried Ice Cream: the Tasty Similarities
88 Dinos Tripped on Ancient Fungus, Fossils Hint
89 Oldest Known Fur Seal Discovered, Ends 'Ghost Lineage'
90 Ancient Shrew-Like Mammals Discovered in China
91 The 'Killer Blow' that Killed King Richard III
92 Life on Earth Emerged Earlier than Previously Thought
93 Surviving Sex: Black Widow Males Can Smell Potentially Cannibalistic Mates Coming
94 How Does Your Man Treat Women? Just Look at His Fingers
95 Bottlenose Dolphins are Pretty New to the Mediterranean, Says DNA
96 Scientists Re-Discover Higgs Boson Using Superconductors
97 Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinosaurs?
98 Marine Animals Just Getting Bigger and Bigger
99 Skin Damage Possible Even in the Dark
100 Ancient and Modern Cities Are More Alike than Previously Thought
101 Scientists Bring Oxygen Back to Suffocating Waters
102 Insect Predators May Protect Us from Infectious Diseases
103 Can Cola Give You Cancer? Its Food Coloring Might
104 Ancient Shell-Crunching Crocodiles Ruled the Amazon
105 Sheep-Sized Hippos Moved to Africa Even Before Lions and Giraffes
106 Scientists Grow Mouse Leg Muscle in a Dish
107 Mysterious Origin of Matter Possibly Solved
108 Researchers Aim to Mend GMO Regulation... and Public Trust
109 Prone to Spilling? Opt for a Latte
110 Ancient Brits Showed Sophisticated Trading in Wheat