File Title
1 HPV vaccine highly effective against multiple cancer-causing strains
2 Use of 'digital badges' in schools would motivate students, research shows
3 Stress linked to worse recovery in women after heart attack
4 UT Arlington bio-analytical chemist receives NIH, UT System funding for protein research
5 Google-style ranking used to describe gene connectivity
6 Female pumas kill more, eat less when humans are near, UC Santa Cruz study finds
7 SLU scientist finds higher opioid doses associated with increase in depression
8 New self-stretching material developed at University of Rochester
9 Researchers use isotopic analysis to explore ancient Peruvian life
10 Survivors of childhood cancer at risk for developing hormone deficiencies as adults
11 Distant species produce love child after 60 million year breakup
12 Study: Door-to-door campaign linked hepatitis C patients to care
13 Type 2 diabetes linked to worse performance on cognitive testing
14 New neurologists receive stroke training with mannequins and other simulation techniques
15 Review article provides evidence on the biological nature of gender identity
16 Study finds short-term psychological therapy reduces suicide attempts in at-risk soldiers
17 Correlations of quantum particles help in distinguishing physical processes
18 Silver-glass sandwich structure acts as inexpensive color filter
19 What is successful aging? Gerontologists strive to build consensus
20 Seven genes for X-linked intellectual disability
21 BGRF announces in silico method to predict effectiveness of cognitive enhancers
22 Diathermy smoke extraction should be compulsory in operations
23 Thames study: Rivers can be a source antibiotic resistance
24 Getting in shape
25 NUS pioneers novel strategy to prevent progression of inflammation-associated cancers
26 How iron feels the heat
27 E-Cigarettes help smokers quit, ban reflex and 'no harm' perception must be challenged
28 How a wedding engagement changes Twitter feeds
29 Children's heart disease topics: Brain injury, radiation exposure, CPR and more
30 Interstellar technology throws light on spinning black holes
31 Larger area analysis needed to understand patterns in ancient prehistory
32 Researchers glimpse distortions in atomic structure of materials
33 Marijuana use is associated with excessive daytime sleepiness in adolescents
34 World crop diversity survives in small farms from peri-urban to remote rural locations
35 Mapping the gut microbiome to better understand its role in obesity
36 One in four Saudis heading for heart attack in 10 years
37 Professor to discuss multi-stakeholder Internet governance at AAAS
38 See here now: Telescopic contact lenses and wink-control glasses
39 Action needed to standardize methods for the measurement of cigarette smoke constituents
40 Finding winners and losers in global land use
41 In the quantum world, the future affects the past
42 Hearing experts break sound barrier for children born without hearing nerve
43 Cannabis: World-renowned researchers discuss a new frontier in therapeutics
44 Leading scholar presents advances in research of electric car batteries at AAAS
45 The future of electronics--now in 2-D
46 Twitter the right prescription for sharing health research: UBC study
47 Light reveals new details of Gauguin's creative process
48 Pitt expert talks about teenage brain development at AAAS Annual Meeting
49 Tracking parasites with satellites
50 Capturing and storing carbon in soil: Is it real and can it scale?
51 Social network analysis privacy tackled
52 Iconic graph at center of climate debate
53 Going negative
54 A formula for predicting innovation
55 Engineer, physicist to turn the inner workings of living cells into 'molecular movies'
56 Vast majority of scientists believe in engagement on public policy debates
57 Human neural stem cells restore cognitive functions impaired by chemotherapy
58 An Italian cemetery may provide clues on cholera's evolution
59 Astronomers capture birth of multiple star system
60 Oldest twin remains found in Siberia
61 Cerebral palsy research by Adelaide University finds genetic mutation link
62 Plastic ocean: study names worst polluters
63 Chemical bonds, dark matter evidence, smoking thins your brain
64 Dogs can read human smiles, scowls
65 Twisted galaxy shows scars of close encounter
66 Moving train illusion strong in swayers
67 Poor taste penguins lack umami gene
68 Mysterious Martian mists defy science
69 Electric fans 'can help in heatwaves'
70 WA bushfires leave a smoky trail
71 Limpet teeth strongest of nature's strong
72 Limpet teeth set new strength record
73 Safety fears prompt change to Everest climbing route
74 US pays Philippines over USS Guardian reef damage
75 Penguins lost ability to taste fish
76 Mystery Mars haze baffles scientists
77 X-ray machine opens new frontier
78 Mystery of robins' nighttime singing probed
79 Satellites track snail disease risk
80 Collider hopes for a 'super' restart
81 Doctors store 1,600 digital hearts for big data study
82 'Next Pinatubo' a test of geoengineering
83 Brazil Amazon: Drone to scan for ancient Amazonia
84 Synthetic vaccine sought to finally eradicate polio
85 Camera seeks dark energy clues
86 Party leaders make joint climate commitment
87 Google's Vint Cerf warns of 'digital Dark Age'
88 Popcorn's perfect recipe revealed
89 Mutilated Costa Rican toucan 'to get prosthetic beak'
90 Europe's mini-space shuttle returns
91 Doomed twin stars found at nebula's heart
92 Planck telescope puts new datestamp on first stars
93 'Wild birds may spread flu virus'
94 Conservation concern for UK insects
95 Plastic waste heading for oceans quantified
96 Bass Rock has world's largest colony of Northern gannets
97 US 'at risk of mega-drought future'
98 Hubble's star refuses to fade
99 The wild wonders of Norway
100 The paradox of popping back in time
101 How to get a date using data this Valentine's Day
102 Turning it on in the animal kingdom
103 Early mammal fossils reveal remarkable diversity
104 'I may go to Mars and never come back'
105 Art and science collide to reopen Whitworth gallery
106 Sao Paulo water crisis adds to Brazil business woes
107 A curious British airship experiment
108 Ocean carbon release 'ended last Ice Age'
109 Ukraine crisis: US warns Russia as UN backs ceasefire deal
110 'Energy firms charge long-term customers more,' says inquiry