File Title
1 Adjustments to Operation of Pacific Northwest Dam Triple Salmon Numbers
2 Tracking First Moves of Young Salmon in the Ocean
3 Home Cooking Is a Main Ingredient for a Healthier Diet
4 The Benefits of Eating a High-Protein Breakfast Every Day
5 Wild Bison Thrive with More Humane and Cost-effective Approach to Population Control
6 Toxic Burgers--Charbroiling Meat Creates More Pollution than Semi Trucks
7 iPhone 5S Users Are the Biggest Data Hogs: JDSU Report
8 Is Your Brain on Autopilot When You Type?
9 Crowd-Funding May Help Transform iPad into 3D Scanner
10 New Algorithm Gives Credit Where Credit Is Due
11 New South African Weevil Genus Revealed by 18th Century Specimen
12 Historian Says Sir William Herschel May Not Be a 'Sir' at All
13 Strong Holiday Sales Show E-Books Haven't Wiped Out Paperbacks Just Yet
14 Tablet Battery Life Put to the Test: iPad Wins
15 Take the Bore Out of Long Videos Using New LiveLight Application
16 Internet Traffic to Grow by More than 20 Percent Thanks to Video
17 Why Don't More Minority Students Seek Careers in STEM Fields?
18 Advanced Learning Through Negotiations
19 Online Learning: It's Different
20 Students Report Greater Learning Gains in Traditional Science Courses
21 Computers Give Other Computers Advice on How to Play Pac Man
22 Researchers Find Virtual Computer-Based World an Effective Learning Environment
23 Fitbit or FitFail? Are Wearable Activity Monitors Really Worth It?
24 Ralph Lauren and Athos Enter Wearable Tech Market with New Products
25 The Future of Wearable Technology for Health Monitoring
26 Security Concerns for the Internet of Things
27 New Open Internet of Things Alliance Formed--Open Interconnect Consortium
28 Pew Study Predicts 'Internet of Things' Will Be Everpresent by 2025
29 With IBM MessageSight, 'The Internet of Things' Gets a Step Closer
30 Cisco to Invest $150 Million in Global Startups, Internet of Things
31 Strange "pancake ice" appears in Scotland
32 The Yin-Yang of Polar Sea Ice
33 Unlocking the genetic key to development disorders
34 Locking mechanism for DNA-cutting "scissors" discovered
35 Amount of mitochondrial DNA predicts frailty, mortality in humans
36 Lizard uses Christmas colors to camouflage itself
37 The complex sex lives of gold swift moths
38 Higher Total Folate Intake May Be Associated with Lower Risk of Exfoliation Glaucoma
39 Large Amounts of Folic Acid Shown to Promote Growth of Breast Cancer in Rats
40 Vitamin B Effects on Stroke Risk May Be Bittersweet
41 Immune System Uses Vitamin B to Recognize Infection
42 Soft Exosuit, Speed-Boosting Jetpack Projects Receive DARPA Funding
43 Feinstein Institute Researchers Identify Brain Network
44 Patient Safety Violations and Poor Record Keeping Common in Clinical Trial Concerns
45 Prisoners Unfairly Excluded from General Clinical Research
46 Treating deadly sepsis with Hawaiian sea life
47 Dormant Viruses Re-Emerge in Patients with Lingering Sepsis
48 New 3D-printed prosthetic leg is lighter, stronger
49 Scientists Identify Potential Cause for 40 Percent of Pre-Term Births
50 Midwifery Matters 'More than Ever'
51 Like Cling Wrap, New Biomaterial Can Coat Tricky Burn Wounds and Block Out Infection
52 New EMS System in Arizona Dramatically Improves Survival from Cardiac Arrest
53 3D Image of Paleolithic Child's Skull Reveals Trauma, Brain Damage
54 One-third of All Brain Aneurysms Rupture Regardless of Size
55 Good Outcomes with Staged Surgery for Epilepsy in Children
