File Title
1 Dinos Got High, Oldest Grass Fungus Fossil Hints
2 Geoengineering Holds Promise; Solutions Not Ready
3 Meet Spot: New Breed of Robot Dog Climbs and Trots
4 Why 'Measles Parties' Are a Bad Idea
5 Baby Born Pregnant with Her Own Twins
6 The Secret Acrobatics of Popcorn Revealed
7 Reference: Gallbladder: Function, Problems & Healthy Diet
8 Reference: Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Causes & Sources
9 Alcohol May Help Elderly Women, but Not Men, Live Longer
10 Reference: Mexican Culture: Customs & Traditions
11 Depression in Teachers Impacts Classroom Learning
12 Happy Words Dominate Most Languages
13 Self-Driving Vehicles Could Cut Car Ownership Nearly in Half, Report Finds
14 Say Cheese! Hubble Telescope Sees Cosmic Smiley Face in Space
15 Did Ocean's Big Burps End Last Ice Age?
16 Reasons Why Winter Gives Flu a Leg Up Could Be Key to Prevention
17 UF/IFAS, Others Improving Health of Marine Life and Coastal Economies
18 NYU's Microscopic Monitoring May Yield Big Advances in Production of Consumer Products & Pharmaceuticals
19 JHU Bioethics Experts for Comment on Mitochondrial Replacement IVF (aka "3 parent" IVF)
20 Cyanobacterium Found in Algae Collection Holds Promise for Biotech Applications
21 New Reset Button Discovered for Circadian Clock
22 Scientists View Effect of Whisker Tickling on Mouse Brains
23 To Speed Up Magma, Add Water
24 New TSRI Study Shows How Immune Cells Hone Their Skills to Fight Disease
25 Jail Time for Manta Ray Trader
26 UI Researchers Link Smoke from Fires to Tornado Intensity
27 To Save Your Energy While Strolling, Walk this Sway
28 Mercury Levels in Hawaiian Yellowfin Tuna Increasing
29 Case of Mistaken Identity Leads to Much-Needed Drug Target Against MRSA, Gram-Positive Infections
30 The Quest for Efficiency in Thermoelectric Nanowires
31 IU Biologists Partner Bacterium with Nitrogen Gas to Produce More, Cleaner Bioethanol
32 5 Ways to Put Tiny Targets in Front of an X-Ray Laser
33 Seeing the Knee in a New Light: Fluorescent Probe Tracks Osteoarthritis Development
34 Wistar's Kazuko Nishikura Receives $300K Grant from Macula Vision Research Foundation for Research into Degenerative Eye Disease
35 The Future of Holographic Video
36 Industrial Pump Inspired by Flapping Bird Wings
37 Artificial Blood Vessels
38 Scientists Discover a Key Pathway that Protects Cells Against Death by Stress
39 Northern Non-Tropics See Warmest January
40 Scientists Produce Roadmap for Using Evolutionary Research and Education to Guide Conservation in Central Africa
41 New Analysis: World Bank, in Rushing the First Global Forest Carbon Market, Threatens Forest Peoples' Rights--Stronger Protections Needed
42 Machine Learning Offers Insights into Evolution of Monkey Faces, Researchers Find
43 Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Funds Molecular Study at Upstate Medical University
