File Title
1 Discovery of a gene responsible for familial scoliosis
2 Scientists view effect of whisker tickling on mouse brains
3 Barriers to end-of-life care discussions identified
4 Preventive strategies protect against delirium
5 First sensor for 'crowd control' in cells
6 Light jogging may be most optimal for longevity
7 Sharp, sustained increases in suicides closely shadowed austerity events in Greece
8 Pregnancy outcomes similar for women with kidney transplants as child, adult
9 Review of nonmedicinal interventions for delirium in older patients
10 Cumulative daily screen time linked to teen sleep problems
11 In the Balkans, resilience is rooted in knowledge of wild plants
12 New reset button discovered for circadian clock
13 Metformin may lower lung cancer risk in diabetic nonsmokers
14 Which breast cancer patients need lymph nodes removed? Ultrasound narrows it down, study finds
15 Penn professor shows how 'spontaneous' social norms emerge
16 A simple intervention can make your brain more receptive to health advice
17 Commonly used antibiotics with diuretic can double risk of sudden death in older patients
18 Too many heart failure patients are treated with IV fluids, study finds
19 RNA: The unknotted strand of life
20 To speed up magma, add water
21 AAO-HNSF clinical practice guideline: Allergic rhinitis
22 Study details how cocaine works in the brain, offers possibility of drug to treat addiction
23 Infant gut microbiota links gestation duration, delivery method, healthy weight gain
24 Dartmouth researchers reprogram tumor's cells to attack itself
25 Hepatitis C more prevalent than HIV/AIDS or Ebola yet lacks equal attention
26 Researchers identify key mechanisms underlying HIV-associated cognitive disorders
27 Scientists to use research and education to guide conservation in central Africa
28 This week from AGU: Pacific wind patterns, Ethiopia's sedimentary record, US air quality
29 Online photos provide evidence for the value of clean water
30 One-atom-thin silicon transistors hold promise for super-fast computing
31 Children who get vitamin A may be less likely to develop malaria
32 Rediscovering spontaneous light emission
33 Neurologists find movement tracking device helps assess severity of Parkinson's disease
34 CWRU astronomers find new details in first known spiral galaxy
35 Fruitful collaboration yields insight on the tomato genome
36 Puget Sound salmon face more ups and downs in river flows
37 Partner caregivers of veterans with brain injuries may be at risk for chronic disease
38 Choosing a cell phone, prescription drug plan or new car? Read this first
39 There have been a lot of cats in the New York Times, and not all just for fun
40 Penta-graphene, a new structural variant of carbon, discovered
41 University partnerships in high- and low-income countries can increase research capacity
42 Center for BrainHealth tool provides unique insight for those with traumatic brain injury
43 Serendipity leads to discovery of adult cancer genes in young-adult Ewing Sarcoma
44 Physicists observe motion of skyrmions
45 Study finds our thoughts are susceptible to external influence--even against our will
46 New research sheds light on neural circuit development
47 Superager brains yield new clues to their remarkable memories
48 Researchers identify 2 genetic mutations that interact to lower heart attack risk
49 York academics reveal fishy cooking habits of North American hunter-gatherers
50 Surgical metrics do not provide a clear path to improvement, Mayo Clinic study says
51 Study investigates the complex roads that lead families to food insecurity
52 MGH/MIT study identifies neurons important for induction of natural REM sleep
53 Splash down
54 New molecule protects heart from toxic breast cancer drugs
55 Role of gravitational instabilities in volcanic ash deposition: Eyjafjallajokull
56 White potatoes should be allowed under WIC, says IOM report
57 Study sheds new light on aggressive cancer in children
58 Staff turnover and complaints in mental health trusts could be suicide warning signs
59 A novel shuttle for fatty acids
60 Researchers unlock new way to clone hemlock trees able to fight off deadly pest
61 Customers who binge-consume are more valuable, says INFORMS study
62 Protective brain protein reveals gender implications for autism, Alzheimer's research
63 Power psychs people up about...themselves
64 Trends in reproductive medicine: From conception to birth
65 If Facebook use causes envy, depression could follow
66 Glioblastoma: Study ties 3 genes to radiation resistance in recurrent tumors
67 University of South Florida researchers develop handheld sensor to sniff out fish fraud
68 Children's hunger born from mothers' trauma
69 New yeast species marks milestone for collection
70 A few cells could prevent bone marrow transplant infections
71 Early childhood programs found to significantly lower likelihood of special education placements in third grade
72 From pecan to walnut: American leafminer invades Italy on a new tree
73 Primed memories tempt people into gambling more
74 Seeing the knee in a new light: Fluorescent probe tracks osteoarthritis development
75 Simple strategies lead to improvements in 1 year-olds at risk for autism
76 The rarely understood ammonium carbonate monohydrate
77 Add nature, art and religion to life's best anti-inflammatories
78 New data revealed on Q10 coenzyme, whose deficiency causes a rare mitochondrial disease
79 Spanish scientists modify with pulsed light the protein that causes most allergies to milk
80 Xerostomia, or dry mouth syndrome, can be a symptom of asthma, according to a recent study
81 There is not a single type of schizophrenia, as thought, but 8 different genetic diseases
82 Giant rodent used incisors like tusks
83 How will ocean acidification impact marine life?
84 Female sticklebacks prime their offspring to cope with climate change
85 'Cleaner' protein protects against atherosclerosis
86 First study to demonstrate long-term control of cane toads
87 23andMe study uncovers the genetics of motion sickness
88 Smoking linked to higher risk of death among colorectal cancer survivors
89 Sea slug has taken genes from algae it eats, allowing it to photosynthesize like a plant
90 Artificial blood vessels
91 Socioeconomic differences in adolescent health getting wider
92 Birth method, gestation duration may alter infants' gut microbiota
93 Precision medicine in action: Genomic test helps solve medical mystery
94 One in 2 people in the UK will get cancer
95 The Lancet: International study reveals widening health inequalities among adolescents
96 New study finds hospital readmissions following surgery are not tied to errors in care
97 MicroRNAs can limit cancer spread
98 Machine learning offers insights into evolution of monkey faces, researchers find
99 Sparing hope for the future: Preserving fertility in cancer patients
100 New technique doubles the distance of optical fiber communications
101 Culture shock--Are lab-grown cells a faithful model for human disease?
102 Fifteen million unwanted pregnancies a year caused by underuse of modern contraception
103 Artificially intelligent robot scientist 'Eve' could boost search for new drugs
104 Transparent soft PDMS eggshell created as step towards embryo lab on a chip
105 Cocaine users have impaired ability to predict loss
106 Oxygen uptake in respiratory muscles differs between men and women during exercise
107 Healthy diet linked to lower risk of chronic lung disease
108 Only two-thirds of donations to Ebola crisis have reached affected countries
109 Industrial pump inspired by flapping bird wings
110 Just knowing isn't enough: Issuing hospital report cards had no impact on surgery outcomes