File Title
1 Nokia turns to fourth quarter profit buoyed by strong growth
2 Uber steers anti-taxi idea to become global phenomenon
3 NEC says swings back to profit after smartphone overhaul
4 Game on: Virtual trainer takes serious approach to electronic warfare
5 SpongeBob online? Nickelodeon to offer Internet subscription
6 New imaging technology to design and build greener and safer aircraft
7 A robot to help improve wine production
8 Mashable gets $17 million funding led by Time Warner
9 Net expansion driven by mobile presents risks and opportunities for marketers
10 Alibaba run-in with China regulator signals tougher scrutiny
11 Survey reveals how personal concerns, income shape consumer attitudes about energy
12 Bio-inspired autonomous vehicles expand Navy littoral capabilities
13 Tech advances lower chance that driver will die in car crash
14 Linux distrib vendors make patches available for GHOST
15 Cryptographic algorithm can prevent unwanted sharing of personal data, including credit card numbers
16 Who wants a BlackBerry these days? Millions in Africa and Asia
17 LG Chem ups bending radius in OLED lighting milestone
18 Microsoft launches Outlook for rival iOS, Android
19 Just four bits of credit card data can identify most anyone (Update)
20 Facebook adds 'tips' in potential Yelp challenge
21 New app first to use gesture for language learning
22 Smartphone Snapshot: Samsung getting squeezed
23 Reddit reveals bids for user data by outside agencies
24 New strategy to combat 'undruggable' cancer molecule
25 Cell imaging gets colorful
26 3-D enzyme model provides new tool for anti-inflammatory drug development
27 How ionic: Scaffolding is in charge of calcium carbonate crystals
28 Chemists find a way to unboil eggs
29 Design and enantioselective synthesis of new Cashmeran odorants
30 Light-induced generation of gas breaks open microcapsules and releases fragrances
31 Micropore labyrinths as crucibles of life
32 Chemists use high speed camera to fully explain high school explosion demonstration
33 Detecting chemical weapons with a color-changing film
34 Plant-based molecule may be key to cleanup of Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster
35 Eyeglasses that turn into sunglasses--at your command
36 Beer compound could help fend off Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases
37 Researchers develop genetic blueprint for organelles that give simple cells new functions
38 Spiky 'hedgehog particles' for safer paints, fewer VOC emissions
39 Damaged DNA may stall patrolling molecule to initiate repair
40 What does Spiderman eat for breakfast?
41 Rapid test kit detects dengue antibodies from saliva
42 The nanomedicines of the future will build on quantum chemistry
43 Team advances fuel cell car technology
44 Is artificial photosynthesis the next big thing in alternative energy?
45 Chemist discovers new information about elemental boron
46 New clues about a brain protein with high affinity for Valium
47 First-ever view of protein structure may lead to better anxiety drugs
48 Team develops new technique for growing high-efficiency perovskite solar cells
49 Testing new biological plant protection products for effectiveness and practical feasibility
50 Home is a safe haven for female deer
51 Understanding cellular aging
52 Faster melon breeding thanks to smart combination of techniques
53 Smoke bush species show fire awareness
54 Stirling Range flora nears extinction
55 Growing functioning brain tissue in 3D
56 New research shows our seas are in trouble
57 Why is a dolphin not a cat? How repurposing non-coding elements in genome gave rise to great 'mammalian radiation'
58 Ancient 'genomic parasites' spurred evolution of pregnancy in mammals
59 Who's going to win? The answer could change by the hour
60 Bird watchers help federal agencies pinpoint conservation priorities
61 Invasive species in the Great Lakes by 2063
62 Tracking fish easier, quicker, safer with new injectable device
63 Starving honey bees lose self-control
64 X-ray study reveals division of labor in cell health protein
65 Researchers determine key element in circadian clock speed
66 Baleen whales hear through their bones
67 Canceled flights: For monarch butterflies, loss of migration means more disease
68 Scientists reveal global patterns of specialized feeding in insect herbivores
69 Powerful tool promises to change the way scientists view proteins
70 In a role reversal, RNAs proofread themselves
71 A sneaky snake: Teams hunt for rock pythons in Everglades
72 A rare glimpse at the elusive saharan cheetah
73 Structure of world's largest single cell is reflected at the molecular level
74 Analysis of skull fractures in medieval Denmark reveals increased risk of death later on in life
75 Crude conspiracy theories could be right, study shows
76 Long dry spell doomed Mexican city 1,000 years ago
77 Study identifies common elements of STEM schools
78 Youth migration is changing definitions of childhood
79 When aid brings conflict, not relief
80 Middle Triassic fossils reveal how flying fish started to glide
81 The largest known muntiacine found in China
82 Sociologist links cheaper gas prices to more vehicle crashes
83 New tattoos discovered on Oetzi mummy
84 No direct link found between rising inequality and reduced trust
85 Public startups boom under JOBS Act, study shows
86 Fossils' surroundings shed light on extinction and environmental changes
87 Long-necked 'dragon' discovered in China
88 Does time pass? New book says it does--but not in the way you may think
89 55,000-year-old skull links modern man in vicinity of Neanderthals
90 Dinosaur no more: UK museum's Dippy to be retired in 2017
91 Satire has a history of informing during times of crisis
92 Study: Blame men for political gridlock; women may be better at compromise
93 Many religious people view science favorably, but reject certain scientific theories
94 Archeologist urges researchers to study Libya from afar during wartime
95 Individuals may fail to navigate complex tradeoffs in privacy decision-making
96 Sundance doc examines real-life Close Encounter
97 Is this the year you join the one percent?
98 Poll shows giant gap between what public, scientists think
99 Everything you wanted to know about mitochondrial mutations but were afraid to ask
100 Two and a half thousand women could benefit from mitochondrial donation in the UK
101 First trial results show GSK/NIH Ebola candidate vaccine has acceptable safety profile
102 Health insurers using drug coverage to discriminate
103 US doctors flag neurological risk in child virus cases
104 Parkinson's gene linked to lung cancer
105 Researchers discover brain circuit that controls compulsive overeating and sugar addiction
106 Common pesticide may increase risk of ADHD
107 Genetically engineered antibody-based molecules show enhanced HIV-fighting abilities
108 Elucidating the origin of MDR tuberculosis strains
109 Cosmetics have little effect on attractiveness judgments compared with identity
110 Immune cells are an ally, not enemy, in battle against Alzheimer's