File Title
1 Study Confirms Teens Still Sending Naked Selfies
2 Legal Dangers Involved with Sexting Largely Ignored by Teenagers
3 Telecommunications Data Show Civic Dividing Lines in Major Countries
4 Researchers Send First Vodka-Based Text Message
5 Serious Biological Effects of Fukushima Radiation
6 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Accident Underscores Need to Actively Seek Out and Act on New Information About Nuclear Plant Hazards
7 Nuclear Plants Could Withstand Tsunamis if Built for Life on the Sea
8 Radiological Damage at the Root of Chernobyl's Ecosystems
9 Shale Formations Could Be Used to Safely Store Nuclear Waste
10 Overdose Deaths from Heroin on the Rise in the US
11 Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Could Affect Vision of Genetically Susceptible Users
12 Single Dose of Antidepressant Changes the Brain
13 AAN: Risks of Opioids Outweigh Benefits for Headache, Low Back Pain, Other Conditions
14 Primary Care Doctors Less Likely to Prescribe Opioids for Pain
15 Migrating Animals' Pee Affects Ocean Chemistry
16 Snail Shells Show High-Rise Plateau Is Much Lower than It Used to Be
17 Not Just Cool--It's a Gas
18 Plant-based potties protect lakes from poo
19 Your engagement ring could hold the secrets to the origins of life
20 Understanding Their Emotions Could Improve Animal Welfare
21 Even Depressed People Believe that Life Gets Better
22 Women, Heart Attacks, Anxiety and Depression: One Bad Health Cocktail
23 The 7 health benefits of cuddling
24 Gallbladders: To remove them or not to remove them?
25 Forgetful? Study finds new drug that could help
26 Smartphone thumbs are re-shaping our brains
27 Nearly Half of All US Jobs Are Threatened by Robotics
28 Scientists Designing Robot for Inspecting Tunnels
29 The right music can make Christmas dinner taste even better
30 Science Discovers a Vocal Basis for Charisma
31 Study on Invasive Species Shows Darwin Had It Right All Along
32 Brain Breaks Increase Educational Performance and Activity in Elementary Schools
33 Newly Discovered Squirrel-Like Creatures Suggest Mammals First Appeared in the Late Triassic
34 Nocturnal Behavior May Predate the Earliest Mammals by 100 Million Years
35 Early Jurassic Basal Mammals Were Specialized Eaters
36 New Fish Fossil Reveals How Fins May Have Become Hind Limbs
37 Humanlike Features Discovered in 4.4M-Year-Old Ardipithecus Skull
38 Two Venomous Snakes that Evolved Separately Are Strikingly Similar
39 Venom from Lethal Black Mamba as Strong as Morphine, but Without Side Effects
40 New Model for Snake Venom Evolution
41 Biting Back--Snake Venom Contains Toxic Clotting Factors
42 Lizard Spit Shown to Reduce Food Cravings
43 OPALS: Light Beams Let Data Rates Soar
44 Australian Rock Determined to Be Oldest Material Formed on Earth
45 Smartphone Screens Made of Sapphire Could Be Around the Corner
46 Innate behavior determines how we steer a vehicle
47 Remodeling can boost retail sales, study finds
48 Could a Substance Produced by Bees Be the Cure to Hair Loss?
49 Role of Stress, Flower Loss in Bee Population Declines Investigated
50 Colony Collapse Disorder May also Be Due to Sunspots
51 Worker Bees Know When to Invest in Their Reproductive Future
52 WiFi Networks Could Be Used to Transmit Computer Viruses
53 The ants that took over the world (twice)
54 Online dating one of fastest growing industries in the world
55 Facebook Games May Actually Do Some Good in Your Life: Concordia
56 Surveillance Devices May Be Collecting US Cellphone Data from the Sky
57 What Can Twitter Users Do to Increase their Influence?
58 Family Ties in the Language Jungle
59 British inventor sends smartphones into the stratosphere
60 The Millennium Falcon and the science of recorded sound
61 Instagram Outpacing Twitter, Hits 300 Million Monthly User Milestone
62 BlackBerry and Boeing build a self-destructing spy phone
63 Russian malware "SoakSoak" attacking WordPress sites
64 NASA Gets Budget Boost in $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
65 Atmospheric Nitrous Oxide Rose Significantly After Last Ice Age
66 On the Road to Artificial Photosynthesis
67 Expedition Pioneers Issue a Call for Citizen Oceanographers
68 Sierra Nevada Freshwater Runoff Could Drop 26 Percent by 2100, UC Study Finds
69 Dry Conditions Causing Massive Underground Water Losses in Colorado River Basin
70 New Satellite Data Will Help Farmers Facing Drought
71 Utah's Severe Droughts Recorded by Trees
72 1934 Dust Bowl Drought Was the Worst in a Thousand Years
73 The evolution of the Nintendo gamepad
74 T-Mobile Calls for End of Overage Fees
75 N/A
76 Ancient Titanic Treasures Recovered from Antikythera Shipwreck
77 Your Living Room Could Become a Virtual Reality World with Microsoft's RoomAlive
78 Source Code for Bad USB Malware Released
79 Shackleton's Scotch Being Returned to Base in Antarctica
80 George Lowe, Last Living Member of Famed Everest Expedition, Passes Away
81 Different Genetic Mechanisms Used by Antarctic and Arctic Insects to Cope with Lack of Water
82 Malaspina Expedition Finds World's Oceans Littered with Microplastics
83 Fish Biomass Is 10 Times Higher than Estimated, According to Malaspina Expedition Observations
84 Lost Photos of Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition Found in Cabin
85 NASA Support Key to Glacier Mapping Efforts
86 Accidental Find Offers Big Potential for Research on Alaska's Glaciers
87 Preparing for Radar Vision
88 Melting Glaciers Can Flood Farmlands and Lakes in Tibet
89 Himalayan Glaciers Will Continue Shrinking Regardless of Temperature
90 Dinosaurs Possibly Killed by a One-Two Punch
91 Subglacial Antarctic Lake Sediments Contain Diversity of Ancent Lifeforms
92 Subglacial Life Found in Ice Cores from Lake Vostok, Antarctica
93 New Bacteria Discovered in Samples from Antarctica's Lake Vostok
94 British Antarctic Survey Admits Defeat, Calls Off Lake Ellsworth Drilling Project
95 Lake Ellsworth Project Returns to Life After New Component Delivered
96 Calcium Carbonate from Earthworm Poop Provides a Good Measurement of Past Climate
97 Synchronization of North Atlantic, North Pacific Preceded Abrupt Warming, End of Ice Age
98 Ancient Indonesian Climate Shift Linked to Glacial Cycle
99 Where is all the plastic sea trash hiding?
100 Tsunami Flotsam Bringing in Foreign Species
101 Nearly 269,000 Tons of Plastic Currently Pollute the Earth's Oceans
102 Saving BOFFFFs (Big, Old, Fat, Fertile, Female Fish) Is Essential to Sustain Fisheries
103 Smithsonian Scientists Discover Coral's Best Defender Against an Army of Sea Stars
104 Study Finds Warming Atlantic Temperatures Could Increase Range of Invasive Species
105 Project Serves Up Big Data to Guide Managing Nation's Coastal Waters
106 The Ocean's Living Carbon Pumps
107 Thousand Robot Flash Mob: Harvard Researchers Develop Swarming, Self-Organizing Machines
108 A Mysterious Hole at the 'End of the World'
109 Forces of Nature on Mars
110 Researchers Document New Permafrost Around Alaskan Lake, but Will It Last