File Title
1 Men's heart disease risk linked to high testosterone and low estrogen
2 San Diego clinic finds high need for treatment of transgender youth
3 Liraglutide may help overweight and obese adults lose weight safely and effectively
4 Sleep apnea is common in women with pregnancy diabetes
5 Testosterone nasal gel works best at three doses a day, study finds
6 Experimental drug turns 'bad' white fat into 'good' brown-like fat
7 Scent-trained dog detects thyroid cancer in human urine samples
8 After breast cancer diagnosis, risk of thyroid cancer goes up
9 Advanced thyroid cancer responds to targeted therapy with sunitinib
10 Dermacentor limbooliati, a new tick species from Malaysia and Vietnam
11 Advances of alternating EM field for earthquake monitoring in China
12 CEO bonuses could cost companies in the long term
13 DeuteRx's novel approach to chiral switching for racemic drugs
14 Small eddies produce global effects on climate change
15 Content creators leave social networks when messaging gets too easy
16 Committing the 'gamblers fallacy' may be in the cards, new research shows
17 Venus, if you will, as seen in radar with the GBT
18 Tiny nanoparticles could make big impact for patients in need of cornea transplant
19 Psychedelic drug use could reduce psychological distress, suicidal thinking
20 Genetics breakthrough by group that includes UF expert will boost diabetes resear
21 Eviction can result in depression, poorer health and higher stress
22 Penn researchers show how rivers creep and flow to shape landscapes over time
23 Seeing tiny twins
24 TSRI scientists reveal structural secrets of nature's little locomotive
25 More study needed to clarify impact of cellulose nanocrystals on health
26 Mayo Clinic and collaborators find new class of drugs that reduces aging in mice
27 Understanding how neurons shape memories of smells
28 Scripps Research, Mayo Clinic scientists find class of drugs that boosts healthy lifespan
29 'Exercise hormone' irisin may be a myth
30 Perceptual training boosts contrast sensitivity for older adults
31 Biofuel proteomics
32 Surprising finding provides more support for Alzheimer's being an autoimmune disease
33 Johns Hopkins researchers engineer custom blood cells
34 Mood, anxiety disorders common in Tourette patients, emerge at a young age
35 New research finds queen bee microbiomes are starkly distinct from worker bees
36 Interdependence explained
37 UCI study of fruit fly 'brain in a jar' reveals mechanics of jet lag
38 New study finds digital clinical decision support tools save lives of pneumonia patients
39 New information helps predict future climate change impacts on global tropics
40 Researchers map 'genomic landscape' of childhood adrenocortical tumors for the first time
41 Study shows teens and adults hazy on Washington marijuana law
42 Viagra in combination with new drugs can have anti-cancer, antibacterial, and therapeutic effects
43 Blood-based genetic biomarkers identify young boys with autism
44 NIST gets new angle on X-ray measurements
45 After 60 million years apart, two fern genera form hybrid in the mountains of France
46 Most information in drug development is lost
47 Seeding mixtures recommended for midwest lawns
48 New training, ultra-high-density planting systems recommended for sweet cherry
49 Amid chaos of Libya, newly unearthed fossils give clues to our own evolution
50 Preterm babies continue to receive inhaled nitric oxide
51 T cell population altered in patients with type 2 diabetes and/or obesity
52 Quantum sensor's advantages survive entanglement breakdown
53 JAMA Viewpoint: Young African-American men deserve better from health care
54 A real eye-opener: Narcolepsy bears classic autoimmune hallmarks
55 Jumping, roly-poly, untethered robot described in Soft Robotics journal
56 Ancient fossils reveal diversity in the body structure of human ancestors
57 From brain tumors to memory: A very multifunctional protein
58 Hippo 'crosstalk' may be vital to tumor suppression
59 Boosting older adults' vision through training
60 Quick, easy and early diagnosis with rare earth ions
61 Societally engaged adults see their lives as redemption stories
62 Boredom and frustration trigger skin-picking and other compulsive behaviors
63 Sexism--it's in his smile
64 Online health information--keep it simple!
65 First look at hospitalized Ebola survivors' immune cells could guide vaccine design
66 African-American cancer patients' depression symptoms under-recognized, CWRU study finds
67 New test uses human stem cells to identify dangerous side effects of drugs
68 Carina Nebula survey reveals details of star formation
69 The chemistry of poison ivy (video)
70 Poorly preserved DNA from African slaves reveals their origins
71 Vaccinate against measles
72 Two-step treatment improved function and decreased pain severity in veterans
73 The secret of wrinkling, folding, and creasing
74 Supplemental feeding for endangered avian species
75 PET/MR can effectively diagnose cause of unclear foot pain
76 What's your genetic destiny? More than half of parents want to know disease risks
77 Understanding of cell enzyme flipped on its head
78 Love, love me do: Male beetles that have more sex are more insecure, study shows
79 Electrons in slow motion
80 Millions of modern men found to be descendants of 11 Asian dynastic leaders
81 Research explores patient views of GP safety
82 Cancer-linked protein helps control fate of intestinal stem cells
83 Ledipasvir plus sofosbuvir: Hint of added benefit in certain patients
84 Toward Methuselah--long-living lighting devices
85 Quantum mechanic frequency filter for atomic clocks
86 Vildagliptin for type 2 diabetes: No suitable data for combination with sulfonylurea
87 Traffic light food labels strengthen self-control
88 Bioelectrochemical processes have the potential to one day replace petrochemistry
89 KAIST develops ultrathin polymer insulators key to low-power soft electronics
90 New gene sequencing technology like a high-powered microscope
91 Scientists urge Brazilian government to stand strong on aquatic animal protections
92 Childhood leukemia study reveals disease subtypes, new treatment option
93 Ancient Africans used 'no fly zones' to bring herds south
94 Innovative light therapy reaches deep tumors
95 Oregon researchers detail new insights on arsenic cycling
96 Pregnancy weight gain tilts the scales for child becoming obese
97 Novel tool visualizes whole body SIV replication
98 Protein in the brain can 'put the brakes' on binge drinking
99 CO2 increase can intensify future droughts in tropics, study suggests
100 Go meta: New technique expands possibilities for molecular designers
101 Bioengineers put human hearts on a chip to aid drug screening
102 Radiation plus immunotherapy combo revs up immune system to better attack melanoma, Penn study suggests
103 Breast cancer risk may be increased in women who have first-degree relatives with a history of prostate cancer
104 Physical labor, hypertension and multiple meds may reduce male fertility
105 Cooperative communities emerge in transparent social networks
106 New technique can locate genes' on-off switches
107 Fifteen new breast cancer genetic risk 'hot-spots' revealed
108 Youth suicide rate in rural areas is nearly double the rate in cities
109 Tiny minority of Chinese adults enjoy ideal heart health
110 'Ouch zone' in the brain identified