56 Peruvians Experimented with Brain Surgery 1,000 Years Ago
57 A Heartbeat Away? Hybrid 'Patch' Could Replace Transplants
58 Nanotubes Help Healing Hearts Keep the Beat
59 Blocking Key Enzyme Minimizes Stroke Injury
60 Going Global
61 Fatal Cellular Malfunction Identified in Huntington's Disease
62 NIH Scientists Take Totally Tubular Journey Through Brain Cells
63 A New Molecule for High-Resolution Cell Imaging
64 Chemical Reaction Yields Tapes of Porphin Molecules
65 Scripps Florida Scientists Uncover New Compounds that Could Affect Circadian Rhythm
66 Newly Discovered Hot Springs Bacteria Can Use Far-Red Light for Photosynthesis
67 Aquatic Algae Can See a Wide Spectrum of Light
68 Hugging Hemes Help Electrons Hop
69 Scientists use "molecular GPS" to study enzymes
70 No Need for Water, Enzymes Are Doing It for Themselves
71 Eating Cooked Meat Increases Odds of Developing Alzheimer's Disease
72 Tired, Overworked and Irritable? You May Need to Watch Out for Your Heart Health
73 Chronic Fatigue Patients Show Brain Abnormalities
74 Loss of Smell May Be a Predictor of Death
75 Implications of Mandatory Flu Vaccinations for Health-Care Workers
76 Loopholes in Health Care Law Could Result in Employee Harassment
77 Public Insurance Fills the Health Coverage Gap
78 Samsung Says Factory Doesn't Have Underage Employees
79 Snail Shell Coiling Programmed by Protein Patterning
80 Experts Warn Texans Not to Touch Deadly Giant African Snails
81 Rat-Sized African Snails Threaten Florida, Communities Take Action
82 Goldilocks Effect Found in Snail Populations
83 Giant Hot Pink Slugs Discovered Atop Unique Australian Peak
84 Rare Bone Diseases and Their Dental, Oral and Craniofacial Manifestations
85 Repeated hUCB Injections May Improve Prognosis of Children with Deadly Inherited Disorder
86 Experimental Stroke Drug also Shows Promise for People with Lou Gehrig's Disease
87 The Global Burden of Sickle Cell Anemia in Young Children Is Increasing
88 Bone Marrow Transplantation Shows Potential for Treating Adults with Sickle Cell Disease
89 New Insights into Pathophysiology of Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia May Help Improve Care
90 New Tool Helps Young Adults with Sickle Cell Disease in the Transition to Adult Care
91 Sickle Cell Trait in African-American Dialysis Patients Affects Dosing of Anemia Drugs
92 Breast Cancer Vaccine Shows Promise in Small Clinical Trial
93 New Hybrid Vehicle Being Developed that Delivers DNA
94 Most Parents Believe All Children in Daycare Should Be Vaccinated
95 Common Tuberculosis Vaccine Can Be Used to Prevent Infection as Well as Disease
96 Injected Polio Vaccine Making a Comeback in Combination with Oral Method
97 NASA hacks Mars Rover to cure system "amnesia"
98 Why the Saturn v rocket was black and white
99 Some Jack-Ass Shot Up a Saturn V
100 Scientists map water vapor on Mars
101 NASA emails wrench to space, astronaut prints it out
102 Biologists discover what causes cells to split
103 Immune system may hold key to curing baldness
104 On the Frontiers of Cyborg Science
105 Zinc Test Could Lead to Earlier Breast Cancer Diagnosis
106 3-D Mammography Improves Cancer Detection in Dense Breasts
107 Anti-Leukemia Drug May also Work Against Ovarian Cancer
108 UTHealth Research Shows Mushroom Extract, AHCC, Helpful in Treating HPV
109 Astronomical explanations for the Biblical Star of Bethlehem
110 MIT Engineers Trying to Make Computers Communicate More like Humans