File Title
1 New Study Finds that Lava Carved the Giant Valleys of Mars
2 Chaos Causes Beauty
3 Indiana University Research: 'Just Right' Plant Growth May Make River Deltas Resilient
4 Mississippi River Sediments Plentiful Enough to Rebuild Shrinking Delta
5 Study Shows Most of the Sand in Alberta's Oilsands Came from Eastern North America
6 Geophysicist and Mathematicians Team Up to Describe How River Rocks Round
7 Atmospheric calcium spikes indicate potential meteor showers at Mercury
8 Boeing Covers Groundwork in Second Milestone
9 Archaeologists Find Home of the Last Neanderthals
10 Neanderthals May Have Made First Specialized Bone Tools
11 First Evidence of Neanderthal Bone Tool Use Discovered
12 Oldest stone tool ever discovered in Turkey
13 Research Outlines the Story of Soot
14 Oxygen Therapy, Facial Hair Combination May Be Hazardous to Health
15 Are Better-tasting Reduced-fat Desserts, Dressings and Sauces Coming Soon?
16 Breakfast Sandwiches Considered to Be a Ticking Time Bomb for Your Arteries
17 No Link Between White Potato Consumption and Certain Health Risks
18 Eating More Beans, Peas, Chickpeas and Lentils Can Increase Fullness and May Help Manage Weight
19 Ancient Syrians Chose Buying Local Instead of Importing
20 New Sourcing Technique Detects Obsidian in Seconds
21 Answer to Handaxe Mystery Is 'Trust'
22 Shifting Trade Routes May Have Been Root Cause of Mayan Decline
23 New DNA Study Reveals Lost History of the Paleo-Eskimo People
24 Violence Reigned in Parts of Ancient American Southwest, Peace in Others
25 Native American Cahokia Was the Country's First 'Melting Pot'
26 European Fort Discovered in the Appalachian Mountains
27 Mexican Rainforest Reveals Long-Hidden Maya City
28 Dating Refined for the Atapuerca Site Where Homo Antecessor Was Discovered
29 Stone Ships Give Clues to Bronze Age at Baltic Sea
30 Trinity Geologists Rewrite Earth's Evolutionary History Books
31 Fossil Discovery Identifies Earliest Evidence for Animals with Muscles
32 How tree lobsters survived extinction on Ball's Pyramid
33 Icelandic volcano leads to new insight into Earth's crust formation
34 Our First Steps: Polypterus Walking Fish Study Reveals Clues About How Our Ancestors Evolved to Walk on Land
35 Lionfish Characteristics Make Them More "Terminator" than Predator
36 Study Reveals First Ever Images of Early Tetrapod Backbone and How It Helped in Land Evolution
37 First Land Animal Didn't Walk on Land Using Four Legs
38 It's All in the Way We Move
39 How Some of the First Animals on Earth Lived and Died
40 Aquatic Playground Can Turn Water Tanks into a School for Fish
41 Working to Preserve the Biodiversity of Flathead National Forest
42 Room to Roam Needed for Wildlife in the Southern Canadian Rockies
43 The Larger Your Friends the Larger Your Appetite
44 Fat Jokes on Social Media Are More Damaging than Helpful
45 Researchers develop cheaper, easier method of detecting trace estrogen
46 Industrial clusters lead to higher job growth, more patents
47 Re-Thinking Southern California Earthquake Scenarios in Coachella Valley, San Andreas Fault
48 Some Sections of the San Andreas Fault System on San Francisco Bay Area Are Locked, Overdue
49 New Coral Species Discovered Off California Coast
50 Mountain Lions in Southern California Face Genetic Decay
51 Toxic Power: Report Ranks States with Worst Air Pollution from Power Plants
52 Courts Sides with EPA Over Pollution Limits, Fuel Efficiency Standards
53 Air Pollution Linked to Irregular Heartbeat and Lung Blood Clots
54 WHO Pegs Air Pollution as Top Environmental Hazard, Resulting in Millions of Deaths Annually
55 Long Term Exposure to Air Pollution Linked to Coronary Events
