File Title
1 A fatal cancer found among Southern Nevada residents likely caused by asbestos in nature
2 Lab-in-a-box takes aim at doctors' computer activity
3 A new species of hummingbird?
4 Study: Identifying mentally ill 'frequent fliers' first step to reducing police contact
5 Unlikely pairing--an antidepressant plus dye--yields tumor-targeting tool
6 Study: Young adult survivors most distressed after leukemia and lymphoma treatment
7 Improving end-of-life care: Lessons from 40 years of work
8 Diabetes drug spurs host defense
9 Gator blood contains naturally strong germ fighters, new GMU research finds
10 Bacteria protect intestinal tumor model from being killed by immune cells
11 Monster hurricanes hit northeast in past warm ocean periods like those in our future
12 Mainz researchers identify novel factor involved in autophagy
13 Epilepsy drug could aid stroke victims
14 Transcriptomics identifies genes and signaling pathways that may regulate neurodegeneration
15 Terrible at remembering names? Blame it on the music, not the memory
16 A gene that shaped the evolution of Darwin's finches
17 With generic drugs, eye patients are more likely to take medicine as directed
18 Monster hurricanes reached US Northeast during prehistoric periods of ocean warming
19 Long-term changes in dead wood reveal new forest dynamics
20 Bacterial armor holds clues for self-assembling nanostructures
21 UM study finds air pollution affects short-term memory, IQ and brain metabolic ratios
22 Early retina cell changes in glaucoma identified
23 New study shows high compliance among patients using iRhythm's ZIO XT patch to detect AFib
24 Love online is about being real, not perfect
25 International study finds meth messes up brains of youths far more than those of adults
26 In-flight blood transfusions increase survival rates and improve trauma patient outcomes
27 Revolutionary new probe zooms in on cancer cells
28 Protein controls both alcohol craving and organ damage
29 Reduction in menopause-related symptoms associated with non-invasive neurotechnology
30 Florida State-Russian research team explores vision complications for astronauts
31 How much sleep do we need?
32 Better how-to videos
33 New research: Malaria parasites unlikely to jump from animals to humans
34 Study finds new lethal combination of cancer drugs shrinks tumors
35 IU researcher identifies novel pathway that solid tumor cancer cells activate for growth
36 Minds at attention: Military and mindfulness
37 AgriLife Research study: Water limiting factor to corn silage quality
38 CU researchers find link in how cells start process necessary for life
39 Does illness make people lonely?
40 Carbon release from ocean helped end the Ice Age
41 Wanted: The faces of the chemical crowd
42 What makes the feather soar
43 A cancer false alarm could discourage people from checking out future symptoms
44 Researchers find new therapy benefits stroke patients
45 Turning plants into meat-like foods to save the planet
46 Methane emissions from natural gas industry higher than previously thought
47 New technology could help patients make better decisions on care
48 New insight into how rubber is made could improve tires, reduce air pollution
49 Apes prefer the glass half full
50 Treating the uninjured side of the brain appears to aid stroke recovery
51 Buildings with 'rocking' technology would be more earthquake-resilient
52 Making a better wound dressing--with fish skin
53 A new variant of the rabbit hemorrhagic disease endangers the Iberian lynx
54 Exercise ball used in delivery process decreases labor time, reduces number of C-sections
55 New research sheds light on defense systems of the human body
56 'Drink less' campaigns should focus on why and how
57 Heating targeted cancer drugs increases uptake in tumor cells
58 New evidence on risks of advanced maternal age
59 Plant extract fights brain tumor
60 Novel high-power microwave generator
61 A novel solar CPV/CSP hybrid system was proposed by researchers at NCEPU
62 Wikipedia use--nothing to be ashamed about
63 Caring youth-parent relations can be vital to preventing adolescent suicide attempts
64 Stanford researchers offer bold solutions for managing marine conservation on the high seas
65 Unraveling the complex web of global food trade
66 VLA finds unexpected 'storm' at galaxy's core
67 Want to save the planet? Neighbors better allies than family
68 Amazonian study quantifies key role of grandparents in family nutrition
69 Lenvatinib shows promise for patients with radioiodine-refractory thyroid cancer
70 In a first, astronomers catch a multiple star system in the process of forming
71 Scientists take first X-ray portraits of living bacteria at the LCLS
72 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Experts question value of current obesity treatments
73 One-two punch catches cancer cells in vulnerable state
74 Birth of a star quartet
75 New study 'game-changer' for stroke treatment worldwide
76 R2d2 beats Mendel: Scientists find selfish gene that breaks long-held law of inheritance
77 Twelve-year study suggests procedures to prevent cervical cancer do not affect fertility
78 Mutation detection in human in vitro fertilized embryos using whole-genome sequencing
79 Largest ever genome-wide study strengthens genetic link to obesity
80 Education, not mandatory screening, best for women with dense breast tissue
81 Higher mortality risk in individuals with mental health disorders
82 Government failure to ensure young driver safety costing lives and money
83 BMJ investigation reveals network of links between public health scientists and sugar industry
84 Astronomers catch multiple-star system in first stages of formation
85 Evolution of the Darwin's finches and their beaks
86 Oyster disease thrives in nightly dead zones
87 Research finds 15-fold increase in newborn opioid withdrawal in Ontario
88 Carbon release from ocean helped end the Ice Age
89 Brain's GPS system influenced by shape of environment
90 Order matters: Sequence of genetic mutations determines how cancer behaves
91 Supermarket promotions boost sales of less healthy foods more than healthier foods
92 Stem cell transplants may work better than existing drug for severe multiple sclerosis
93 Stress caused by discrimination linked to mental health issues among Latino teens
94 Wednesday news tips--American Stroke Association's International Stroke Conference 2015
95 UCI, Italian scientists limit accelerated cellular aging caused by methamphetamine use
96 Optic nerve may help predict stroke patient death risk
97 Mobile stroke units improve response times, outcomes for patients
98 New device improves healing of some ruptured aneurysms
99 Low vitamin D predicts more severe strokes, poor health post-stroke
100 Stroke survivors more likely to make dangerous driving errors
101 Lower systolic blood pressure reduces risk of stroke
102 Novel basic science news tip sheet
103 Stroke patients receiving better, more timely care
104 Discrimination-related stress affects mental health of Latino teens born in the United States
105 Elementary teachers' depression symptoms related to students' learning
106 Fluorescing food dyes as probes to improve food quality
107 Feeling ducky
108 Better batteries inspired by lowly snail shells
109 Harm and response
110 A*STAR develops systems to identify treatment targets for cancer and rare diseases