File Title
1 Researchers Design "Evolutionary Trap" to Thwart Drug Resistance
2 Microbes Prevent Malnutrition in Fruit Flies--and Maybe Humans, Too
3 Better Batteries from Berkeley Lab's Work with Industry
4 Earliest-Known Arboreal and Subterranean Ancestral Mammals Discovered
5 Scientists Get First Glimpse of a Chemical Bond Being Born
6 Better Catalysts, Made-to-Order
7 New Fluorescent Protein Permanently Marks Neurons that Fire
8 Nanoscience Provides Insights into the World's Smallest Ecosystems
9 Wildlife at Risk around the Globe--Scientists Say Vaccinating Endangered Carnivores of Increasing Importance
10 Curious Monkeys Share Our Thirst for Knowledge
11 Study: Global Rainfall Satellites Require Massive Overhaul
12 Bypassing Resistance to PI3K Therapy Paves the Way to Novel Anticancer Strategies
13 The Company You Keep
14 Wildland Fire Fighter Uniform Redesigned
15 N/A
16 Under Pressure
17 R2d2 Beats Mendel: Scientists Discover Selfish Gene that Breaks Long-Held Law of Genetic Inheritance
18 A Matter of Trust: Researcher Develops New Software to Assess Online Interaction
19 Imaging Scientists Will Crowd-Source Count of Kenyan Wildlife
20 Sulfur Dioxide Atmospheric Injection Only a 'Band-Aid'
21 New Self-Stretching Material Developed at University of Rochester
22 Structure-Based Design Used as Tool for Engineering Deimmunized Biotherapeutics
23 SLAC and Stanford's James D. Bjorken Shares 2015 Wolf Prize in Physics
24 Bitter Wind Chill Poses Issues for Children and Those with Respiratory Problems
25 Winter Weather Depriving City Dwellers of Vitamin D
26 NAU Scientists Measure Bat Populations in Post-Wildfire Habitats
27 What's new for LHC Run II
28 Why Do Starburst Galaxies 'Burst'? ALMA Sees Super Stellar Nurseries at Heart of Sculptor Galaxy
29 Sex Has Another Benefit: It Makes Humans Less Prone to Disease Over Time
30 Molecular Evidence for the Loss of Three Basic Tastes in Penguins
31 Humans Altering Adriatic Ecosystems More than Nature
32 UAB Team Sets Sail for Antarctica to Conduct Predatory Crab Research
33 Crowdsourcing a Valid Option for Gathering Speech Ratings
34 A Close Call of 0.8 Light Years
35 Nova Southeastern University's Guy Harvey Research Institute to Conduct One-of-a-Kind Shark Race for Conservation Science
36 The Science Behind Commonly Used Anti-Depressants Appears to Be Backwards, Researchers Say
37 State Funding Boosts Stem Cell Research in California, Other States
38 Novel Solid-State Nanomaterial Platform Enables Terahertz Photonics
39 A New Spin on Spintronics
40 Potential New Breathalyzer for Lung Cancer Screening
41 New Desalination Technology Could Answer State Drought Woes
42 Baylor Researcher Finds First-Ever Evidence of Climate Change of Northern China Region Dating Back Thousands of Years
43 New Solder for Semiconductors Creates Technological Possibilities
44 Study Could Pave the Way for Painkillers with Fewer Side Effects
45 Scientists Use MRI to Visualize Pancreas Inflammation in the Early Stages of Type 1 Diabetes
46 Study Details Impact of Deepwater Horizon Oil on Beach Microbial Communities
47 Broca's Area Is the Brain's Scriptwriter, Shaping Speech, Study Finds
48 New Insight into How Brain Performs "Mental Time Travel"
49 UI Engineers Find Switchgrass Removes PCBs from Soils
50 New Species, the 'Ruby Seadragon,' Discovered by Scripps Researchers
51 New Biomimicry Center Puts ASU at the Forefront of Emerging Discipline
52 NIH-Supported Researchers Map Epigenome of More than 100 Tissue and Cell Types
53 Scripps Research Institute Scientists Announce Anti-HIV Agent So Powerful It Can Work in a Vaccine
54 Deconstructing the Dynamic Genome
55 Is the Flame Retardant, Tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA), a Reproductive or Developmental Toxicant?