44 New Nanoparticle Gene Therapy Strategy Effectively Treats Deadly Brain Cancer in Rats
45 Iowa State Cyber Security Experts Make Virtual Lab Available for Classrooms, Competitions
46 UAH Research May Create Better Electric Car Batteries
47 Madagascar Creates Shark Park!
48 Project Successfully Maps Out Wildlife Pathways Across the "Longest Main Street in America"
49 TSRI Scientists Find More DNA and Extra Copies of Disease Gene in Alzheimer's Brain Cells
50 Record Keeping Helps Bacteria's Immune System Fight Invaders
51 Travis County Celebrates Its Rural History
52 Yale Scientist Wins International Award for Discoveries Leading to New Class of Cancer Drugs
53 Boise State Scientist Searches Far-Off Galaxies for Clues to Planet Formation
54 Virginia Tech Climbs Two Notches in National Science Foundation Research Rankings
55 Pigeon Power
56 New Tool Helps Identify Lung Cancer Patients Who Will Respond to Immune Therapies
57 Compound Found in Grapes, Red Wine May Help Prevent Memory Loss
58 Paramedics May be First Source of Treatment for Stroke Patients, UCLA Study Finds
59 Shade Coffee Is for the Birds
60 Not Candy Crush--Scientists Identify Nature of Candy Sculpture
61 Hubble Captures Rare Triple-Moon Conjunction
62 Researchers Find Salicylates, a Class of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (Nsaids), Stop Growth of Vestibular Schwannomas
63 A Closer Look at the Flawed Studies Behind Policies Used to Promote 'Low-Carbon' Biofuels
64 Cesium Atoms Shaken, Not Stirred, to Create Elusive Excitation in Superfluid
65 Capturing Light at Light Speed, Detecting Clandestine Nuclear Tests, the Mechanical Elegance of Proteins, Pakistan's Nuclear Taj Mahal and Islands of Plastic Garbage
66 Researchers to Begin Work with News Organizations in an Effort to Advance Aerial Journalism
67 Acoustic Tweezers Device Expands the Range of X-ray Crystallography
68 Settling for 'Mr. Right Now' Better than Waiting for 'Mr. Right'
69 Direct Measurement of Key Molecule Will Increase Accuracy of Combustion Models
70 Study Finds that Organic Food Reduces Pesticide Exposure
71 Another Breastfeeding Benefit: Preparing Baby's Belly for Solid Food
72 NIEHS Funds Six Early-Career Researchers for Innovative Science
73 New Biotechnology Center Targets Cancer, Viruses, Plant Genetics
74 Precision Growth of Light-Emitting Nanowires
75 Cow Immune System Inspires Potential New Therapies
76 Weather Channel's Cantore Experiences 3-D Tornado Simulation at Virginia Tech
77 Smartphone App Tracks Students' Class Attendance Automatically
78 UW Botanist Harnesses the Grid to Illuminate Crop Growth
79 U. Va. Physicists Engage in Neutrino Research with Fermilab
80 UT Dallas Scientists Target Smartphone Technology to Improve Hearing Devices
81 Energy Secretary Moniz Dedicates the World's Brightest Synchrotron Light Source
82 N/A
83 Virtual Virus Unfolds the Flu on a CPU
84 Bacteria's Hidden Traffic Control
85 Drug Detectives
86 Promising Peptide for TBI, Heart Attack and Stroke
87 Electrochromic Polymers Create Broad Color Palette for Sunglasses, Windows
88 In the Quantum World, the Future Affects the Past
89 Soils Support Urban Life--Rain Gardens Help Cities
90 Pick a Card, Any Card
91 Study Reveals Industrial Aerosol Emissions Has Changed the Relationship Between Temperature and Precipitation in the Northern Tropics
92 Inherited Gene Variations Tied to Treatment-Related Hearing Loss in Cancer Patients
93 NIH Grant Will Help Understanding How Connections Rewire After Spinal Cord Injury
94 Molecular Gastronomy: Better Cooking through Biophysics
95 NIH Awards IU Team $3.3 Million in Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance
96 Study Finds Midwest Flooding More Frequent
97 UK's Yeager Part of Team that Finds Missing Deepwater Horizon Oil
98 Earliest Evidence of Large-Scale Human-Produced Air Pollution in South America Found
99 Coral Snake Venom Reveals a Unique Route to Lethality
100 Novel "Smart" Insulin Automatically Adjusts Blood Sugar in Diabetic Mouse Model
101 F-Bombs Notwithstanding, All Languages Skew Toward Happiness
102 U. Va. Team Finds Molecular Tag that Explains Differences in Brain's Response to Anger, Fear
103 Inflammation Application: How Tumor-Causing Cells are Recruited in Cancers Linked to Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
104 Researchers Uncover Signal that Switches Cells to Cancerous Metabolism
105 Workshop to Address Global Problem of Toxic Algae
106 WCS Submits Testimony Supporting Proposed Ivory Ban in Hawaii
107 Electronics You Can Wrap Around Your Finger
108 3-D Indoor Maps Goal of Furukawa's Research with CAREER Award
109 The Princess and the Pea: Cells' Ultra-Sensitivity for Strong Molecular Forces in Adhesion Processes
110 TSRI Scientists Find New Cellular Pathway Defect in Cystinosis