File Title
1 'Stressed' young bees could be the cause of colony collapse
2 On quantum scales, there are many second laws of thermodynamics
3 Women with a pregnancy history of spontaneous preterm delivery at higher risk of CVD
4 Understanding the copper heart of volcanoes
5 Preemies may have psychiatric problems as adults
6 Loss of posidonia reduces CO2 storage areas and could contribute to gas emissions
7 A centimeter of time: Cool clocks pave the way to new measurements of the earth
8 TLR9: Two rings to bind them?
9 Blood vessel cells improve the conversion of pluripotent stem cells to blood lineages
10 UCSF-led study shows why some targeted cancer drugs lose effectiveness
11 HPV vaccination not linked to riskier sex
12 Problem FDA inspection findings in trials seldom reflected in medical literature
13 Energy drinks significantly increase hyperactivity in schoolchildren
14 HPV vaccination not associated with increase in sexually transmitted infections
15 Study identifies clinical signs suggestive of impending death in patients with advanced cancer
16 Awkward positions, distractions and fatigue may trigger low back pain
17 Smoking impairs treatment response in inflammatory back arthritis
18 Historic US and UK dietary advice on fats 'should not have been introduced'
19 Novel 'smart' insulin automatically adjusts blood sugar in diabetic mouse model
20 Stellar partnership doomed to end in catastrophe
21 Coral snake venom reveals a unique route to lethality
22 Earliest evidence of large-scale human-produced air pollution in South America found
23 Shorter medical resident duty hours: Worse for patients, slightly better for residents
24 Computer model of blood development could speed up search for new leukaemia drugs
25 Using big data to detect disease outbreaks: Is it ethical?
26 Molecular gastronomy: Better cooking through biophysics
27 Institute for Glycomics combats human parainfluenza virus
28 Oldest fur seal identified, ending 5-million-year 'ghost lineage'
29 Grant preparation blowout despite simplified NHMRC process
30 Rate of Latino physicians shrinks, even as Latino population swells
31 New approach to childhood malnutrition may reduce relapses, deaths
32 Einstein scientists develop novel technique for finding drugs to combat malaria
33 Unwanted impact of antibiotics broader, more complex than previously known
34 EARTH Magazine: Pentagon report calls for military to prepare for climate change
35 Study: Urban design influences level of physical activity in Chinese cities
36 Predicting plant responses to drought
37 Advent of geoengineering may help lower temperature of debate over climate change
38 University of Tennessee study: Crocodiles just wanna have fun, too
39 NASA study shows global sea ice diminishing, despite Antarctic gains
40 Geoengineering report: Scientists urge more research on climate intervention
41 2011 Houston heat wave led to significant rise in emergency department visits
42 Mesothelioma in southern Nevada likely result of asbestos in environment
43 New reporter system to study bone-related regenerative medicine generated by UMN labs
44 Novel non-stick material joins portfolio of slippery surface technologies
45 Surgery for pulmonary embolism may prevent
46 TSRI scientists find new cellular pathway defect in cystinosis
47 Changes proposed to improve research on health information technology
48 Study: Listeria pathogen is prevalent, persistent in retail delis
49 Engineers put the 'squeeze' on human stem cells
50 The NELSON lung cancer screening trial results are inferable for the general high-risk
51 Not all EGFR mutations are the same when it comes to therapy for NSCLC
52 Nanotubes self-organize and wiggle: Evolution of a nonequilibrium system demonstrates MEPP
53 Epigenetic breakthrough: A first of its kind tool to study the histone code
54 Babies can identify complex social situations and react accordingly
55 New IOM report identifies 5 symptoms to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome
56 New reports say climate intervention techniques not ready for wide-scale deployment
57 Smaller pre-surgery radiation targets reduces long term side effects, not survival rates
58 Crowdfunding helps solve rare disease mystery
59 Smoking thins vital part of brain
60 Historic Indian sword was masterfully crafted
61 DNA 'cage' could improve nanopore technology
62 Study shows iron supplementation after blood donation shortens hemoglobin recovery time
63 The most effective surgical procedure for extreme obesity should be used with caution
64 Lower-cost metal 3-D printing solution available
65 Does a competent leader make a good friend?
66 Review finds 'significant link' between cannabis use and onset of mania symptoms
67 New therapeutic principle for Parkinsonian dyskinesia shows clinical effect
68 Water ice renders short-lived molecule sustainable
69 90 percent approve of cancer screening but screening uptake is lower
70 1 in 5 suicides is associated with unemployment
71 Understanding how to teach 'intelligence'
72 Too much of a good thing: Extra genes make bacteria lethal
73 Plain packaging reduces 'cigarette-seeking' response by almost 10 percent, says study
74 When is a Pollock not a Pollock?
75 Avian malaria also affects wild birds in Austria
76 Coral reef symbiosis: Paying rent with sugar and fat
77 Testing the boundaries: Study reveals inner workings of cricket teams
78 Antiviral compound protects nonhuman primates against Ebola virus
79 Chronic fatigue syndrome--What's in a name?
80 New global 'ratings agency' ranks the 500 institutions with power to end deforestation by 2020
81 The Lancet Psychiatry: Unemployment linked with around 45,000 deaths by suicide every year
82 Power efficiency in the violin
83 Dartmouth study shows brain area involved in eye movements, heading
84 Exposure to mercury, seafood associated with risk factor for autoimmune disease
85 Low childhood vitamin D linked to adult atherosclerosis
86 Napping reverses health effects of poor sleep
87 Electronics you can wrap around your finger
88 Extreme-temperature electronics
89 Drug targeting Ebola virus protein VP24 shows promise in monkeys
90 US sees declining use of available donor hearts for transplantation despite a growing waiting list
91 Drowned children do not benefit from resuscitation beyond 30 minutes
92 Caution concerning the possible health benefits of alcohol
93 Smartphone apps just as accurate as wearable devices for tracking physical activity
94 Impact of obesity on fertility can be reversed
95 Protein linked to longevity and enhanced cognition protects against Alzheimer's symptoms
96 Size of biomarker associated with improved survival following transplantation
97 Creatine does not slow rate of Parkinson's disease progression
98 Smartphone applications, wearable devices appear to be accurate in tracking step counts
99 Iron supplementation improves hemoglobin recovery time following blood donation
100 BP-lowering treatment for type 2 diabetes linked to longer survival
101 Growing number of donor hearts rejected, need for transplants rises, Stanford study finds
102 The princess and the pea: Cells' ultra-sensitivity for strong molecular forces
103 Depression predicts disturbed sleep among stroke survivors
104 Lung cancer may be treatable with use of SapC-DOPS technology, research shows
105 Earthquake activity linked to injection wells may vary by region
106 New strategy to revert the effects of obesity on female fertility
107 Arachnid Rapunzel: Researchers spin spider silk proteins into artificial silk
108 Worms in space: Exploring health effects of microgravity
109 Nationwide study reports shifts in Americans' use of natural products
110 Nationwide survey reveals widespread use of mind and body practices