File Title
1 Study compares effectiveness of different transfusion strategies for severe trauma
2 Care of patients prior to making a diagnosis rarely assessed by quality measures
3 Hospital readmissions after surgery often related to complications from surgery
4 Study examines link between participation in quality improvement program and complications
5 Researchers ID genetic cues for a big heart
6 Study examines link between surgical quality improvement program and outcomes, costs
7 Stanford researchers discover insulin-decreasing hormone in flies, humans
8 The future of holographic video
9 1 in 3 people would risk shorter life rather than take daily pill to avoid heart disease
10 New findings on how the brain ignores distractions
11 Stanford study ties immune cells to delayed onset of post-stroke dementia
12 Genomic differences between developing male and female brains in the womb
13 Can we talk? Patients may avoid topic of work-related asthma for fear of losing jobs
14 BGI study confirms accuracy of its NIFTY in nearly 147,000 pregnancies
15 The earliest stages of star formation in the Ophiuchus molecular cloud
16 Online comments influence opinions on vaccinations
17 Heavy rainfall events becoming more frequent on Big Island, finds new study
18 Electricity delivers therapy to tumors in potentially new treatment, bioengineer says
19 Compound found in grapes, red wine may help prevent memory loss
20 Pigeon power
21 Scientists call for antibody 'bar code' system to follow Human Genome Project
22 MGH team identifies factors predicting infection risk in patients with serious burns
23 University of Toronto study finds high levels of equality for Muslim women in Canada
24 New microscopy technique allows mapping protein synthesis in living tissues and animals
25 Bioengineered miniature structures could prevent heart failure
26 An extra protein gives naked mole rats more power to stop cancer
27 New finding may compromise aging studies
28 TSRI scientists find more DNA and extra copies of disease gene in Alzheimer's brain cells
29 Opioid and heroin crisis triggered by doctors overprescribing painkillers
30 Listening carefully
31 Anti-epilepsy drug preserves brain function after stroke
32 Wealthier men less likely to help partners with housework
33 Religion can help college women who are sexual victims deal with distrust, study finds
34 Mapping of the canary genome
35 Time-based training can decrease impulsivity, research finds
36 Malocclusion and dental crowding arose 12,000 years ago with earliest farmers
37 Bariatric surgery may reduce life expectancy for super obese diabetic patients
38 Rapid and unexpected weight gain after fecal transplant
39 New catalyst uses light to convert nitrogen to ammonia
40 Brain scans predict effectiveness of talk therapy to treat depression
41 Researchers identify peptide that reduces urge to eat
42 Programming safety into self-driving cars
43 BICEP2 and Planck joint study: Gravitational waves remain elusive
44 Supercapacitors poised to help boost vehicle fuel efficiency
45 An end to the medicine dropper for eye injuries?
46 Shade coffee is for the birds
47 Understanding air pollution from biomass burners used for heating
48 Tiny robotic 'hands' could improve cancer diagnostics, drug delivery
49 Pay-to-play sports: Parents with traditional beliefs about gender may shortchange daughters
50 Unnecessary antibiotics frequently given for respiratory infections in outpatient settings
51 Drinking green tea before taking supplements may offer protection from toxicity
52 The brain's social network: Nerve cells interact like friends on Facebook
53 Hamas rule in the Gaza Strip both authoritarian and pragmatic
54 X-ray pulses uncover free nanoparticles for the first time in 3-D
55 Crucial role of breast cancer tumor suppressor revealed
56 Premature babies grow out of asthma
57 Women and people with offspring are more prepared to pay for environmental improvements
58 Kidney images reveal the secrets of how organ develops
59 Inhospitable climate fosters gold ore formation
60 Scientists discover viral 'Enigma machine'
61 Antibodies in the lab: Higher quality through DNA technology
62 No more money and time down the drain say antibody experts in Nature
63 A bright-yellow new species of water frog from the Peruvian Andes
64 Scientists predict earth-like planets around most stars
65 Different mental disorders cause same brain-matter loss, Stanford study finds
66 Fossils from heart of Amazon provide evidence that South American monkeys came from Africa
67 New nanoparticle gene therapy strategy effectively treats deadly brain cancer in rats
68 Newly discovered protein has link to gestational diabetes
69 Contraceptive counseling at dermatologist's office improves knowledge of effectiveness
70 Major study links 2 new genetic variants to breast cancer
71 Scientists reprogram plants for drought tolerance
72 Neuroimaging studies review suggests areas of agreement in psychiatric diagnoses
73 Increasing contraceptive knowledge to promote safe use of isotretinoin
74 Five-year outcomes following bariatric surgery in patients with BMIs of 50 to 60
75 Swedish researchers question treatment of infertility with stem cells
76 Attention! How eyes reveal the brain's focus
77 E-cigarette exposure impairs immune responses in mouse model, new research finds
78 A rare new plant inspires the first genus named after Sir David Attenborough
79 Study finds link between early menopause and CFS
80 Recent gut and urinary tract infections may curb risk of rheumatoid arthritis
81 Health-care professionals back overhaul of prescription charging system in England
82 Improving the drug withdrawal process could reduce number of deaths
83 Females with primary Sjogren's syndrome more likely to experience sexual dysfunction
84 Cheap and abundant chemical outperforms precious metals as a catalyst
85 Paramedics may be first source of treatment for stroke patients, UCLA study finds
86 A smart grid self-organized simply
87 Tropical wasps attack intruders with unfamiliar faces
88 Final results of the HIV prevention study VOICE are published in NEJM
89 Evidence from warm past confirms recent IPCC estimates of climate sensitivity
90 VISTA stares right through the Milky Way
91 Information sheet can help women avoid pregnancy and acne medication-related birth defects
92 Lung cancer now leading cause of cancer death in females in developed countries
93 Potential pancreatic cancer treatment could increase life expectancy
94 Paramedics may be first line of treatment for stroke
95 Is surgery a viable treatment option for patients age 80+ with acute spinal conditions?
96 Smartphone, finger prick, 15 minutes, diagnosis--done!
97 Brain marker hints at depression, anxiety years later
98 Brain's response to angry or fearful faces may reveal vulnerability to stress
99 Inducing or augmenting labor not associated with increase in autism
100 Precision growth of light-emitting nanowires
101 A nanoscale solution to the big problem of overheating in microelectronic devices
102 Ebola: New studies model a deadly epidemic
103 Another reason to drink wine: It could help you burn fat
104 Hubble captures rare triple-moon conjunction
105 Settling for 'Mr. Right Now' better than waiting for 'Mr. Right'
106 New study sheds light on cancer stem cell regulation
107 Cell signaling pathway goes awry in common pediatric brain tumor
108 Reports from Columbia's Superfund program show many US wells tainted with arsenic
109 Illinois trailing other states in girls studying science, math
110 Drug-resistant bacteria lurk in subway stations, high school students discover