File Title
1 Worms in Space: Exploring Health Effects of Microgravity
2 Arachnid Rapunzel: Researchers Spin Spider Silk Proteins into Artificial Silk
3 Epigenetic Breakthrough: A First of Its Kind Tool to Study the Histone Code
4 Midwest Scientist Reports Improved Soil Conditions
5 Colorado State University Completes Largest Study on Natural Gas Transmission and Storage Sectors; Finds Variations in Methane Emissions
6 Colorado State University Study Finds Methane Emissions Vary at Natural Gas Gathering and Processing Facilities
7 New Global 'Ratings Agency' Ranks the 500 Institutions that Have the Power to End Deforestation by 2020
8 An International Genetic Study Confirms the History of the Druze Community
9 Scientists Take First X-ray Portraits of Living Bacteria at the LCLS
10 UAH Scientists Ship Instrument that Will Expand View of Global Lightning
11 Smashing Polarized Protons to Uncover Spin and Other Secrets
12 Study: Crocodiles Just Wanna Have Fun, Too
13 Florida State-Russian Research Team Explores Vision Complications for Astronauts
14 Better Batteries Inspired by Lowly Snail Shells
15 Feeling Ducky
16 Fluorescing Food Dyes as Probes to Improve Food Quality
17 Patient Parenting: Sharing of Food Across Generations Contributes to Humans' Long Life Histories
18 WCS Praises Administration Plan to Combat Wildlife Trafficking
19 Unraveling the Complex Web of Global Food Trade
20 Decoding Water: Physics Webcast to Explore Scarcity of Our Most Precious Resource
21 Terrible at Remembering Names? Blame It on the Music, Not the Memory
22 From Space Junk to Asteroids, Dark Energy Camera Unveils Small Objects in Our Solar System
23 A First-of-Its-Kind Discovery of 1,500 Year-Old Grape Seeds May Answer the Question: Why Was the Wine of the Negev So Renowned in the Byzantine Empire
24 Snooping Smart TVs an "Orwellian" Invasion
25 NAU Lab Turning Ideas into Marketable Objects
26 Major Tiger Trader Busted in Indonesia--Faces 5 Years in Prison and $10,000 USD Fine
27 Bubonic Bottleneck: UNC Scientists Overturn Dogma on the Plague
28 Warming pushes Western U.S. toward driest period in 1,000 years: Unprecedented risk of drought in 21st century
29 Magnitude of plastic waste going into the ocean calculated: 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the oceans per year
30 Earliest-known arboreal and subterranean ancestral mammals discovered
31 Curious monkeys share our thirst for knowledge
32 Make like a squid and transform: Squid can recode their genetic make-up on-the-fly to adjust to their surroundings, study finds
33 Data-storage for eternity, stored in the form of DNA
34 Curious monkeys share our thirst for knowledge
35 Application of laser microprobe technology to Apollo samples refines lunar impact history
36 First glimpse of a chemical bond being born
37 Observing stem cells maturing into blood cells in living mouse
38 Mismatched twin stars spotted in the delivery room
39 Reality is distorted in brain's maps
40 Unexpected 'storm' at galaxy's core: Supermassive black hole blasting gas, transforming galaxy
41 A gene that shaped the evolution of Darwin's finches
42 Apes prefer the glass half full: Nearest primate relatives also susceptible to marketing spin
43 Promising results for new Alzheimer's therapy
44 Stopping at red lights exposes drivers to high levels of air pollution
45 Gold nanotubes launch a three-pronged attack on cancer cells
46 Short-term use of hormone replacement therapy associated with increased ovarian cancer risk
47 New mechanism that controls immune responses discovered
48 New research shows possibility of cure for HPV positive throat cancer patients
49 Middle-aged men at highest risk of suicide after breathing poor air
50 The company you keep: Dual role for key T cell factor
51 Universal access to physical activity could save billions in health costs
52 Making teeth tough: Beavers show way to improve our enamel
53 Screen name matters with online dating: One starting with a letter in top half of alphabet makes a difference
54 A brain system that appears to compensate for autism, OCD, and dyslexia
55 Research defines more behaviors that reveal romantic attraction
56 Common biomarkers of sleep debt found in humans, rats
57 New fluorescent protein permanently marks neurons that fire
58 People value resources more consistently when they are scarce
59 Juvenile gang members in US top 1 million, new study finds
60 Instructional DVD reduces MRI scan patients' anxiety and improves scan quality
61 Cerebral palsy: It can be in your genes
62 Depression: A barrier to communication in couples?
63 Terrible at remembering names? Blame it on the music, not the memory
64 How much sleep do we really need?
65 Largest ever genome-wide study strengthens genetic link to obesity
66 Want to save the planet? Neighbors better allies than family
67 Caution concerning the possible health benefits of alcohol: Beneficial only for women over 65?
68 Protein linked to longevity and enhanced cognition protects against Alzheimer's symptoms in mice
69 Does a competent leader make a good friend?
70 Listeria pathogen is prevalent, persistent in retail delis
71 Babies can identify complex social situations and react accordingly
72 Napping reverses health effects of poor sleep, study finds
73 Exotic states materialize with supercomputers
74 Explaining 30-year-old 'hidden order' physics mystery
75 Switching superconductivity by light
76 Step toward rational design of catalysts: Better catalysts, made-to-order
77 Bacterial armor holds clues for self-assembling nanostructures
78 Fluorescing food dyes as probes to improve food quality
79 Better batteries inspired by lowly snail shells
80 Scientists take first X-ray portraits of living bacteria
81 Smashing polarized protons to uncover spin and other secrets
82 Advent of geoengineering may help lower temperature of debate over climate change
83 Interstellar technology throws light on spinning black holes
84 Astronomers discover rare planet: Kepler-432b is a dense, massive celestial body with extreme seasons
85 Patterns in sky brightness depend very strongly on location
86 In a first, astronomers catch a multiple star system in the process of forming
87 Why comets are like deep fried ice cream
88 Dynamic side of the early universe: Only 380,000 years after the Big Bang
89 A smiling lens: 'Happy face' galaxy cluster reveals arcs caused by strong gravitational lensing
90 Worms in space: Exploring health effects of microgravity
91 Planck Mission Explores the History of Our Universe
92 NASA's LRO discovers lunar hydrogen more abundant on moon's pole-facing slopes
93 Correlations of quantum particles help in distinguishing physical processes
94 Analogue quantum computers: Still wishful thinking?
95 Nanotubes self-organize and wiggle: Evolution of a nonequilibrium system demonstrates MEPP
96 Extreme-temperature electronics
97 Electronics you can wrap around your finger
98 Smartphone apps just as accurate as wearable devices for tracking physical activity
99 Security gaps found in 39,890 online databases containing customer data
100 Bringing texture to your flat touchscreen with virtual bumps
101 An Internet of Things reality check
102 A picture is worth 1000 words, but how many emotions?
103 Under pressure: Mechanical stress is a key driver of cell-cell fusion
104 Remoras don't suck: Their iconic clinch is far more complex
105 Urban pollinators get the job done
106 First evidence of Seoul hantavirus found in wild rat population in the Netherlands
107 Key to blocking influenza virus may lie in a cell's own machinery
108 How the Eastern tiger swallowtail got 'scary'
109 A new model organism for aging research: The short-lived African killifish
110 Microbes prevent malnutrition in fruit flies, and maybe humans, too