File Title
1 Despite Awareness Campaigns, New Report Reveals that Many Children Are Still Being Bullied
2 Bullying Victims More Likely to Suffer Night Terrors and Nightmares
3 Cyberbullying Increases as Students Age
4 Scientists identify two different types of blue whales
5 Scientists Identify Iberian Orca Hunting Grounds
6 Non-Dominant Hand Vital to Evolution of the Thumb
7 The Roots of Human Altruism
8 The Spanish Were Eating Snails 30,000 Years Ago, Long Before the French Ate Escargot
9 Researchers Obtain Key Insights into How the Internal Body Clock Is Tuned
10 New Genetic Basis for Sex Determination
11 RNA-Targeted Drug Candidate for Lou Gehrig's Disease Found
12 Plants May Use Newly Discovered Language to Communicate: Study
13 First-ever 3D images of "molecular machines" produced
14 New Stem Cell Treatment Found to Cure 'Bubble Baby' Disease
15 Biochemists Build Largest Synthetic Molecular "Cage" Ever
16 NASA Study Investigates Impact of Prolonged Spaceflight on the Immune System
17 Parenting Skills Tied to Reduced Inflammation in Low-Income Children
18 Molecular 'Eat Now' Signal Makes Cells Devour Dying Neighbors
19 New study explains how and why lung cancer spreads
20 Family pets help autistic children, study finds
21 Speak Nicely to Your Dog--It's Not What You Say, but How You Say It
22 Levitation allows researchers to better study melted uranium
23 Arise Sir Simon: "Doctor Viagra" knighted
24 Tropical forests absorb more CO2 than previously believed
25 Atomic "steps" slow rust at earliest stages
26 Coffee Can Help Lower Alzheimer's Disease Risk--but for How Long?
27 Why Do So Many Seniors with Memory Loss and Dementia Never Get Tested?
28 Anxiety Can Damage the Brain and Speed the Onset of Alzheimer's
29 Seeing Doctor Twice a Year Helps Keep Blood Pressure Under Control
30 Computer Program Gets Chatty, Beats Turing Test
31 New Artificial Intelligence Cracks CAPTCHAs
32 Proposal to Kill a Name of an Extinct Sea Cow Species
33 Fossil Discovery Adds New Chapter in History of Venomous Snakes
34 Prehistoric Fossil Discovery Reveals Details About Earth's Most Successful Mammal Lineage
35 Organisms in 33.6 Million Year Old Ice Pack Evolved to Survive
36 New Age Suggested for East African Rift
37 Chinese Mosquito Found in Amber
38 Baltic Amber Deposits Reveal New Species from the Past
39 Scientists Document Oldest Occurrence of Arthropods Preserved in Amber
40 Flowers in Amber Show Earliest Evidence of Pollination
41 No-Power Wi-Fi Connectivity Could Fuel Internet of Things Reality
42 Social media activity can improve urban planning
43 English and Russian languages are better at spreading ideas across cultural gaps
44 Like It or Not, Facebook Has No Plans to Add a Dislike Button
45 Facebook Drops Bing as Its Search Results Provider
46 Venus may have had seas of carbon dioxide
47 Buckyballs Enhance Carbon Capture
48 Shifting trade winds behind lack of oxygen in tropical seas
49 11 trillion gallons of water needed to end California drought, NASA data suggests
