File Title
1 New Florida Tech study links coral disease to a warming Atlantic
2 Renewable energy obtained from wastewater
3 SAGE publishes new report on UK's social science impact
4 Cross-cultural communication--much more than just a linguistic stretch
5 Communicating emotions
6 Researchers clarify vasospasm incidence in children with moderate to severe TBI
7 Previously unknown effect of vitamin A identified
8 Cyberbystanders: Most don't try to stop online bullies
9 Asphaltene analysis takes a giant step
10 Filipino newcomers to Canada diagnosed with breast cancer at a younger age
11 Mapping lizard venom makes it possible to develop new drugs
12 Garlic extract could help cystic fibrosis patients fight infection
13 Key genes for symbiosis between mycorrhiza fungi and trees evolved several times
14 'Patchwork' ovarian cancer more deadly
15 Detecting defects at the nanoscale will profit solar panel production
16 New, useful feature of Moringa seeds revealed
17 Scientists find cancer weak spots for new targeted drugs
18 Massive amounts of Saharan dust fertilize the Amazon rainforest
19 Gene regulatory path revealed as target for therapy of aggressive pediatric brain cancer
20 Decline in smoking rates may increase lung cancer mortality
21 UVA prevents diabetic heart condition by magnifying effect of exercise
22 Boy or girl? Lemur scents have the answer
23 Clarithromycin as an anti-cancer agent
24 It's tough to shift that weight, McMaster studies show
25 Sea level spiked for 2 years along northeastern North America
26 Quick test for Ebola
27 International team of scientists launches fossil database
28 The Lancet: Scientists report bionic hand reconstruction in 3 Austrian men
29 Ocean acidification slows algae growth in the Southern Ocean
30 The numbers are in: As many as 2 in 3 smokers will die from their habit
31 Financial incentives can influence control of HIV in some clinical settings
32 An evolutionary approach reveals new clues toward understanding the roots of schizophrenia
33 Crocs rocked pre-Amazonian Peru
34 Younger women delay seeking help for heart attacks, study finds
35 World's protected natural areas receive 8 billion visits a year
36 India's doctors should be helped to expose poor practice or misconduct
37 India's private healthcare sector 'treats patients as revenue generators'
38 Short hospital stay linked to increased risk of death following hip fracture
39 Optical nanoantennas set the stage for a NEMS lab-on-a-chip revolution
40 High-energy breakfast with low-energy dinner helps control blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes
41 Findings may help with the management of anticoagulant-related bleeding within the brain
42 Study suggests need for more sensitive lung cancer screening criteria
43 Gene variant and risk and severity of nerve disorder linked to cancer drug
44 Taking NSAIDs with anti-clotting medications and risk of bleeding, CV events
45 Do genes play a role in peanut allergies? New study suggests yes
46 Women's heart disease should be a research priority
47 Why a latte is less likely to spill than a coffee
48 Too many food choices exacerbate the battle against obesity, researchers find
49 Tumor location in colorectal cancer may influence survival
50 Skin test may shed new light on Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases
51 Lithium comes from stellar explosions
52 Why dope gives you the 'munchies'
53 Scientists unveil map of 'epigenome'
54 Black hole UFOs stunt galaxy growth
55 Sea animals are 'growing larger'
56 Sun damage continues hours after exposure
57 Satellite sea science, drones vs. heart attacks, and plasmons
58 Gut feeling key to fingerprint matching
59 Mercury shines in blue and gold
60 Love hormone has sobering effect
61 Gold rises in bubbles to Earth's surface
62 Genes play a role in peanut allergy
63 Ideal lash length follows one-third rule
64 Fossil reveals hippos related to whales
65 Monster black hole from early cosmos challenges physics
66 Rumination makes bad events feel closer
67 Computer program learns to defeat human gamers
68 'Mind reading' neurones help predict behaviour of others
69 Cooler Pacific has slowed global warming, briefly
70 Moggy music 'purrfect' for cat ears
71 X-ray-ted fish, the new food enemy, 3D printed jet engine and more
72 Scientists find evidence of wheat in UK 8,000 years ago
73 Fungus plays 'biomusic' duet
74 Killer frog disease: Chytrid fungus hits Madagascar
75 UK Arctic ambassador called for by House of Lords
76 Infected chickens cause 'growing concern'
77 Prehistoric caiman's bite 'twice as strong' as T-Rex's
78 MPs call for reform of EU's 'flawed' rules on GM crops
79 Google machine learns to master video games
80 Solar loses out in renewables auction
81 US sea level north of New York City 'jumped by 128mm'
82 Sentinel-2: Europe's 'Landsat' ready to picture Planet Earth
83 Call for more investment in world's protected areas
84 Russia extends space station role
85 Dutch town takes up umbrellas against rogue owl attacks
86 WHO urges shift to single-use smart syringes
87 Newcastle University bionic limb project gets 1.4 million pounds boost
88 Nuclear power: Energy for the future or relic of the past?
89 Sir Richard Owen: The man who invented the dinosaur
90 Do whales have graveyards where they prefer to die?
91 Is the world ready for GM animals?
92 Shy kangaroos prefer bigger groups
93 Healthy dose of hope for one-use syringes
94 Dogs can tell if you're untrustworthy
95 The wild wonders of Norway
96 'Gerbils replace rats' as main cause of Black Death
97 Labour promises to cut tuition fees to 6,000 pounds
98 Leonard Nimoy, Star Trek's Mr. Spock, dies at 83
99 Gary Glitter jailed for 16 years
100 'Jihadi John': Extremists 'not radicalised by MI5'
101 Russia opposition politician Boris Nemtsov shot dead
102 Cage: Important human rights group or apologists for terror?
103 Kidnapped by North Korea--and forced to make films
104 Why everyone is asking: What color is this dress?'
105 Campaignspotting: The BBC's new US presidential blog
106 The girl who gets gifts from birds
107 Optical illusion: Dress color debate goes global
108 US-Bangladesh blogger Avijit Roy hacked to death
109 MWC 2015: Are tablets falling out of favour?
110 Brit Awards 2015: Madonna falls off stage