56 New Device Will Change How Florida Monitors Sea Level Rise, Water Quality, Hurricanes and More
57 Georgia State University Receives $2.7 Million Federal Grant to Improve Blood Transfusion Outcomes
58 Overcoming Our E-Waste Problem
59 'Nature's Medicine Cabinet' Helps Bees Reduce Disease
60 From Crickets to Test Tube Meat: The Coming Revolution in Alternative Proteins
61 Physics Pioneer and Anti-Nuclear Activist Ernest Sternglass Dies at 91
62 8 Snack and Nutrition Bar Trends
63 Dairy-Free Beverages Expand the Milk Aisle
64 Amaranth Seeds May Prevent Chronic Diseases
65 Milk Proteins Show Promise in Prevention and Treatment of Cancer
66 Possible Strategy Identified to Combat Major Parasitic Tropical Disease
67 Scientists Unveil Map of Human Epigenomes in Effort to Fight Disease
68 Rensselaer Seed Grant Program Tackles Societal Challenges with Broad-Based Research Teams
69 NYU Receives $14.4 Million NSF Grant to Expand its Materials Research Center
70 NAU Researcher Works to Understand Forces of Abrupt Climate Change
71 Stalking a Wily Foe: Scientists Figure Out How C. difficile Bacteria Wreak Havoc in Gut
72 Moths Shed Light on How to Fool Enemy Sonar
73 Fearless Birds and Shrinking Salmon: Is Urbanization Pushing Earth's Evolution to a Tipping Point?
74 Semiconductor Works Better When Hitched to Graphene
75 Does Dark Matter Cause Mass Extinctions and Geologic Upheavals?
76 Searching for Signs of a Force from the 'Dark Side' in Particle Collisions at RHIC
77 Shape-Shifting Nanorod Ensembles Release Heat Differently
78 Flame Retardants Found to Cause Metabolic, Liver Problems
79 Study Finds Invasive Weed Kochia's Resistance to Well-Known Herbicide Stems from Increase in Gene Copies
80 Study Finds Climate Change May Dramatically Reduce Wheat Production
81 A Sense of Taste: Psychology Professor Examines the Taste System
82 Tracing Languages Back to Their Common Ancestors Through the Statistics of Sound Shifts
83 Proteins Pull Together as Cells Divide
84 New ALS Gene and Signaling Pathways Identified
85 Hubble Gets Best View of a Circumstellar Debris Disk Distorted by a Planet
86 Guatemala's Maya Biosphere Reserve Celebrates 25 Years as Stronghold for Jaguar and Other Threatened Species
87 Dietary Guidelines Committee Report Needs to Result in a Healthful Eating Plan that Is Easy for Consumers to Follow, Says Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
88 Which Environmental Projects Give You the Best Bang for Your Buck? Research Develops Species Conservation Model
89 Draft U-M Report Analyzes Policy Options for Hydraulic Fracturing in Michigan
90 Missouri S&T Researcher Cleans Wastewater
91 Virus-Cutting Enzyme Helps Bacteria Remember a Threat
92 Ancient and Modern Cities Aren't So Different
93 Luring Deer Away from Livestock Feed with Fall Cover Crops
94 Carbon Credits for Madagascar's Makira Natural Park Now Available Online Through Stand for Trees Campaign
95 New Programs Enhance SIMES Role in Studying Exotic New Materials
96 Gonzaga Human Physiology Professor's Research Aims to Improve Safety for U.S. Troops, Law Enforcement
97 Engineering Marvels: Series Explores Mysteries of Ancient Buildings
98 People with Mental Disorders Risk an Early Death
99 Cold Air Invasion Coming: What's the Role of Warming?
100 Misfit Flash: Fitness Tracker Review
101 Why Exercise and Diet Changes May Not Be Enough to Treat Obesity
102 Reference: Peak Oil: Theory or Myth?
103 Reference: Does Magnetic Therapy Work?
104 Reference: Crohn's Disease: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment
105 Reference: Hepatitis: Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention
106 Reference: After Miscarriage / Coping with Pregnancy Loss
107 Hidden Faults Explain Earthquakes in Fracking Zones
108 Leaking Brain Fluid Traced to Pilates Injury
109 All About Me: Powerful People Inspire Themselves
110 Student Loans May Be Bad for Young Adults' Mental Health