File Title
1 Steerable Needle Lets Neurosurgeons Remove Brain Clots
2 Dual Role: Key Cell Division Proteins also Power Up Mitochondria
3 Researchers Describe the Key Role of a Protein in the Segregation of Genetic Material During Cell Division
4 Scientists Discover How to Map Cell-Signaling Molecules to Their Targets
5 New Details on Microtubules and How the Anti-Cancer Drug Taxol Works
6 Scientists Make Major Advance Important for Cancer Research
7 High Trans Fat Diets Linked to Diminished Memory in Men
8 Engineers Develop Self-Healing Material Capable of Fixing Larger Cracks and Holes
9 UT Arlington Research May Unlock Enzyme's Role in Disease
10 Targeted Synthesis of Natural Products with Light
11 New Parkinson's Disease Chemical Messenger Discovered
12 Understanding PP1, the Ubiquitous Enzyme
13 Protein Improves Efficacy of Tumor-Killing Enzyme
14 Odor that Smells like Blood: Single Component a Powerful Trigger for Large Carnivores
15 How the Fruit Fly Could Help Us Sniff Out Drugs and Bombs
16 Decoding the Unique Characteristics of Aroma
17 Faces Are More Attractive When Ambient Odors Are Pleasant: Study
18 Blowing Bubbles Just Went High-Tech with Images and Scents
19 Dragonflies Display Complex Choreography While on the Hunt
20 Rio Negro Shrimp Research Shows Amazonian Diversity
21 Skin Cells Reprogrammed into Brain Cells
22 Researchers Seek 'Safety Lock' Against Tumor Growth After Stem Cell Transplantation
23 Spinal Cord Mass Arising from Neural Stem Cell Therapy
24 Blocking Cells' Movement to Stop Cancer Cells from Spreading
25 Johns Hopkins Researchers Locate Genetic Variant Associated with Schizophrenia
26 When Green Algae Run Out of Air
27 Ultra-Efficient Hemoglobin Key to Evolutionary Success of Fish
28 Unique Species of Arctic Fish Has Clear Blood and No Scales
29 Faster, Cheaper Test Developed for Sickle Cell Disease
30 Aspirin May Reduce the Risk of Blood Clots Reoccurring
31 FDA Orders Testosterone Supplement Makers to Include Blood Clot Warnings
32 Penn Medicine Study Shows 'Clot-Busting' Drugs Reduce Deaths from Pulmonary Embolism by Nearly Half
33 Results of a Parental Survey May Help Predict Childhood Immunization Status
34 Scientists Pave the Way for Vaccine to Combat Devastating Avian Disease
35 First step toward Ebola vaccine successful
36 Early success for vaccine against brain-wasting disease
37 Llama antibodies capable of neutralizing HIV
38 India Looks for WHO to Recognize Asian Country as Being Polio-Free
39 WHO Confirms Syria Polio Originated in Pakistan, Threat to Europe
40 Syria Takes Action as Polio Is Confirmed in 10 Children in the Region
41 California Receives 'A' Grade on Preterm Birth Report Card
42 Curiosity Finds Evidence that Water Helped Form Mars' Mount Sharp
43 Planet's Watery Story Emerges from Martian Rocks
44 NASA's Curiosity Resumes Journey After Short 'Darwin' Site Visit
45 Huge Fuel Tank Crushed by NASA Engineers to Build Better Rockets
46 ESA's Venus Express goes quiet after eight years of studying planet
47 NASA rover finds active, ancient organic chemistry on Mars
48 New "Brain" for Space Shuttle Engine is No Technological Flashback to the '80s
49 Shortened Radiation Treatment for Better Breast Cancer Results
50 New Device Promises to Ease Mammography Discomfort
51 Common Blood Pressure Drug Does Not Increase Breast Cancer Risk
52 Sustained Efficacy, Immunogenicity, and Safety for GlaxoSmithKline's HPV Vaccine
53 Clearing Cells to Prevent Cervical Cancer
