File Title
1 Australian doctors devise checklist to spot elderly patients most at risk of death
2 Pre-clinical studies in mice reveal ways to reduce cancer risk in gene therapy with modified treatment
3 Coeliac disease rate among young children has almost tripled in past 20 years
4 Strategy to reduce stigma of facial paralysis
5 Hearing-aid intervention could help stave off depression, improve quality of life
6 System invented to improve effectiveness of cancer surgery
7 Tomorrow's doctors could use this technology to obtain a super-clear picture of patients' organs and tissues
8 In women with Alzheimer's disease, prostate cancer drug slows memory loss
9 Immune system response may play a key role in viral therapy's effectiveness against tumors
10 New bone growth therapy to be tested in space
11 Research suggests possible HIV risk with birth control shot
12 Current guidelines to limit kids' screen-based media use 'may not be tenable'
13 Medicaid 'fee bump' to primary care doctors associated with better access to appointments
14 A range of factors may lead to autism-related idiosyncrasies
15 Fetal development promoted by fatty acids in fish; brain likely shielded from mercury damage
16 Regulating the toxicity of silver nanoparticles
17 Communication by bacteria as a therapeutic target for medicines
18 Blood vessels in older brains break down, possibly leading to Alzheimer's
19 New model proposed to replace US News & World Report rankings system for medical schools
20 Decrease in deaths of extremely premature infants
21 Avoiding or delaying surgery through close monitoring of renal tumors
22 Study measures nation's access to exercise opportunities
23 Largest study of babies born after infertility treatment shows significant improvements in health over past 20 years
24 Antisocial and non-antisocial siblings share difficulty recognising emotions
25 Major study links gene to drug resistance in testicular cancer
26 Patient older age not an issue in revision cochlear implantation
27 Revolutionary device found to lower blood pressure
28 Dry eye syndrome: Neuroptis successfully completes the pre-clinical phase for ML7
29 New imaging system may improve effectiveness of cancer surgery
30 Health consciousness: do consumers believe healthy food always tastes bad?
31 Trying to project an image of success? It could make you dwell on your failures
32 K2M receives FDA 510(k) clearance for the next generation of its innovative complex spine MESA (R) technology
33 Obama's speech sheds light on vital investments for America's aging society
34 UK Government backs standardised packaging of tobacco
35 Published data demonstrates superiority of TIF procedure over PPI
36 Leeds Scientist to test new MRI method to predict who will benefit from chemotherapy
37 New study shows veg diets boost weight loss
38 NICE recommends Xarelto as an effective treatment option for reducing risk of secondary events in acute coronary syndrome
39 New revolutionary culturing technique for liver and pancreas
40 UNMC receives $1.9 million grant to develop therapy to protect against nerve agents
41 NICE recommends Jardiance (empagliflozin) for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes to improve glycaemic control in adults
42 You are what you eat--how gut bacteria affect brain health
43 Salt may raise blood pressure by disabling safety mechanism in the brain
44 Exhaled carbon dioxide alerts malaria mosquito to human presence
45 Coma patients show improved recovery from hearing family voices
46 CDC: low awareness among women of birth defect risk from opioids
47 Good-quality sleep when younger, not older, may benefit later-life memory
48 Sleeping on stomach 'may raise risk of sudden death in epilepsy'
49 Social distancing 'effective for reducing flu risk'
50 Despite CDC's recommended age for HPV vaccine, only about half of teenage girls receive it at the approved age
51 Virtual reality assertiveness training helped teen girls avoid sexual victimization
52 The health benefits of oranges versus orange juice
53 Hope for a cocaine vaccine to help addicts kick the habit
54 Task length linked with cognitive fatigue in multiple sclerosis
55 Heart muscle regeneration induced by long-term use of ventricular assist devices
56 FitCons scores demonstrate a much greater power to predict which genetic material regulates the expression of genes
57 New report: 4 in 10 American children live in low-income families
58 Global ENIGMA consortium set up to crack brain's genetic code
59 Proteins identified that are likely to trigger psoriasis
60 Study maps travel of H7 influenza genes
61 Camaraderie at Weight Watchers may falter as you near your goal
62 Pathogens detected by cell's recycling team
63 Livers kept healthier for transplant by new machine-perfusion organ preservation system
64 Targeting DNA repair pathways could provide new treatment options for pediatric neuroblastoma
65 Seeking a personalized treatment solution for intellectual disability
66 Researchers find new way to combat resistant cancers
67 New forensic entomology observations expand knowledge of decomposition ecology
68 Video-based treatment may improve autism-related behavior in at-risk infants
69 Travelers taking antibiotics may be helping spread of 'superbugs'
70 What are the health benefits of chromium?
71 Scientists find gene vital to central nervous system
72 UCSD study shows why protein mutations lead to familial form of Parkinson's disease
73 Why should adolescents with psychological symptoms be asked about hallucinations?
74 Concern over skin whitener marketing
75 Head and neck cancers in young adults are more likely to be a result of inherited factors
76 Dislocating a hip after total hip replacement can be a traumatic experience
77 Doctor-patient contact: Lower satisfaction levels among Russian-speaking migrants in Germany
78 NYU researchers develop new assessment tool to combat oral-systemic disease
79 Noisy data facilitates Dartmouth investigation of breast cancer gene expression
80 Incidence of colorectal cancer increasing in young adults
81 Transoral fundoplication is an effective treatment for patients with GERD
82 New animal models faithfully reproduce the tumor of each patient
83 Key factor discovered in the formation of metastases in melanoma
84 New strategies to identify and help women victims of intimate partner violence
85 Researchers find new links between obesity and cardiovascular disease
86 High blood calcium linked with increased risk of premature death in dialysis patients
87 Immune system promotes digestive health by fostering community of 'good' bacteria
88 Reducing Myc gene activity extends healthy lifespan in mice
89 Mode of delivery could influence risk of painful intercourse
90 Mapping the brains of blind people has 'challenged perceptions of how the brain works'
91 Enzymes believed to promote cancer actually suppress tumors
92 Estrogen-producing neurons influence aggression in both sexes
93 First major analysis of Human Protein Atlas is published in Science
94 Promising drug candidate protects against radiation exposure from nuclear fallout
95 Penn study uncovers secrets of a clump-dissolving protein
96 Using viruses to find the cellular Achilles heel
97 WSU researchers see effect of BPA and estradiol on sperm development
98 Viruses may play unexpected role in inflammatory bowel diseases
99 Rare neurological disease shines light on health of essential nerve cells
100 Negative tweets 'may indicate a higher risk of heart disease'
101 Many women with breast cancer have poor knowledge about their condition
102 The Royal College of Anaesthetists calls for joined up care for high risk surgical patients
103 New 'systems genetics' study identifies possible target for epilepsy treatment
104 Pathogens and Global Health asks: what is the cost of an Ebola case?
105 Providing better data on the Ebola virus
106 Many patients are not getting online services they want from physicians
107 International imaging effort unlocks brain secrets
108 New feline kidney disease research offers hope for earlier detection and improved quality of life
109 Men and masculinity: An emerging theme in gender and health research
110 Sexually-transmitted diseases: do multiple partners mean more immunity?