50 Predicting Future Droughts in California
51 California Drought Is the Worst in 1,200 Years
52 New Study Indicates that Increased Natural Gas Use Will Not Slow Climate Change
53 T-Mobile's Future Up in the Air After French Telecom Company Iliad Withdraws Takeover Bid
54 Hewlett-Packard Split for Good?
55 Politics, Not Severe Weather, Drive Global Warming Views
56 Ice Sheet Height Variations Influence Global Climate
57 The Cloudy Future of Arctic Sea Ice
58 Causes of California Drought Linked to Human-caused Climate Change
59 Antarctica Holds Subglacial Valley Bigger than the Grand Canyon
60 Century-Old Notebook Belonging to Member of Scott's Antarctic Expedition Team Discovered
61 Melting Ice Found to Cause Quicker Movement of the Earth Underneath
62 Sea Anemones in Antarctica Find a Home on the Ice
63 NASA Sub Helps Explore Depths of Antarctica
64 WISSARD Team Retreives Samples from Subglacial Antarctic Lake
65 Significant Technological Milestones Reached by Trio of Complex Antarctic Science Projects
66 Arctic Ocean releasing large volumes of methane
67 Changing Temperatures Will Cause More Fish to Move into Arctic and Antarctic Waters
68 Moths and the Masking of Climate Change
69 New Twist on Arctic Melt Revealed by River Ice
70 Reindeer Counteract Effects of Climate Warming
71 Antarctic Ice Shelf Holding Together Thanks to Suture Zones
72 Antarctic Ice Sheet May Begin Melting Rapidly by Century's End
73 Invasive Species Put Antarctic Natives at Risk
74 Links Between Antarctic Climate and Food Web Revealed by New Study
75 The Rise and Fall of Prehistoric Penguin Populations, and What It Means to Modern Penguins
76 Landslides Linked to Plate Tectonics Create the Steepest Mountain Terrain
77 Desert Streams: Deceptively Simple
78 Economical Solutions for Maintaining Critical Delta Environments
79 An SwRI-Led Remote-Sensing Study Quantifies Permafrost Degradation in Arctic Alaskan Wetlands
80 Catastrophic Bangladesh oil spill endangers rare species, including dolphins and tigers
81 Rescue Device Can Locate Human Heartbeat in a Pile of Rubble
82 Researchers Warn of the 'Myths' of Global Medical Tourism
83 Mass Extinction Led to Many New Species of Bony Fish
84 Tectonics and Sea Level Rise May Have Jump Started the Cambrian Era
85 Misunderstood Worm-Like Fossil Finds Its Place in the Tree of Life
86 Cave Engravings Discovered in Gibraltar May Have Been Created by Neanderthals
87 Most Complete Ancient Skeleton from New World Sheds New Light on Human Migration
88 Report: Inferiority to Modern Humans Not Responsible for Neanderthal Extinction
89 Genomic Analysis Confirms Interbreeding Between Humans and Neanderthals
90 Jellyfish Flames on the ISS
91 Researchers Discover Cool-Burning Flames in Space that Could Lead to Better Engines Here on Earth
92 Wildfires Found to Release a Previously Unidentified Type of Soot
93 NASA and Others Build on Past Microgravity Fire Research
94 Ancient Europeans Were Lactose Intolerant for Thousands of Years
95 Does Milk Really Give You Stronger Bones? New Research Questions Long-Held Beliefs
96 Developing a Yogurt with Plant Milk for Those with Dairy Allergies
97 Independent Innovation, Not Population Expansion, Responsible for Advanced Stone Age Tools
98 Early Humans May Have Preyed on Elephant Ancestor Gomphothere
99 Krypton Helps Accurately Date Ancient Antarctic Ice
100 Maya Long Count, Modern European Calendars United by Wood
101 New Dating Procedures Give More Accurate Age of El Sidron Cave Neanderthals
102 Study Shows Achilles Tendon Can't Heal Itself
103 Rewriting the Geologic History of Hadean Earth
104 Leaf-mining Insects Completely Disappeared with the Dinosaurs
105 The Evolution of Jaws Based on a 325M-Year-Old Shark-Like Fossil
106 New Species of Marine Fish from the Devonian Period Discovered in Teruel
107 Did Bone Ease Acid for Early Land Crawlers?
108 Our First Steps: Polypterus Walking Fish Study Reveals Clues About How Our Ancestors Evolved to Walk on Land
109 Coho Salmon: Pinks' and Chums' Eating Cousin
110 Hybridization Between Native and Invasive Species of Trout Accelerated by Climate Change