54 Many Healthy Americans Harbor Human Papilloma Viruses
55 When Dining Out, How Do You Choose Healthier Menu Items?
56 Most of the World Belongs to the Clean Plate Club--Except Children
57 Loch Ness Monster Allegedly Captured in Apple Maps Satellite Image
58 Libertarian Paternalism and School Lunches: Guiding Healthier Behavior While Preserving Choices
59 Web Inventor Berners-Lee 'Deeply Concerned' About Online Privacy
60 Sweden Rated Highest on Tim Berners-Lee's Web Index
61 Controversial Book Claims to Have Evidence Jesus Was Married, Had Kids
62 When Science and Religion Collide, It's Not Always a Bad Thing
63 Is Your Holy Water Safe from Contamination?
64 Are Christians Becoming More 'Green'?
65 Digital Sabbath: Can You Unplug for 25 Hours?
66 John McAfee Linked to Private Message-Encrypting Chadder App
67 Couples May Split Due to Inappropriate, Overused Texting
68 Court Holds Texters Liable for Accidents, Even if They Aren't There
69 Women Use Emoticons in Text Messages More than Men
70 Californium Could Change the Ballgame on Radioactive Waste
71 American Chemical Society Podcast: Detecting Radioactive Material in Nuclear Waste Water
72 Volume of Nuclear Waste Could Be Reduced by 90 Percent
73 Safer Nuclear Fuels
74 Ask an Expert--Is Thorium Power the Future of Energy?
75 Bioengineers Close to Creating Painkillers Without Using Opium from Poppies
76 Treat Patients with Addiction During, After Hospitalization
77 Codeine Prescriptions to Children in the ER Continue Despite Dangers
78 Group Calling for FDA to Revoke Pain Killer Approval
79 Access to Health Care Increases Prescription Opioid Availability and Associated Abuse
80 Researchers 'Cage' Water to See It Change Form
81 Water World Theory of Life's Origins Outlined in New Study
82 New Recipe Will Allow for Faster Production of Hydrogen
83 Ancient Oxygen-Free, Hydrogen Sulfide-Rich Ocean May Foreshadow the Future
84 Lost memories may be restored, research reveals
85 Office Jerks Beware--Your Good Ideas May Not Always Be Welcomed by Colleagues
86 Monkeying Around with Math--Dopamine Plays a Role in Cognitive Reasoning
87 Newly Discovered Fossil Helps Bridge Evolutionary Gap of the Ichthyosaur
88 Fossilized urination prints reveal how dinosaurs peed
89 Rare Balloon-shaped Animal Fossil Sheds Light on Earth's Ancient Seas
90 Coelacanth Genome: Unexpected Insights from Fish with a 300-million-year-old Fossil Record
91 Rebel Coelacanth Discovery Forces Rethink on Their Evolution
92 100-Million-Year-Old Fossil from Texas Is New Fish Species
93 Nature-Inspired Carving Technique Used to Create Unbreakable Glass
94 Scientist Creates Morphing Material that Has Huge Potential
95 New Device Based on a Fly's Freakishly Acute Hearing May Find Applications in Futuristic Hearing Aids and Military Technology
96 New Method Could Make Sub-wavelength Images at Radio Frequencies
97 Hearing Canal Helps Gators Find Sound Direction
98 Tiny Frogs Species Hears with Its Mouth
99 Chirp of Rare Bushcricket Is as Loud as a Power Saw
100 Return of Supersonic Passenger Travel May Be Coming Closer to Reality
101 Tea Party Support Linked to Educational Segregation
102 Will Need for Vegetable Oil Mean Trouble for Africa's Great Apes?
103 How Does Snowfall Affect a River's Flow?
104 Extinct Marsupial Preyed on Animals Bigger than Itself
105 Dingoes Wrongly Accused of Animal Extinctions
106 Humans Not Responsible for Australian Megafauna Extinction