File Title
1 Lifting the veil on a dark galaxy
2 We're all going to die; DNA strands on the end of our chromosomes hint when
3 Drug combinations a good approach for infectious fungus, research shows
4 Reactivation of HBV can be prevented, treated during immunosuppressive drug therapy
5 A picture is worth 1,000 words, but how many emotions?
6 Unseen volcanoes may play role in Earth's long-term climate
7 E-cigarette vapors, flavorings, trigger lung cell stress
8 New tools to breed cereal crops that survive flooding
9 The battle for iron
10 Reining in the yeast tree of life
11 Report will aid in detecting, diagnosing cognitive impairment
12 Aerial monitors shed light on reed die-back around Central Europe's largest lake
13 Fewer viral relics may be due to a less bloody evolutionary history
14 Why 'baking powder' increases efficiency of plastic solar cells
15 How to forecast extreme snowfall in Spain
16 Researchers reveal how hearing evolved
17 Poor access to primary care results in poorer health for deaf people
18 Scandals not bad for business in the long term, study finds
19 Methane seepage from the Arctic seabed occurring for millions of years
20 New method for minimally invasive tissue ablation surgery
21 Astronomers breathe new life into venerable instrument
22 Cow immune system inspires potential new therapies
23 After hospital discharge, deadly heart risks can remain for up to a year
24 Revealing the workings of a master switch for plant growth
25 Anorexia nervosa
26 Forcing wounds to close
27 Electrochromic polymers create broad color palette for sunglasses, windows
28 Genetic code cracked for worldwide dog and human parasite
29 Promising peptide for TBI, heart attack and stroke
30 Drug detectives
31 What's next in diets: Chili peppers?
32 Bacteria's hidden traffic control
33 'Virtual virus' unfolds the flu on a CPU
34 Griffith research unlocks more about cancer
35 End of CRISPR-CAS9 controversy
36 New screening tool could speed development of ovarian cancer drugs
37 Infants with rare bone disease improve bone formation after cell transplantation
38 Akt Pathway 'ramp ups' effects of transplanted umbilical cord cells used in stroke therapy
39 Could there be a gleevec for brain cancer?
40 Study finds no reason for cancer survivors to be excluded in advanced stage lung cancer trials
41 Beating high blood pressure with a combination of coconut oil and physical exercise
42 JIPM offers rice growers a new resource against the rice water weevil
43 3-D printing with custom molecules creates low-cost mechanical sensor
44 NSU researchers discover DNA repair is high in heart, nonexistent in brain
45 LSU Health New Orleans research finds psychedelic drug prevents asthma development in mice
46 Serotonin-deficient brains more vulnerable to social stress
47 Nano-antioxidants prove their potential
48 Many would rather buy generic clothes than stand out with designer brands
49 LGBT teens who come out at school have better self-esteem, study finds
50 Study finds Midwest flooding more frequent
51 Buckyballs offer environmental benefits
52 Valentine's Day gift-giving strategy for the hopeless romantic
53 New design tool for metamaterials
54 Treadmill desks offer limited benefits, pose challenges in the workplace, study shows
55 Behavioral therapy effective against pica in children with autism spectrum disorder
56 Swimming reptiles make their mark in the Early Triassic
57 ASTRO applauds CMS's decision to cover annual, LDCT screening for high-risk lung cancer patients
58 Guidance to report on land use, land-use change and forestry emissions
59 Commons Lab releases 2 new reports on key aspects of Citizen Science
60 Satellite eyes New England winter storm breaking records
61 Does alcohol-related activity on Facebook promote drinking?
62 Lung screening guidelines improve on study findings
63 Molecular tag explains differences in brain's response to anger, fear
64 Breakthrough may lead to industrial production of graphene devices
65 Friendly fungi--how they could help barley growers feed the world without chemicals
66 Researchers find new evidence of warming
67 Electricity from biomass with carbon capture could make western US carbon-negative
68 Amber fossil links earliest grasses, dinosaurs and fungus used to produce LSD
69 A ray of sunshine for bioenergy
70 Scientists devise breakthrough technique for mapping temperature in tiny devices
71 Inherited gene variations tied to treatment-related hearing loss in cancer patients
72 Bringing texture to your flat touchscreen
73 Keck Medicine of USC researchers trace origins of colorectal cancer tumor cells
74 Previously unknown genomic regions found in African American families with breast cancer
75 Cancer's ability to 'hijack' regulatory mechanism increases metastasis
76 How tumor-causing cells are recruited in cancers linked to chronic inflammation
77 Dark matter at the heart of our galaxy
78 Study links new genetic anomalies to breast cancer in African-American families
79 Brain develops abnormally over lifespan of people who stutter
80 World thunderstorm 'map' key to assessing climate change
81 Controlling genes with light
82 Bionic leaf
83 Pick a card, any card
84 Feeling unloved? Like this post
85 Both liberals, conservatives can have science bias
86 Can pheromones get you a date? (video)
87 Immune biomarkers help predict early death, complications in HIV patients with TB
88 Award-winning research on cell metabolism
89 Chronic narcotic use is high among kids with IBD
90 The Sun's activity in the 18th century was similar to that now
91 Do clothes make the doctor? Researchers report on patient perceptions based on attire
92 Simple blood test can predict risk of dementia
93 Floods created home of Europe's biggest waterfall, study shows
94 New method to understand steel fracturing
95 Climate change efforts backfire in Brazil's steel industry
96 Sunlight and vitamin D levels higher for coastal populations
97 Reduced rainfall in the northern tropics linked to industrial emissions, research suggests
98 Scientists at Mainz University identify a new population of regulatory T-cells
99 A new opportunity to treat drug-resistant leukemia discovered
100 Research shows benefits of silicon carbide for sensors in harsh environments
101 Mechanistic finding may help deal with side effects of lifespan-extending drug rapamycin
102 What autism can teach us about brain cancer
103 Many mastectomy patients with locally advanced breast cancer do not get postop radiation
104 Can't sing? Do it more often
105 Tobacco-smoking moms and dads increase diabetes risk for children in utero
106 Earth's surprise inside: Geologists unlock mysteries of the planet's inner core
107 Study identifies 8 signs associated with impending death in cancer patients
108 F-bombs notwithstanding, all languages skew toward happiness
109 Primary care-based program helps overweight, middle-aged women increase physical activity
110 'Jekyll and Hyde'protein both prevents and spreads cancer