File Title
1 Illusion aids understanding of autism
2 Cyanobacterium found in algae collection holds promise for biotech applications
3 Abnormalities in pregnancies with failures for noninvasive prenatal testing
4 Low birth weight and preeclampsia tend to reoccur in the next generation
5 Pregnancy associated hypertension associated with an increased frequency of subsequent hypertension and metabolic syndrome
6 Impact of probiotics on metabolic health in women with gestational diabetes
7 Effect of maternal glycemia on childhood obesity and metabolic dysfunction
8 Fetal decent and maternal feedback substantially shortens second stage labor
9 The effect of expanded midwifery on cesarean delivery
10 STAN as an adjunct to intrapartum fetal heart rate monitoring did not improve perinatal outcomes
11 Improving health before pregnancy could be key to the prevention of childhood obesity
12 'Live fast, die young' galaxies lose the gas that keeps them alive
13 Fewer viral relics may be due to a less bloody evolutionary history
14 Mesozoic mammals--what do we know from China?
15 Skin based immunity secrets revealed
16 Scientists discover organism that hasn't evolved in more than 2 billion years
17 Reducing hospital readmission rates will require community-focused efforts
18 Sexual behavior among female students has gradually become more risky
19 Surgical innovations brought to you by the British Journal of Surgery
20 Non-invasive first trimester blood test reliably detects Down's syndrome
21 Research points to genes that may help us form memories
22 Kidney function considerations are critical when assessing drugs in clinical trials
23 Sleep problems may impact bone health
24 Clarity needed in studies on gender and access to cardiac rehabilitation
25 Addressing feral cats' diet may help protect native species
26 IU biologists partner bacterium with nitrogen gas to produce more, cleaner bioethanol
27 Oceans' increasing mercury levels may be harming fish
28 Researchers determine how the brain controls robotic grasping tools
29 Range of options, prices brings in the crowdfunding bucks, says Rotman research
30 NSU researcher discovers certain ARB drugs are better than others to treat heart failure
31 Decreases in short-term memory, IQ, altered brain metabolic ratios in urban APOE4 children
32 New mechanism of inheritance could advance study of evolution, disease treatment
33 Rivers might constitute just 20 percent of continental water flowing into oceans
34 Spiny lobster abundance study at Glover's Reef, Belize finds fishery in good shape
35 New study postulates the role of dietary advanced glycation end products in the risk of Alzheimer's
36 Team led by UCLA and Columbia engineers uses disorder to control light on a nanoscale
37 Worms lead way to test nanoparticle toxicity
38 Tree species influence boreal forest fire behavior and subsequent effects on climate
39 Dartmouth researchers discover new mechanism of acquired resistance to breast cancer drugs
40 State-of-the-science help for hay fever sufferers
41 Obesity follows growth of big box retailers and restaurants, Georgia State economist finds
42 Winding borders may enhance graphene
43 UI researchers link smoke from fires to tornado intensity
44 To save your energy while strolling, walk this sway
45 Whose numbers determine cost-effectiveness of targeted anti-cancer therapies?
46 Study supplies insight into behavior of African monsoon
47 Toward the next biofuel: Secrets of Fistulifera solaris
48 Friend, foe or queen? Study highlights the complexities of ant perception
49 Smartphones change teenagers' digital media use patterns
50 Wrinkle predictions
51 Getting yeast to pump up the protein production
52 More evidence that musical training protects the brain
53 Laying a foundation for treating ALS, spinal cord injury
54 Shrinking range of pikas in California mountains linked to climate change
55 Five-day meeting on the naming of plants, fungi and algae recorded for posterity
56 Dance of the nanovortices
57 Expert panel recommends new sleep durations
58 Risk for autism increases for abandoned children placed in institutions
59 Physician guidelines for Googling patients need revisions
60 Study shows top 10 challenges facing global pharmaceutical supply chains
61 Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia reduces suicidal thoughts in veterans
62 Study looks at the impact of fetal gender on the risk of preterm birth
63 Study finds variation of the interval between first and second pregnancy
64 NYU's microscopic monitoring may yield advances in production of products, pharmaceuticals
65 Moffitt researchers discover biological markers associated with high-risk pancreatic lesions
66 Still doubts on gravitational waves
67 BU study finds occupational link in kidney disease epidemic in Central America
68 Study finds deep ocean is source of dissolved iron in Central Pacific
69 Public participation should be at the heart of big data projects
70 Many universities undercount sexual assaults on campus, research finds
71 Three amazing women scientists you've never heard of (video)
72 Confidence in government linked to willingness to vaccinate
73 Safe production in Industry 4.0
74 Interconnected IT for business models in rural areas
75 Peptide shows promise in penetrating heart attack scar tissue to regenerate cardiac nerves
76 New '2-in-1' test simplifies retina evaluations
77 New technique captures real-time diagnostic 3-D images
78 How spaceflight ages the immune system prematurely
79 New method shrinks metastatic ovarian cancer and reduces chemotherapy dose
80 In mice & men: Laser treatment reverses effects of early age-related macular degeneration
81 Turning up heat on plants could help grow crops of the future
82 Scientists open new chapter in cell biology and medicine
83 Activated immune cells indicate a favorable prognosis in colorectal cancer
84 Break on through to the other side: How HIV penetrates the blood-brain barrier
85 Mining the moon becomes a serious prospect
86 Global warming slowdown: No systematic errors in climate models
87 Possible cause of IVF failure in some women identified
88 You can be a coward or a fighter--just pick one and stick with it, says study
89 One good turn: Birds swap energy-sapping lead role
90 Bowhunting may have fostered social cohesion during the Neolithic
91 Epigenetic signatures that differentiate triple-negative breast cancers
92 Actions and beliefs behind climate change stance
93 Physical activity as medicine among Family Health Teams: Study
94 Keep your enemies close? Greater proximity to opponents leads to more polarization
95 Augmented labor during childbirth is not associated with increased odds of autism
96 Sequential screening provides better test performance than cell free DNA
97 New research finds baby's genes, not mom's, may trigger some preterm births
98 Area-wide management a must for Asian citrus psyllid
99 Researchers introduce a macrosystems approach to study stream ecology
100 New TSRI study shows how immune cells hone their skills to fight disease
101 Complex incentives drive macular degeneration prescription decisions, Stanford study finds
102 Identification of much-needed drug target against MRSA, gram-positive infections
103 A simple method to monitor [beta] cell death in individuals at-risk for type 1 diabetes
104 Babies can follow complex social situations
105 Engineers devise genetic 'on' switch made exclusively of RNA
106 Language study offers new twist on mind-body connection
107 Graphene displays clear prospects for flexible electronics
108 New pathway for stalling BRCA tumor growth revealed
109 Clean technology can partially make up for weak CO2 pricing
110 Protein threshold linked to Parkinson's disease