56 Disney Research Develops Tactile Touch Displays
57 UltraHaptics--It's Magic in the Air
58 With Haptix, Every Surface Is a 3D Multitouch Controller
59 Giant Planets Aid in Quicker Research on Material Surfaces
60 Americans Consume 15.5 Hours of Media Per Day by 2015: Report
61 Internet Traffic to Be in the Zettabytes by 2016
62 YouTube's Paid Music Service Is an Industry Game Changer
63 Soft Robotics Toolkit Features Everything a Robot-Maker Needs
64 UMass Amherst Biologists Say that 'Oddball Science' Has Proven Worth
65 Biomechanics of How Marine Snail Larvae Swim Revealed by New Study
66 NSF Invests in Science and Engineering Infrastructure in Six Jurisdictions Across the Nation
67 UH Researcher Looks at the Future of Higher Education
68 Perceptions of Student Ability, Testing Pressures Hinder Some Science Teachers
69 Teachers More Likely to Use Ineffective Instruction When Teaching Students with Mathematics Difficulties
70 Students Remember More with Personalized Review, Even After Classes End
71 Has the Winning Formula for 'Rock-Paper-Scissors' Been Cracked?
72 Robot Cheats at Rock-Paper-Scissors and Wins Every Time
73 Study Explains Risk Factors Associated with Video Game Addiction
74 Give Your Brain a Boost by Playing Video Games
75 Tough Action Video Games Give Brains a Boost
76 White Matter Quality in the Brain Is Crucial for Adding and Multiplying
77 Who's Got Guts? Young Infants Expect Animals to Have Insides
78 White Children Diagnosed with ADHD More than Minority Kids Are
79 Does Practice Really Make Perfect?
80 Drivers, Don't Trade in Your Smartphone for Google Glass Yet
81 47 Percent of Americans Wouldn't Last a Day Without Their Smartphones
82 What Should You Do When Your Smartphone or Device Is Lost or Stolen? Don't Be Anxious, Take Action
83 Personal Information of AT&T Customers Compromised by Smartphone Unlocking Company
84 Strange hangover cures: from sheep's eye to bull's penis
85 Study finds fast food diets are seriously affecting children's school grades
86 Don't disrespect the mighty chicken, builder of civilization
87 Why peppermint makes us feel cold
88 DNA Tests Confirm Identity of King Richard III's Remains
89 Married Couples Tend to Have Similar DNA
90 Amino Acid Fingerprints Revealed in New Study
91 Sequencing of Mitochondrial DNA Used to Track Spread of First European Farmers
92 New Muscular Dystrophy Treatment Shows Promise in Early Study Led by Children's National
93 Mesolithic Human Travelers Brought Snails to Ireland
94 It's in the Genes: Europeans Have Been One Big Family for Past Thousand Years
95 Florida Lizards Evolve Rapidly, Within 15 Years and 20 Generations
96 Discovery of Genetic Secret "Recipe" for How Lizards Regrow Their Tails Could Help Human Recovery
97 New Species of Shade Lizard Discovered in South American Cloudforests
98 Controversial Finding Changes Previous Belief that Ancestor of Snakes and Lizards Laid Eggs
99 Persian leopards find refuge in land mines
100 Crows are as intelligent as humans
101 Immune system benefits could explain why birds migrate
102 Investigating the Slimy Bioluminscence of a Hidden Sea Worm
103 An IRB Barcelona Study Contributes to the Understanding and Prevention of the Side Effects Caused by Drugs
104 How to Boost Hispanics' Participation in Clinical Trials? Relate to Them
105 Educational Toolkit Did Not Improve Quality of Care or Outcomes for Patients with Diabetes
106 Longer Stay in Hospital ICU Has Lasting Impact on Quality of Life
107 Scrapie could be transmitted to humans after all
108 Can YouTube Save Your Life?
109 Time of Arrival at Hospital Impacts Time to Treatment and Survival of Heart Attacks Patients
110 DARPA's Restoring Active Memory Program Poised to Launch