File Title
1 Steroid therapy increases risk of blood clots five-fold in IBD patients
2 Forecasting the flu better--through combo of 'big' and traditional data
3 Novel eye-tracking technology detects concussions and head injury severity
4 Hydrogen sulfide could help lower blood pressure
5 New deep-brain imaging reveals separate functions for nearly identical neurons
6 Obesity and diabetes symptoms in mice improved by reversing brain inflammation
7 Among gut microbes, strains, not just species, matter
8 Study on dopamine neurons could instruct research into mobility and neurological disorders
9 Scientists develop compound to fight MRSA
10 Researchers design tailored tissue adhesives
11 'Feeding and fasting' hormone adropin can improve insulin action
12 Immune cells from stressed mice found to lessen depression when injected into other mice
13 Study identifies biological mechanisms for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression
14 Infants create new knowledge while sleeping
15 Scientists discover how a 'mini-brain' in the spinal cord aids in balance
16 Erectile dysfunction drugs could protect liver from sepsis-induced damage
17 She's not interested in sex but he thinks she is
18 Complex environments push 'brain' evolution
19 Planet J1407b: Astronomers discover faraway super world with rings 200 times bigger than Saturn
20 Skull sheds light on human-Neanderthal relationship
21 Brain's binge eating circuit revealed
22 Stunning supernova has a bubbly interior
23 See-Through Fish Discovered Under Antarctica's Ice
24 How 40,000 Tons of Cosmic Dust Falling to Earth Affects You and Me
25 Movement to Take Down Thousands of Dams Goes Mainstream
26 Venice Matters to History--Venetians Matter to Me
27 Distant World Has Rings 200 Times Bigger than the Rings of Saturn
28 Could Drilling in the Atlantic Harm Fish, Whales, Turtles?
29 Poll Reveals Rift Between Scientists, Regular Folks
30 Can Sugarcane Workers Be Saved with Simple Water and Shade?
31 Get to the Point: 5 Fast Facts About Porcupines
32 How the Fight Against Ebola Tested a Culture's Traditions
33 Ice Complicates Cleanup in Yellowstone's Rare Oil Spill
34 Is Pollution Weakening Polar Bears' Ability to Mate?
35 2014 hottest year on record according to NOAA, NASA
36 Scientists reveal bizarre method sea turtles use to find their way home
37 It's been 10 years since we landed on Titan. Will we go there again?
38 Elon Musk spends $10 million to stop robot uprising (+video)
39 National Film Registry: What makes a movie influential? (+video)
40 NASA's Dawn makes final approach to Ceres: first close-up look at dwarf planet (+video)
41 Scientists read ancient volcano-charred scrolls without unrolling them
42 Want to invent the next big thing? Think like a kid.
43 Venomous snail uses insulin to put prey into sugar coma
44 Deep diving taxes the hearts of dolphins and seals, say scientists
45 Scientists find fossil of ancient reptile mother caring for her babies
46 Air Force puts declassified UFO reports online. Is the truth out there?
47 Deflategate: Can science tell us if the Patriots cheated? (+video)
48 How do you prevent genetically modified organisms from jumping ship? (+video)
49 Mummy mask could hold oldest known Gospel
50 How a meteorite sparked a 'cosmic archaeological mission'
51 King Tut's beard snaps off, is hastily glued back on
52 This metal surface wants absolutely nothing to do with water
53 Sealed shut for centuries, ancient scrolls read with X-rays
54 Antarctic fish shows how life can thrive just about anywhere
55 NASA spacecraft marks 100 millionth photo of the sun
56 Rare, crazy-looking shark caught by Australian fisherman
57 Rosetta's up-close views of comet: stunning, but puzzling (+video)
58 'Doomsday Clock' now reads 11:57
59 Our apelike ancestors' hands were surprisingly like ours, say scientists
60 Rosetta comet is much weirder than expected, say scientists
61 Bizarre Antarctic fish lives below 2,500 feet of ice
62 11-year-old Mars rover snaps spectacular photo
63 Huge asteroid to zoom past Earth Monday
64 What is 'bombogenesis' and other blizzard terminology (+video)
65 Researchers develop flying, walking bat bot (+video)
66 Tiny helicopter drone could be the future of Mars exploration (+video)
67 What is comet dust made of? Rosetta finds out.
68 Why is this blizzard so...blizzardy? The science beneath the snow.
69 Huge alien planet has rings 200 times bigger than Saturn's, say astronomers (+video)
70 This solar system has five Earth-ish planets and is twice as old as ours
71 So does this huge blizzard disprove climate change?
72 How did snakes evolve? Fossil discovery holds clues.
73 Nor'easter forecast: It's all about location, location, location (+video)
74 Kepler spots ancient solar system with Earth-size planets
75 How did humans evolve? Taiwan fossil complicates picture.
76 NASA honors fallen astronauts with day of remembrance
77 Genetically modified mosquitoes: Why some Floridians fear this solution (+video)
78 Spectacular SpaceX animation shows Falcon Heavy rocket
79 Scientists finally unboil an egg. What was the point?
80 Who were the first Europeans? A 55,000-year-old skull holds tantalizing clues. (+video)
81 New satellite to help NASA predict floods and droughts
82 SpaceX video shows how reusable mega-rocket would work (+video)
83 Laser pioneer Charles H. Townes sought to fuse science with religion
84 Mysterious 'God's hand' space globule imaged by Very Large Telescope
85 Why did NASA send a probe into the Northern Lights?
86 High winds force NASA to scrub soil satellite launch (+video)
87 Huge alien ring system dwarfs Saturn's
88 Watch this very rare African golden cat try to eat a monkey (+video)
89 Baleen whales hear with their bones, study finds
90 Study finds wide gulf between public, scientist views about science (+video)
91 Why is this supernova so bubbly?
92 Are chickens any good with numbers? The answer might surprise you. (+video)
93 Why do scientists have different opinions than the rest of us?
94 Do Kids Really Need to Drink Milk?
95 Passionate About Coral Reef Parasites
96 After Narcosub, Are Drug Drones a Surprise? (Op-Ed)
97 Urgently Examining Environmental Impacts of Fertilizer Run-off
98 Pediatricians Oppose Medical Marijuana, with Some Exceptions
99 Reference: Gypsy Culture: Customs, Traditions & Beliefs
100 Blackbeard's Booty: Pirate Ship Yields Medical Supplies
101 Rocket-Powered Car Aims to Break Land Speed Record
102 Mountain-Size Asteroid Flies by Earth Today: Watch It Online
103 Thirst 'On/Off' Switch Found in Mouse Brain
104 La Nina Events May Spike with Climate Change
105 Freshwater Fish are Disappearing: Where is the Global Response? (Op-Ed)
106 Gen. X and Y: Why You Need to Watch Your Cholesterol Now
107 Worst Northeast Snowstorms: How Does 'Juno' Compare?
108 Widely Used Drugs Tied to Greater Dementia Risk for Seniors
109 Reference: Pterodactyl, Pteranodon & Other Flying 'Dinosaurs'
110 Reference: Nervous System: Facts, Function & Diseases